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22-05-08, 07:24 AM
I've been half heartedly looking for a wide angle for a while. This looks like as good deal...reviews are mixed (to say the least). Anyone had any experience or views?

http://www.jessops.com/Store/s27533/0/Lenses/Sigma/17-35mm-f28-40-EX-DG-(Canon-AF)/details.aspx?tduid=cd561f8ddaafee39db1d44f5c264212 c&url=http://www.jessops.com/Store/s27533/0/Lenses/Sigma/17-35mm-f28-40-EX-DG-(Canon-AF)/details.aspx?&IsSearch=y&pageindex=1&CatId=143&ManIds=1518,&SortBy=SkuOfferingPriceASC&IsInStockOnly=False&comp=y

22-05-08, 07:33 AM
it's a zoom lens, the speed is not constant, it doesn't appear to have an aperture ring and it's from a second-rate company. typically, camera/lens reviews are as bad as audio reviews in terms of uncalled for praise. i would say pass on this.


22-05-08, 07:44 AM
Why not have a look here http://www.pbase.com/cameras/sigma/17-35_28-4_ex_dg_asp_hsm and see some of the images taken with this lens. Looks ok to me, especially considering the price. Canon do an el-cheapo 18-55 for a similar amount, so it might be worth comparing the two.

FWIW I don't consider Sigma to be second rate. Their attitude to their customers in particular is way beyond anything I've experienced with Nikon. I've used several of their lenses recently (12-24, 120-300 2.8, 500 4.0) and had nothing but good results from them.

Hope this helps.


22-05-08, 09:31 AM
If I were you, and was looking for a Canon compatible lens for a crop body, i'd look at the Sigma 18-50 EX 2.8. It's really rather fine. Try here for second hand gear:


They have a couple of second hand ones at present.

I've bought various bits from them over the years and have always been satisfied with their description of the items. Best dealt with over the phone.