View Full Version : Help - I turned my nait2 into a radio! :-(

15-02-05, 04:57 AM
After converting the phonostage into a line stage using this guide (http://www.acoustica.org.uk/t/nait/nait2_line.html), the left channel (they are of course the other way round in Naim amps) works fine but the right channel hums and hisses, maybe the same as when the amp is idle but much louder.

When music is playing, you can hear only treble in the right speaker, the level of which is not affected by the volume control but is affected in the usual way by the balance and the input selector.

All of the inputs now behave like this, the phonos and the DINs.

When you put your hand near the capacitor (circled in yellow at the bottom right of my pic), the amp hums louder and, if you touch it, it hums very loud and you can hear a radio station through the right speaker! I don't have a tuner BTW.

NAIT 2 inside (http://www.dcs.lancs.ac.uk/~beharrem/nait2.JPG)

I think that one of the components must have blown in the preamp, I can't see any bad connections.

Any help would be much appreciated.



15-02-05, 05:54 AM
:D :D :D
I found the problem. Its just a dry solder joint on the balance control.... now I have to take the board out though :(

Is there any way to bypass the balance control altogether, since I never use it?

Paul Dimaline
15-02-05, 07:14 AM
Hi Mathew and welcome to the forum.

Yes you can remove the balance control, HERE (http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4093&highlight=balance) is some info.

There are also some threads on modding the Nait if you do a search.


15-02-05, 04:38 PM
Thanks Paul, I've just finished bypassing the balance pot. It is the same configuration as the 62 pre in your link.

I'm sure it sounds sharper now I'm using the phono inputs, but its probably more down to the different cable (QED instead of Chord)