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08-10-08, 04:41 AM
I've been rediscovering a few bands that I loved when I was a teenager and haven't heard much of them since, and there are still some gems here. Okay, some stuff sounds dated, but a lot of it is so good I wonder why these guys have been largely forgotten.

Robert Palmer figured in my mind for some reason but the albums I got recently just didn't cut it unfortunately, but now I'm getting to the good stuff like The Strawbs, Gallagher & Lyle, Graham Parker & The Rumour and most importantly Sutherland Brothers & Quiver.

I think The Sutherland Brothers have to be one of the most overlooked British bands. They had Tim Renwick cutting his teeth and he was fantastic, and the songs were just so great. I saw them once at the students union bash at Christmas one year when I was at college and they blew me away. Great band.

Johnny Winter & Rick Derringer too. And anyone remember Lone Star?

I'm sure I've missed loads of stuff that I should be rediscovering.

08-10-08, 05:01 AM
Johnny Winter & Rick Derringer too.

I discovered Edgar & Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer/Derringer and the group of bands they formed as a hard rocking teenager in the late 80's. The only one of their LP's that still appeals to me is the Edgar Winter's White Trash LP recorded live at the Apollo in '70 or so - which is full of great breaks. The rest all sounds a bit straight blues rock, albeit pretty fierce.

08-10-08, 05:09 AM
Lone Star

08-10-08, 05:13 AM
Lone Star - Bells of Berlin , I think.

Other stuff I have rediscovered,

Roxy Music first 2 albums, Chicago 2nd album,

Groundhogs - Split, Shirley and Dolly Collins,

Free - Fire and Water, a lot of the early Island stuff.

and I also revisited Graham Parker, Streets of Harlem, amazing trumpet.

great days

08-10-08, 09:41 AM
The Rumour also released 2 or 3 'solo' albums, the first (Max) was excellent.

What about Brinsley Schwartz, Ducks Deluxe, Hatfield & the North, Dr Feelgood, Stiff Little Fingers, That Petrol Emotion?