View Full Version : NAIM NAP250 / UNITI LEAD

17-04-12, 03:15 PM
Can anyone advise what lead I need to connect a Naim NAP 250 (Olive) to my Naim Uniti. Is there an official name for it?? Is it off the shelf?? or do I need it made by Naim? Are there alternative manufacturers?
The NAP 250 did come with a lead but it looks old and tired, very thin with no markings on it. Maybe its the original?
Any help will be appreciated

17-04-12, 03:40 PM
It sounds like you received the standard DIN4-XLR cable with your 250. I think it will work with the preamp out in your Uniti. To the best of my knowledge this cable has NOT changed over the decades but a new one may prove beneficial with connectors which aren't oxidized.

You could always email Naim: info@naimaudio.com tonight for an accurate answer about the correct cable as well. They are very good about getting back with you quickly.

hope this helps,