View Full Version : Where Do you get you repair parts from...?

02-11-06, 02:21 AM
Where do you guys get your service/repair parts from?

For the Teac repairs so far I've used Charles Hyde & Sons http://www.chsinteractive.co.uk), which seem to cover a lot of kit from some of the mainstream manufacturers. Anyone know of any others? similar

More specific bits will come form the manufacturer themselves I gather? Linn however only want to supply stuff through their dealers (my last enquiry was Keilidh drivers for instance).

The other thing is obselesance. Philips CDM4 transport parts (e.g. for the Rotel RCD965BX cd player) , where would you get them from apart from cannibalising another s/h player?

Is there a database of which parts are common to which machines?

Just some thoughts - Any ideas?


02-11-06, 03:30 AM
try dalbani......think thats the right spelling !