View Full Version : Demon Fuzz - Afreaka

31-07-08, 12:17 PM
After nigh on 10 years without new vinyl in any shops here in the Canaries, bugger me if , on the same day I found 2 sources; One, the large Spanish chain store "EL Corte InglÚs" who have decided to get back into vinyl and have made an initial stock order of 250 titles - ranging from Monk to Drive by Truckers to Li┤l Stevie Wonder to Mark Knopfler and back again, individual stores will not stock all of them but presumably one will be able to get them transferred from another branch without too much hassle - and the other a small independent. Anyway I plumped for the small guy and ordered LPs by P.J.Harvey and Edwyn Collins, just to see if it was true he could get hold of most things and they have now arrived. I also let myself get talked into taking a weird LP by a one-off group called Demon Fuzz from some years back. Anyone else heard it ? a bit of everything - it reminds me of busy soul inspired jazz-rock a la Dick Morrissey, as in say IF but also has a dash of latin in there somewhere. Not the most accomplished of musicians, especially the drummer, but well worth a lughole full.