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15-12-07, 01:52 PM
Into the 3rd or 4th listen to my only Fahey album - Legend of Blind Joe Death, the CD with both versions on - fantastic stuff. I'm enjoying the newer versions more, they flow a lot easier as if he's more relaxed or even playing a bit faster? The older ones sound as if he's trying to be more technical to me, was wondering whether the cognoscenti agreed or not and where should I go next, other album or other artist?

Mark Packer
15-12-07, 02:40 PM
This is one of my favourite albums too, I have it on vinyl so no extra tracks (as well as CD). From here I would suggest:

Fahey, Kottke, Lang - also on Tacoma
6 & 12 String Guitar - Leo Kottke
Railroad - John Fahey - recently re-released on CD
The best of John Fahey - 1959-1977
Yes! Jesus Loves Me - John Fahey (reworked hymn tunes and my favourite - v. rare but I have it on CD)

Beware, JF went all over the place with his music some is beautiful beyond words, for me mostly the older stuff, and some too painful to describe for me mostly the newer stuff. Also, a lot of albums contain reworkings of tunes you already 'know' - not always to their improvement. Of course your mileage may vary on this one - I tend to imprint on the first version I hear that grabs me.

I hope this helps.

Michael L
15-12-07, 03:12 PM
The Yellow Princess is a beautiful album, and ( seasonally enough ) his Guitar Soli Christmas album is very nice. Blind Joe Death is one of the very first JF albums I heards, way back mid 70s.