View Full Version : Where can I get a BC128 cap?

20-08-06, 10:13 AM

I just built an amp with the LC Audio 2.3SE modules but I cracked the BC128 47uF cap on the input when I bent it a little to get to the solder tags. Where can I get a replacement? I looked on RS but I don't see any 'solid aluminium' section! Its says 'BC128 47u 6V3' on the cap.

Without it the thing goes into oscillation and smoke appears soon!

This is the one- http://img429.imageshack.us/img429/1322/zp231dd0.jpg

How about replacing it with a 47uF 6.3V Tantalum?

Thanks peeps!

20-08-06, 11:42 AM
Don't worry I found them on Farnell - item number 1166614