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02-02-09, 12:40 PM

There are three ways to power the 82, with one, with 2 HC or with a SC.
I tried to understand the difference that those combinations may have on the internal powering of the "parts" (TA, Gain, Tape and Phono) of the 82.
I suppose that the NAPS powers the remote parts and the display (anything else ?) and will let it apart in the following.

A) Connecting the 82 to only one HC, I suppose that the power-grouping is similar to the one of the 72:
- 1st 24V rail: Gain (321) + Relai
- 2nd 24V rail: TA (729) + Tape (324) + Phono

B) When a second HiCap is added, do we have then:
- 1st 24V rail: Gain (321) + Relai channel L
- 2nd 24V rail: Gain (321) + Relai channel R
- 3rd 24V rail: TA (729) + Tape (324) + Phono channel L
- 4th 24V rail: TA (729) + Tape (324) + Phono channel R
Right :confused:
If yes, this configuration (both channels powered separately) need certainly a modification of the 82-internal wiring ?

C) Going to the 82 + SC:
- are all cards now powered by a single 24V rail as in the conf. 52 + SC ? ??

Is there any quality difference between the HC and SC concerning the regulation (apart their number of course) ?
They are all based on the LMT317, aren't they ?

Thank you a lot in advance :)

02-02-09, 01:19 PM
methinks you misunderstand

With 1 HC the configuration is as per 72 but the relays are mostly powered by the NAPSC

with two HC's it splits L+R, the paddle plug comes out, its purpose is to join L+R when there is only 1 HC

The SC actually has I think 12 analogue rails, but only 4 of them get used when you use one to run an 82, or 6 if you also run a prefix or stageline and take out the internal phono boards.

A fully loaded 52 can use about 10 rails but most people unload them by replacing redundant powered input and output boards with links so in principle they aren't much better than an 82.

HC and SC use exactly the same transformer and exactly the same regs, though SC's heatsinking is a bit inferior.

03-02-09, 12:21 PM
Thank You for those clarifications Colasblue !