View Full Version : Avondale TAPS question, (Les?)

Paul Dimaline
17-10-05, 01:13 PM
As I need to build a PS for the Airpax on my DIY TT, I thought I might as well buils a Geddon clone or similar. A search of the site brought up a schematic for Les's TAPS so I had a look through my selection of transformers and came up with a couple of (frame) 75va, 2x24v, but the primarys are 230v only. Would these be any good? I realise I would end up with a 230V output, can that be reduced as in a Basik/Rega PS or would it cause problems/defeat the object?

(Or should I just stop being a tight git and buy the proper bits?!)


17-10-05, 02:36 PM
Paul, the resulting voltage would be twice what it needs to be so defeating the object is not an incorrect term. The Philips/Airpax motors run at around 100v AC so a fair dropper resistor would be needed. I'm getting together some surplus transformers to make inexpensive TAPS kits for DIYers so if you would ring me, I'll be able to put you on the right track.

17-10-05, 02:38 PM
I'll be in touch re that as well Les - been meaning to build one for a while....

Paul Dimaline
17-10-05, 02:48 PM
Cheer Les, I will give you a bell tommorow. Still between 2-4pm the best time?


17-10-05, 03:10 PM
Fine Paul....CU then