View Full Version : Replacements for B200!

22-04-12, 08:03 AM
Having already had to replace bass drive units in my Saras I am now a little wary of pushing them too hard in case I blow the replacments - and good B200s are not always so readily available. I see Wilmslow recommend a Monacor unit as a replacement BUT they also seem to recommend this same speaker for almost any B200 variant - and I am already aware the B200 comes in many guises each with quite different properties. How then can they recommend a single unit as suitable for all these? Looking at the spec of the Monacor SPH 210 unit it seems quite a close match to the Sara B200 SP1014 but with a bit more power handling capability - so on the surface seems attractive.

Has anyone tried the Monacor units in Saras? and if so how did they get on with them? I know some cabinet work is necessary but I'm more inteested in the final sound and if the swap is worth it or not. If its going to ruin the sound then of course I'm not interested.