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24-10-11, 02:23 PM
I know, I couldn't resist it. I was rattling round Decathlon in Saumur on Sat, they have Trocathlon every 3 or 6 months or so, game is you bring in your old tat and they knock it out cheap and give you vouchers forwhat it fetches. Winner. I went round the shop and bought a T shirt and a wind top (oo-ee, big spender) then had a look round Trocathlon. Nothing worth getting, superannuated skis and dogeared jackets, and a single speed bike. Ooh. Looks like a MTB frame but it has 700c wheels. OK. Decent bits (including an XTR rear mech as a ghetto singly conversion) with new, albeit cheap, wheels. Eu 40. Go on then. It's a nice machine for hacking about. The frame is a Nakamure Lyqid, doea anyone know about them? I've never heard of them, the parts were worth Eu40 if I threw out the frame, so I bought it knowing that I have decent frames at home. Any ideas?

24-10-11, 02:26 PM

dan m
24-10-11, 11:52 PM
Nice score. Never heard of it. I'm in Germany for 4 weeks - if I could find a deal like that I'd be all over it. Any ideas as to where you can pick up a cheap used bike? Getting it back would be an issue so I may have to write off the expense.