View Full Version : Reducing Tweeter output 1 or 2db

Space is the Place
07-02-09, 02:00 PM
What value resistors (you know the ones that look like square sticks of chalk:D) in Ohms would i need to reduce the output of my tweeters 1db or 2db, id like to experiment just by putting one between the tweeter and the terminal wire, before messing with the crossover.
Is there anywhere i can by them on ebay i only need two of each value. Many thanks and sorry for this most basic question, cheers in advance Jon.

07-02-09, 07:24 PM
Try 1 Ohm at a time, you shouldnt need more than 3 Ohms.
Tweeter has to have seperate tweeter XO for that to work.
Make sure you dont short your amp out whilst playing, insulate bare wires.