View Full Version : No sound from Nait2?

22-02-06, 04:26 AM

I posted this in Audio section but had no luck so wondered fi anyone in here could help?

All of a sudden there is no sound from my nait2... it lights up but there is no thump when I switch the power on.

Anyone got any ideas as to what it could be? Anything easy I can check or am I looking at a big bill from naim? It was serviced by them in 2001.

Thanks for any help.



22-02-06, 05:30 AM
Are you concerned about resale value of the item? I ask because it will go down dramatically if you bodge about with it (like so many of us in here :) )

Next, try the daft stuff first:

Are all the cables connected properly?

if you have more than one source, does swapping the inputs make a difference?

Naims have a characteristic hiss that comes from the speakers when the amp is switched on. Is the hiss present ?(stick your ear against a tweeter!)

If everything is connected fine and you've still got no sound, you need to ask yourself: do I want to whip the lid of and mess around with multimeters etc? If so, I'm sure someone here can talk you through diagnosing Nait problems.

Good luck!

22-02-06, 11:27 AM
It must be a power supply problem

My best guess given its had a fairly recent service is a blown rectifier.

or one of the tranformer leads has come adrift