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26-02-12, 08:51 AM

Long ago, about 1979, i worked in Reading. The local hi fi shop was Reading Cassette & Hi Fi, and I often gazed through the windows.

Come the day, I decided that I had to have some new speakers. Arranged to go in and listen to a selection. As I remember my budget was somewhere around 300 a pair.

I listened to 7 or 8 pairs of the well known names from the magazines, and was unable to make a firm decision. At this point the man who ran it unveiled, or mentioned , another pair of speakers that I'd never heard of.

They were SKS Model One's. As I remember, I believe he said they were made somewhere near Bristol. Anyway, I only had to listen to them for a little while, and they seemed to be in a different league to the others. And I chose them.

Can anyone tell me a little more about them.

Also, at some point, I blew the driver on one speaker. I was a long way away from Reading, and could find no trace of SKS. I replaced them with a pair of KEF Reference 101/2 units.

I've today pulled the SKS's out from the back of the cupboard, to review my messing around of all those years ago. The main driver is (Audax?) HD20 B25 H 8ohm. Crossover/wiring is missing. Tweeter still in place.

Any advice please.

03-03-12, 10:02 AM