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Mr Cat
05-05-08, 03:11 AM
was driving past benwell yesterday and took a few pics of where I lived as a kid in the 70's...shame to see the state of this street (Benwell Dene terrace) now :(




full set here -

Jonathan Ribee
05-05-08, 04:37 AM
Mr Cat

Was struck by your set, so google-earthed Benwell. There are a couple of pictures of the area and school there in 1977 on GE that you might be interested in, if you haven't looked already.


Tony L
05-05-08, 06:27 AM
Great set. What's the story there? It's unusual to see a whole area abandoned like that, it gives the pictures a real post apocalypse kind of feel.


dan m
05-05-08, 06:37 AM
There's that cone again!

05-05-08, 06:49 AM
that guy in the white van seems to be following you.

it might be the cone man!


05-05-08, 06:50 AM
Great set. What's the story there?

c'mon tony, i thought you'd be the first to say thatcherism.


Mr Cat
05-05-08, 08:11 AM
cheers guys - not sure of the exact story (must look it up) but most of the houses were as far as I know privately owned, but a lot of the whole area has been rundown and is in the (slow) process of being redeveloped...wouldn't want to live there now- rough as hell..!

05-05-08, 08:14 AM
I also know that area well. My brothers lived not far from there - oddly enough sequentially occupying the same house. It was privately owned and the rented it.