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15-07-03, 04:25 AM
Main system:

Well Tempered Amadeus GTAA Turntable (doesn't need the isolation board in the pictures, the plinth is acrylic and aluminium - hence the AA)
Well Tempered Amadeus GTAA Arm
Dynavector DrT XV-1s cartridge
Dynavector L300 mk 2 Pre-amplifier
Dynavector P300 Phono-stage
Dynavector HX1.2 Power Aplifier
Shahinian Obelisk 2's
Micromega Pro transport and Pro DAC

Supported on Hutter Racktime tables
Interconnects are home brew, Mogami microphone cable with bullet plugs, digital by a Chord Silver cable.
Speaker cable is back to Kimber 4TC

Upgrades to come: None ... until hell freezes over or the new Dynavector power amps appear, whichever happens first!




15-07-03, 04:37 AM
Nottingham Interspace HD / Dynavector DV20 cart / Loricraft Missing Link phono stage

Accuphase 270v preamp
Aura PA 200 power amp -->still going, still not quite gone.

All on a maple Coffeespire.

Harbeth Compact 7ES-II speakers on Sound Anchors

no 2
Denon AZ1650n CDP
PC with M-audio audiophile 24/96 sound card,

Luxman L501s integrated

Spendor SP3/1P are fun but really are too big...

Cable is whatever happens to be lying around.

martin clark
15-07-03, 05:19 AM
Confession time I see...

Naim CD3.5 modified somewhat as described here (http://www.acoustica.org.uk/t/naim/sr35.html).
Cables and supports arbitrary.
Impulse H5 speakers. My how they go some.


15-07-03, 05:32 AM
Current System,

Meridian G0-8 CD Player

Lightspeed passive pre

Naim NAP-160

Naim SBL

All Chord interconnects & speaker cables

Stuart Mason
15-07-03, 06:15 AM
* LP12, Valhalla, Ittok, DV D17D2mk2
* Trichord Dino
* Rega Cursa & Maia
* Rega Planet
* Klipsch Heresy II

2nd: - At concept stage... Perhaps for the Vintage forum??

* NAD 514(?) CDP - faulty, possible subject for modding...
* Onkyo surround sound thingy - will get around to selling it
* B&W 602s2


15-07-03, 06:19 AM
Lounge System:

Naim CD2
Rega Planar 3 / Dynavector DV10x4 mk11
Naim NAT03
Sony DVD (whatever)
Naim NAC82 / Supercap
Naim NAP 250 (olive)
Naim Allae

Spare room:
Naim CD3
Naim Nait3
Denon TU 260L
Rega Kyes

15-07-03, 06:23 AM

Squeezebox 3
Derek Shek "Blackbox" NOS DAC
Yamaha TX-492RDS tuner
Primare I21 integrated amplifier
Shahinian Compass loudspeakers
Canford HSS-M2 and Van Damme interconnect cables
Avondale Black Link speaker cables
Olson Sound Fantastic power strip
Ash Designs stand.


Ed Rogerson
15-07-03, 07:31 AM
Roksan Xerxes/OL250/Goldring Eroica
Naim CD2
NAP250 (Avondaled)
RMS Revelation S1

Naim/Chord cables

Rega Ear/Sennheiser HD600

RMS/Stands Unique/Mana supports

Upgrades in the hopefully "not too distant" -
selling the CD2
better MC cartridge
outboard x-overs for Revelation S1s
home-brew PSU for Xerxes
Avondale tweakery for the 102

15-07-03, 07:34 AM

Creek CD42 (with Trichord Clock 2)
Chord Cobra 2
Naim Nait 3
Ixos Gamma 6006
Linn Index/Target stands

Soon to be:

Creek CD42 (with Superregs and Trichord Clock 2)
Chord Cobra 2
Naim NAC32
(some IC)
Avondale NCC200 Power amp (DIY)
Avondale Black Link speaker cables
Linn Index/Target stands

Eventually (within say... 18 months):

Creek CD42 (w/ above mods)
Rega P3 TT
Naim NAC32
Avondale NCC200 Power amp
Avondale Black Link speaker cables
Linn Index/Target stands

All sitting on a decent looking support (the only support I activel like the look of is the Stands Unique wall shelf system, if I cannot get one of those it will be something black and discreet)

At that point I will start to worry about my speakers

Arthur Bye
15-07-03, 07:57 AM
Main system

Nap52/Nap500/LP12/Aro/HelikonSL/Prefix/ Nat01/NBLs-passive/CDS2

Basement system:

Nac82/4X135's/Snaxo/Hi-Cap/Active Kan1's/Kremlin tuner/CDS1

Other System


Arthur Bye

15-07-03, 08:14 AM
to christen the new forum :cool:

Thorens TD124/Ittok LVII/Grado 78

250 (olive)

Kef 3/5A

dedicated spur/home-made hydra

one year ago I was at CD3.5/92/180 stage !

best upgrade?
I would say dedicated spur & 52/SC


Stew B
15-07-03, 08:23 AM
Well here is mine:

LP12, Ittok LV2, Ortofon MC 20 Supreme/Avondale Taps
Naim CD5
Naim 72/Hi cap/180
Marantz 6030 CDR
Denon Casette deck
Pioneer F656 Tuner
Rega ELA's
Stax Gamma pro headphones

Loewe Planus TV
Toshiba DVD
Aego P5 home cinema

For the future
Add second Hi Cap to CD5
Get current Hi Cap serviced
New speakers but don't know what

15-07-03, 08:26 AM
Roksan TMS Turntable with DS1.5 power supply
Roksan Artemiz arm
Dynavector Karat Nova cartridge

47 Labs Shigaraki transport/dac

Exposure 21 pre amp
Exposure 13 phono amp
Exposure 4DR power amp

Neat Elite speakers

Exposure XLR cable between pre and power
47 Labs OTA cable for the rest

Target wallmount unit for turntable, Apollo Aria rack for the rest
Neuance isolation boards used everywhere
Mana Soundbase under the speakers

No upgrade planned :)

15-07-03, 08:41 AM
I see you have a Marantz 6030 CDR burner.

I'm particularly interested in the analog inputs. What do you think of it? Is this OK to copy vinyl to CDs?


Andrew L Weekes
15-07-03, 08:55 AM

NAD 402 tuner
Denon TU260II tuner

Linn LP12 / Ittok / Klyde / Prefix

Recording stuff:

Marantz DR600 CDR
WMD6C Walkman pro (needs fixing!)

Line stages:




Headphone amps:

Op-amp based, single-ended class A, with multiple-loop feedback.


Linn Kan II's (on Nait)
IBL's updated to Mk2 on NAP150

Power Supplies:

Secret squirrel stuff in various stages of development ;)


Ash Design, 7-tier for boxes
Target wall shelf + Mana thingy for LP12.

Phew, I think that covers it.


15-07-03, 09:29 AM
I'm just a baby in this, lack of funds and a not having been near a hifi dealer in years (well only to get my LP12 serviced!)

LP12, Valhalla, Cirkus, Akito, Ortofon MC25FL.
(Really need to replace that Valhalla)

S/H CD52SE - Never opened the box, but there must be some room for tweaking!

Dead ADF750 cassette

Prinz tuner - S/H, not too bad either. Soon to be replaced by a NAD4225 when I can find one cheaply on ebay.

32.5 (tweaked MC boards, OSCON SPs on all the boards across the power)

NAP160 (recappped with BHCs)

Homebrew dual mono PSU for 32.5 (soon to be superreg'd)

Home made DIN to phonos leads all round.

EPOS14s - very old, but still superb to listen to.

Main: dedicated 6mm2 twin and earth to 6 unswitched Crabtree sockets

All on a DIY Felxi table.

Mr Pig
15-07-03, 09:35 AM
LP12/Ittok/Goldring 1042 – Phase Seven Mana.

Micromega Leader II – Phase Four.

72 –Phase Five.

Avondale LP12 PSU/Hi-Cap/250 – Phase Four.

Linn Saras – Phase Two dedicated Mana Sara stands.

Tried to load a picture but it told me to get stuffed! Will try again.

15-07-03, 09:36 AM

My current first team includes

Avid Acutus turntable
SME V tone arm
Ortofon Jubilee

Tag transport
Chord Dac64

Audio Innovations P2 phonostage (Modded)
Audio Synthesis Passive pre.
Border Patrol Single ended power amp

Living Voice Avartar OBXs Loudspeakers

Cables from Townshend, Goertz, Audionote, Kimber, Lat & TCI

Nakamichi Cassette Deck, Sony Minidisk player, Pioneer Cd recorder

VPI Record cleaning machine

& between 12000 & 15000 Records & CDs.

Racks by Clearlights, Origin live, Stand design & Apollo

Loads of Vinyl (over 10,000 items) & CDs (over 3500). Need to count them.

Back up
Various turntables, NVA passive pre (Modded), SJS Electroacoustics Model 1 preamps, & speakers including garrard 401, Elite Rock, Finestra pre, various Audio Innovations amps, Sumo power amp, Impulse H5 speakers, Quad II amps, Technics SP10 turntable etc, etc.


15-07-03, 09:49 AM
my current system:

Naim CD2
Naim Nac102/NAPSC/Hi-Cap
Naim Nap250 "chrome bumper"
Rega ear/senn. HD580

Harbeth Compact7 es2

Quadraspire 4

Notice many CD2s in the descriptions. How is it we never hear about this naim model?

Congrats Tony, I nice please this will be! :)

Ian Hughes
15-07-03, 10:08 AM
Primary Sources
Vinyl - Linn LP12, Keel, Ekos SE, Akiva, Radikal / Urika
Digital - Linn Klimax DS (Dynamik)
Secondary Sources
Television - Panasonic TX32LXD600
Linn Klimax Kontrol /1 (Dynamik)
2 x Linn Akurate Chakra 3200 (Dynamik)
Aktiv Linn Espek
Linn K600 cables
Stax 3030 Earspeakers/Energiser
Linn silver incons
5 shelf Quadraspire QAV stand
Moth Mk II Record Cleaner

15-07-03, 10:33 AM
A bit reshuffling at the moment

Transport - Pioneer PD 91 (Elite ?)
1. DPA 1 mk2 DAC
2. Parasound DAC 2000 Ultra

Rega P3/At95E



1. NAP135s
2. Exposure 4DR

1. Neat Elites
2. Rega Kytes


Tony L
15-07-03, 10:51 AM
Main system

Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck / Hadcock 242 SE / Denon DL103 Pro or DL-110.
Denon TU-850 1970s monster tuner.
Rotel RCD 951 CD player modified with pfm Flea.

Dynavector P100 phono stage.
Prima Luna Prologue Two amp.

Harbeth Compact 7 ES on custom Something Solid XF stands built for the speakers.

Quadraspire Ref.

Music Works 6 way Megablock with a MW power lead on the Densen and P100.

Spectral MI330, Linn Analogue and self build Maplin Shark interconnects, Mogami 2972 speaker cable.

VPI 17F record cleaner.

TV room system

Marantz 4100 OSE DVD (does for CD too) Sky Digibox, Mac Mini with Tascam US-122, JVC VHS, Marantz PM7200, Quad 11L on Partington Dreadnaught stands.

Other bits and bobs / spares

Marantz 2252b Receiver, Quad FM3 tuner, Sony TA-F6B amp (currently dead) 3 x vintage cassette decks.


15-07-03, 11:08 AM
Sources & interconnects:
Michell Mycro/RB300/DL-103
Creek T40S3/Chord Chrysalis
NAD C540/TNT-Audio Piano 6/1

Amp & speaker cable:


Weakest link:
CDP, sounds like a tin can at times.

Coolest component:
The Mycro. Neutral, groovy and nice to look at :)



15-07-03, 11:51 AM
LP12/Armageddon/Aro/Koetsu Rosewood Signature/Prefix S

Naim CDS 1

Quad FM4

Naim NAC 52/135/SBL + AV1/250/Kan 2

(alternative speaker - Spendor SP1/2)

Mana supports

Naim cables (Audio Synthesis for CD to pre)



15-07-03, 12:11 PM
Current system

LP12 Lingo 1 IttokLVII ATOC9ML Stageline/fcap,
Naim CDI,
Naim nac52 Pre, Scap,
Audio Physic TemposIII Speakers,
Nak Cass,
Pioneer tuner,
Stax headphones.

All on target stand of some description.

All feed fron dedicated consummer unit with 4 Nr 32 amp spurs MK logic unswitched double outlets
Mains cables Music works
Standard Naim cables throughout


15-07-03, 12:50 PM
Main -

Michell Gyro
AT OC9ml
Linn Karik 3
Linn Wakonda
Linn LK275 X 2
Nytech 202 tuner
Impulse H2 speakers
Linn Analogue cables
Supra Rondo 4 speaker cable
All on SO tables

Second -

Linn Axis
Mission 774 (original)
AT 440ml
Arcam Delta 70/2 CD
Nytech 252 s amp
Linn Kan 2 on Kan stands
Nakamichi LX3 Cassette
5 shelf SO rack
Chord Cables

70s Retro -

Micro Seiki DDQ500 tt
Micro Seiki MA707 arm
Stanton 881EEE cartridge (with heavy mods)
Pioneer SA9800 amp
Aiwa 9600 tuner
Revox B77 open reel
QED cables
Sound Org tables

Odd bits -

Syrinx PU2 Gold arm + mass ring
A&R A60 amp
Cyrus 2 amp
Tro KA1200 amp
Nytech 252/2 Receiver

Enough cable oddments to rewire the national grid.

15-07-03, 12:51 PM
Roksan Xerxes/XPS2/Artemiz/Dynavector Carat 17D2
Trichord Dino/Dino+

Lavardin IS Reference

Cabasse Java Speakers

Headsave Mint/Sennheiser HD580s

Trichord Interconnect @ Furukawa BSP20 PC-OCC speaker cable

Stands Unique reference wall shelf.

Sky for Radio and Toshiba SD530 for CD DVD etc.

Nice old blanket box for a stand!

15-07-03, 01:04 PM
Aahhh...another kit thread :D Not traditionally flat earth exactly but I think it's got something:

Transport: Marantz CD50SE + Trichord DOB & PSU (http://www.trichordresearch.com/dob.html)

DAC: Chord DAC64 (

Amplifier: Arcam FMJ A22 (http://www.arcam.co.uk/fmj/products/a22amp.html)

Speakers: Dynaudio Contour 1.3MkII (http://www.dynaudiousa.com/products/contour/13/con13.htm) on Dynaudio Stand2 stands

Subwoofer: MJ Acoustics Pro 50 connected via hi-level input to FMJ A22 with DIY Cat5 sub cable.

Interconnects: LAT DI-20 Mark II (XLR) (http://www.latinternational.com/index.php/page-20130/prod-152.html) (Transport -> DAC)
Musical Fidelity NuVista with Bullet Plugs (DAC -> Amp)

Speaker cable: Townshend Isolda DCT

Isolation: Limestone slabs for speakers (stands), Vibrapods for CD transport, nothing for DAC.

Rack: Homebrew ripoff of the IsoBlue stuff :)

Mains conditioning: Olson SoundFantastic blocks and Eupen GNLM 05/2.5 power cords on everything.



Thom PC
15-07-03, 01:26 PM
TT: Project RPM 4 / Tekni-Fi K1
CD: Rega Planet (1997 - original ribbed case)

Naim Nait 2 (1990 - olive case)

Linn Keilidh (early model, walnut, QuStone base)

Chord Cobra, Naim NACA5


15-07-03, 01:42 PM
My little system,

Linn Axis,

Naim CD 3.5 (all olive)

Nac 82,

Nap 250,

Supported on Quadrasphire,

Very happy with it,

15-07-03, 03:38 PM
My Turn

HI FI side

Michell Gyro Dec with QC
Origin Live Silver Taper
Dynavector DV XX1-L

Njoe Tjoeb Valve CD Player

NAC 32 modified to accept 6 way PSU

6 way psu with APX units

NAXO 3-6 with HI CAP

2 X 3 way power amps with NCC 200 units

Avondale Black SPKR leads

Active BRIKS

I also have a Alpha 5+ with Les at present to replce the CD Player

Surround Sound

Sony STR DB930 surround Amp
Pioneer 656 DVD SACD and DVD A
Phillips 42 Plasma Screen

Surround amp feeds to NAC 32 and BRIKS for front, KANs for rears and B+W centre.

Believe me with active BRIKS you don't need a sub. :D



15-07-03, 03:54 PM
Michell Gyro / Orbe platter / VC power supply / Hadcock 242SE arm / Ortofon Rohmann cartridge


Naim CD3.5

EAR 834P phono stage
EAR 834L preamp

ATC Active 10 speakers on Kan II stands

-- Ian

15-07-03, 04:04 PM
Linn Mimik II
Thorens TD 160, Linn Basic+, AT 140lc
Cheapo Technics tuner
Nakamichi tape
NAC 32.5 (72 boards)
NAP 160
Linn Kan 1's, Kan II stands and SO wall shelves
Target and Sound Org stands
Nait 1 ( AV duty )

15-07-03, 05:06 PM
Mystere ia21 (Sylvania 6sn7w WWII vintage, Philips DD getter XF4 el34's 1959-60 vintage)
Benchmark DAC1 / Macmini
Accuphase T-109 tuner
Dedicated spur


Sid and Coke
15-07-03, 05:13 PM
OK here goes:

Linn LP12 (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/someofmydecks/websize/Linn%20Sondek%20LP12.JPG) /DIY 'Geddon Clone (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/diygeddonclone/icons/Geddon%20front%20view.JPG) / Linn Akito 2 / Nagaoka MP11-30 (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/sidshifi/websize/Akito-Nagaoka%20MP11-30.JPG) ( Denon DL103 in the post )
Stock Linn Arm i/c cable
Monster 400 i/c to Pre

I also have a Dual 505-4 TT as a poor, (by comparison), spare.

Sony DVP-NS305 DVD Player (used as CD Transport)
Eccosse 'Producer' Co-ax Digi Lead
Rotel RDP-980 Offboard DAC
Monster 'CD' i/c to Pre

Rotel RC-1070 Pre Amp (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/sidshifi/websize/Rotel%20Amps.JPG)
DIY 'GWS' i/c to Pwr amp
Rotel RB-1070 Power Amp (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/sidshifi/websize/Rotel%20Amps.JPG)
DIY FFRC Speaker Cable (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/sidshifi/websize/FFRC%2016%20apr%2003.JPG)

Mission 782 Floorstanding Speakers (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/sidshifi/icons/3Mission%20782.JPG)

MF X-Cans V1 with Sennheiser HD580 Headphones (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/sidshifi/websize/headphone%20system%202.JPG)

All powered of a DIY Dedicated Hi-Fi mains spur (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/dedicatedhifielectricalspur/small/Consumer%20with%20lid%20a%20MCBqus%20fitted.JPG) with DIY Dual Stage 'swampy' mains fiter and socket box (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/diymainsnoisefilter/websize/Spur-Filter-Dist%20board%20internal.JPG) . I also have a couple of RA yello and a Kemp Lo-pwr mains cables.
A Basic but VERY effective Fully Manual Vacuum RCM (Nitty Gritty type) (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/sidshifi/websize/KAB-EV1%20Connected.JPG)

DIY Turntable Wallshelf (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/diyturntablewallshelf/websize/Linn%20Sondek%20LP12-b.JPG) . Fully welded construction, Brazillian 7 ply wooden Platform on 3 upturned adjustable spikes. The Linn manual said to mount the TT on a firm, light, rigid, low mass support, with the shelf de-coupled from the support - well ...OK. so thats what i did. Wall shelfs and lightweight internal stud walls do work VERY effectively if you use your brains when Fixing it to the wall ! (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/diyturntablewallshelf/websize/The%20other%20side%20of%20the%20wall%20ex.JPG) .

Atacama Europa Hi-Fi rack for the boxes with DIY squashy feet isolation plats under DVD, DAC and Pre.
DIY Granite/wood speaker plinths under speakers.

Soon gonna try some wooden 'Soldiers' (http://photos.imageevent.com/sidandcoke/fishystuff/websize/Fishtank%20UF%20Support%201.JPG) under the Floor, directly under the speaker positions to try and couple the speaker Plats to the concrete house foundations. This is to try to reduce the 'Drum skin' effect of my springy suspended wooden floors with large resonant crawl space underneath. A cheap experiment that may or may not work, just need to get covered in building dust and cobwebs to find out. ( Now done - I think it worked )

Overall pretty happy with the sound right now and have been for a few weeks- curious. I'm sure the nice sunny weather and long days is playing its part in my general happiness at the moment too though.

15-07-03, 06:20 PM
I'll play too:


Roksan Xerxes/XPS2/SME IV/ Grace F9E
Arcam Alpha 5
Musical Fidelity T1


Densen DM20/DP01, Densen DM30


Audiomark AM18 (DIY)

Cables: Nordost Angel, Heaven and Flatline, ARO.

Stands: SF Tripod for electronics, Audiotech/Roksan tripod.

Odds and Sods: Naim Stageline K, Lyra Lydian B, A&R A60, Thorens TD160/RB250, and a closet full of assorted drive units.

15-07-03, 06:28 PM
My Signature says it all..:cool:

15-07-03, 06:30 PM
------------------------ The Louder of The Two ----------------------

CD: Naim CDS mk1

FM: Naim NAT 101

Aerial: Magnum Dynalab ST-2 (attic mount)

Preamp: Naim 102

Preamp power supplies: NAPSC, Hi-Cap

Power Amp: Naim 250

Speaker Cable: NACA 5 (15' 7" per side)

Speaker: Linn DMS Isobariks (late eighties deltron pair - on duty, early eighties Canon pair tucked away for spares) on Linn DMS stands

Equipment Support: All electronics on Naim Fraims except the NAT 101 which resides on some cheap-ass (twenty dollars US) low-mass stand from Radio Shack until I can afford another Fraim array.

AC Mains: One 50-amp dedicated AC line which connects to a separate breaker box direct to the power meter and hardwired to a Wiremold powerstrip at the equipment end. AC Plug orientation is reverse hierarchy.

-------------------------- The Quieter of The Two -----------------------

CD: Naim CD3

DVD: Pioneer DV-333

Television: Proton 27" (ain't gonna turn this 130 lb. son-of-a-bitch around just to get the model number...hope you don't mind ;-)

Integrated Amp: Naim Nait 3R

Speaker Cable: Naim NACA 5 (18 feet per side)

Speaker: Naim Intro series 1

Equipment Support: Early sixties Danish Modern dining buffet refinished (..and quite nicely by yours truly I might add ;-) with all gear crammed in accordingly. Has a half-shelf running it's 5 foot length internally--perfect for cramming the top couple 'o hundred played cds for instant access! Expensive ($75 US for the used buffet at a salvage store, plus $14.95 for the refinishing supplies)...but it gets the job done ! ;-)

AC Mains: Bog standard 15 amp lighting circuit using Wiremold strip and reverse hierarchy AC plug orientation.

*NB: despite this rig getting absolutely no attention to setup (the speakers wobble, the CD3 sits atop the Nait, cables run amuck and connectors never get cleaned)--this "abused" system is used every day and night and never, ever... ever.... fails to keep our feet tapping.

15-07-03, 07:15 PM
Pretty simple really..

CDX,102,Psu,Hicap,180 & Credos.
LP12, Basik +, Grado Red for spinning 50 odd records


ps..new forum looks great btw:)

15-07-03, 08:07 PM
A few recent changes have resulting in.....

CDS2/XPS - Rega 25/Elys - NAT03
SBL's (mmmmm...Rosewood)

Yum, yum :p (still in a honeymoon phase obviously)


PS - I've been to Real Groovy twice and not bought anything - woohoo - the will power :D

15-07-03, 09:13 PM
Rosewood SBLs huh?

Mr Grumpy finally parted with 'em. Stunned & amazed!

redeye (spending shitloads at Real Groovy as usual)

Mike Sae
15-07-03, 09:16 PM
Bust 36 Waist 24 Hips 36

Turn Ons SUVs, candy and money.

Turn Offs Bad breath and racism.

Oh sorry, wrong forum.

Sources Rega Planar 3 w/ A&R P77, Naim CDX, Sansui TU-9900 (not pictured)

Amps Naim Nac72/Hicap/140

Speakers Neat Mystiques, Rega Ela MkI, Rega Kytes

Stands Quadraspire Reference, Mana Soundbases, Ikea Lack.

Music Yes please.


15-07-03, 11:12 PM
Good here innit?!

My wholly humble system is:-

Rega Planar 3 (RB300 & Super Bias)
Rega Planet (original)
NAC 42
NAP 90
Linn Kans (original woody ones) - best value hifi component EVER!

Sounds wonderful - no plans (or dosh) for major upgrades but a new cartridge is needed asap and I woudn't mind changing the olive 90 for a chrome 110 or 140 at some point soon. Other than that I've got a 'stack' of vinyl and a 'spindle' (?) of CDs that I've not listened to yet - I need more time hence I should stop fannying around on hifi forums and dreaming of LP12s, NAC552s etc!



Chris Marshall
15-07-03, 11:58 PM

Going through some reprioritising of sources (just downgraded the LP12 and tuner).

Very soon will be:

LP12/Valhalla/cirkus/no baseboard/rb300/elys (thanks scoozie)

Karik III
Numerik (early one I think!)

Denon Tu260II (thanks horace)



Linn black interconnects
Biwired chord rumour

Standard Linn mains leads with a DIY 'music works' style star earthed 6 way block.

Sat on 6 QS shelves, 3 standard and three early 'non-bog-seat' reference.



Chris Brandon
16-07-03, 12:17 AM
LP12,Akito,Rega cart (with outboard phono)
Creek 43mk2

Naim 32.5 (72'd & board pulled)
Naim Snaps ( V.heavily modified with 2 x Andy W. Super-regs & large Avondale Cap).
Naim 250.

Rega Ela's ( c 1.75)

Audio Works modified Quadraspire supports

Music Works Mains block & power leads
Dedicated consumer unit & 10mm spur

(The above does the synergy & musical communication thing by the bucket-load so no real plans to upgrade...if it ain't broke don't fix it)

But having said all that,keeping a close eye on the Avondale products & mods.



Mark EJ
16-07-03, 01:08 AM
Blimey; ages since I've done this...

LP12 (flat black just pre-Cirkus), Lingo 1, Ittok LVIII/2, Troika (ES) on Mana Ph.2

Other source:
CD5 / HiCap

NAC 72 (323 K boards) / HiCap / 2 x NAP 160

4 lengths of NACA5 feeding Roksan RokOnes (black) on one-off Target twin-pillar stands on Mana SB1s.

Dedicated spur feeding Grahams Hydra for everything bar Lingo, which is on normal ring socket.

More record space, and a bit more of the black stuff...



Ron James
16-07-03, 01:47 AM
In Thailand:
LP12 (late pre-Cirkus)/Aro/D17D2/Prefix/Hicap/Armageddon
Kan1 on Kan2 stands

In Australia:
SF Guarneri

Thanks to pfm and Tony L for sourcing most of the kit (as well as a growing LP collection) now being enjoyed in Thailand.

stefano rosati
16-07-03, 01:59 AM
Rega P9/Rega Exact
Rogers LS3/5a on Linn Kan II stands
Quadraspire rack

Spare Nait2

Wish list: Foundation Designer stands, MC cartridge and MC phono stage.


16-07-03, 02:18 AM
i can finally play this game! i've had my CD5 just a week now (thanks Shtevo)...

Naim CD5
LFD Int 0
Epos ES11s
SoundOrg-style mediocre copy tripod stand.

i've had the amp and speakers for around 8 years with no [real] source, so to have the CD5 is just fab! but i can see myself with a FC2 on it, and doing something serious about the amp and rack.

i'm about to throw 7m of NACA5 at it to replace the original QED79 but that's probably a minor thing.

just pleased to have a great sounding entry level system, finally!


16-07-03, 02:40 AM
Wow! Some great systems here: I desire a Gyrodek even more now...

Main room:
Linn LP12/Lingo1/Ekos 2/Arkiv B/Linto
Naim CDS1New Burndy connection)
Pioneer PD609 CD recorder
Exposure 14 pre amp/14 Pro power supply
2 x Exposure 16 mono power amps
Passive Isobariks (1985)

Equipment sits on basic Sound Org stands

Second system:
Systemdek II900XE/Rega RB250/Goldring 1042 (all modified by Definitive Audio - acrylic platter, etc.)
Micromega Solo
Exposure 21RC pre amp
Exposure 4DR power amp
Acoustic Energy AE1 Mk 1's
2 x REL Quake subwoofers

Equipment sits on a beautiful Wilson Benesch carbon/glass stand.

Will be looking to sell the Systemdek and buy the aforementioned Gyrodek, and have spoken to Avondale about a future Naim CDS conversion. But only if I sell stuff first (anybody desire a Korg Polysix synthesiser?)

Great looking forum...


16-07-03, 02:44 AM
Not very flat yet but working on it.....

Project Debut II TT - hope to upgrade to RPM4 shortly
TEAC VDRS-25x CD player

MF X-A220r AMP
Project Phono Box - hope to upgrade to X-LPS shortly
MF X-Cans v2

Yamaha NS200 Speakers - hope to upgrade!!!!!!!!!

Grado SR80 Headphones

QED SA speaker cable
QED QUNEX2 interconnects

16-07-03, 02:55 AM
My pleasure provider:

Linn LP12 Sondek, Naim Aro, Linn Arkiv or Karma and Lingo
Linn Ikemi
Linn Kairn
2X Linn Klouts
Bi-amped, Tiwired Linn Kabers with linn LK600.

All interconnects are Linn Silver terminated with Eichmann Bullet Plugs.

Quadraspire Reference mini for support.



16-07-03, 03:01 AM
System currently:

Naim 82/ Supercap - very soon to be 52
Naim 180
Neat Elite Speakers - in black ash, fabulous sounding and highest WAF of any speaker I know

16-07-03, 03:10 AM
Hi there,

this is what I enjoy late at night:

Phonosophie No. 3 / TP90 / Ortofon Vinyl Master Blue
CD 3
Naka RX 202E

72 / Hi / 180

Ruark Equinox

Rega Wallshelf for TT
Soundstyle 4-tier Rack
Naim Cables
Phonosophie Mains Block

IBL Mk1, Nait 1, Rotel Vintage Analgoue Tuner


16-07-03, 03:33 AM
Oh go on then...

Vinyl: LP12 with DIY Geddon, Aro, Denon 103.
CD: Marantz CD17 (it does the job...)

Phono stage: Stageline powered by DIY Hicap.
Pre: 32.5 powered by Superregged DIY Hicap.
Chrome bumper NAP 250.

LP12 on a Target wall shelf, the rest on a Tripod stand.

Shahinian Arcs (fairly early).

AV type thingies
I run a PC with MAudio Delta 410 sound card, which does the decoding using WinDVD software. Front channels go through the 32.5/250, surround channels through DIY 4 channel power amp. Projector - Panasonic AE100.

16-07-03, 04:04 AM
LP12/Ittok LVII/Dynavector 10X5
Apollo wallshelf
Naim CD3.5
Rega Ear/HD600s
Marantz ST430L tuner
Naim NAC72/Black SNAIC/Naim Flatcap/Black SNAIC/Naim NAP180
Sound Organisation 5 tier stand
Kans/KanII stands/Mana Soundbases (size 2)

Mick Seymour
16-07-03, 04:58 AM
Flat stuff:

LP12/Valhalla/Cirkus/Origin Live Illustrious/Ortofon Kontrapunct b
Teak P30
Theta Chroma 396 DAC
Nakamichi 680ZX
Sony MDS-503 Minidisk (OK, not flat but ...)
X-Clef HD 800 MP3 player (also not flat but very handy)
Aktiv Crossover
3 LK140's
PMS Isobariks
Linn interconnects and 'speaker cable

Round Stuff:

Lexicon MC12
2 LK140's Aktiv Tukans SL/SR
1 LK140 Aktiv 5120 Centre
1 LK140 Passive Tukans RL/RR
Rel Strata II Sub
Pioneer 606D DVD
Pioneer CLD-D925 LD
Linn interconnects and 'speaker cable apart from RL/RR which uses QED Silver to hide it in trunking.

approx 1.5kW in total, the neighbours love it.

New cartridge - don't know what yet, possibly Ortofon
Play with PMS Isobariks - saving and watching ePay

EDIT. August 2003: Removed Tunebox/Aktiv Kabers. Added PMS Isobariks, triamped by 3 LK140. Some dreams do come true :D

EDIT. October 2003: Bigger grin - Aktiv Isobariks. Don't feel the need for a new cartridge any more.

EDIT. January 2004: Klyde died so downgraded(?) to a Denon DL 103 to see what it's like.

EDIT. June 2005: X-Clef HD800 birthday present added.

EDIT. November 2005: Ortofon Kontrapunct b (another dream come true) instead of the Denon DL-103 (munted but not on purpose, honest)


Mr Perceptive
16-07-03, 04:59 AM
My (not so flat) system, I afraid I've ditched vinyl as not toddler compatible!!

Meridian 200/203 (200 has been serviced by Meridian ,new laser mechanism, trichord clock mod)

Naim SNAPS/62/140 (chrome bumper)

Arcam DRT10 DAB Tuner

Shahinian Arcs

Chord cables interconnect (Codac, Cobra2)


No equipment stand!!!

Still got some other odds and sods about, looking to put together another system or surround sound

Meridian 200 Transport/203DAC/204 Tuner
Denon Cassette Deck
MS10i's/KAn II Stands

Mr Perceptive

Alex S
16-07-03, 05:01 AM
Its all sadly similar to Jason's really:

WT RP (Sooooo much better than a big Linn, ha, ha)
DV xx2
DV P100 phono

Densen 400XS (Stupidly better than a CDS2 and a third the price)

DV L100 (Laughably more enjoyable tha 82/SC and less lunch box than the DNM)

DV HX1.2 (better than Jason's poxy amp and a world beater)

O'Heocha ISO5s (I'm strangely attached to Smashy and Nicey). They're on Mana, Base,
Chipboard and Pulsar Points, mainly for storage)

Hutter (so much more 'musicality' than that stuff I had before)

Mic cable ICs and Isolda speaker wire

3 Spurs

Various RPG Foams

Love it!

I also have a Rotel 1070 and AE1s with a 32.5/110 in between.


16-07-03, 05:05 AM
Here we go...

52 / 52PS
2 x Dynavector HX1.2 Mark II
Kimber 8tc
Shahinian Diapason's

Mains spurs supplying the juice. All sat on 2 x Stands Unique reference stands.

Also have...

Ron Smith Galaxie 17
Arcam DV88
Meridian 568
Modified NAP140 running as monoblock for centre
Shahinian Hawk Module for centre
Stands Unique Transition SE Wall Shelf for Hawk
NAC-A5 for Hawk
NAP140 for rears
Shahinian Compass' for rears
QED Qontour for Compass'
Sky+ HD
A couple of SqueezeBox's


Mark Packer
16-07-03, 06:43 AM
Slowly rising from the ashes (sic) of a flood:

Townshend RockIII TT
Rega 300 arm (with RegaWrap) (http://www.acoustica.org.uk/)
Denon 304 cartridge

CD 3.5
HiCap with ALW's SuperRegs

Denon 460II Tuner

Nakamichi BX 300E
Sony Professional Walkman

82 (modified K boards)


Tangent XLR2 (new tweeter and first order x-over)


Assorted homebrew power leads

Independent mains spurs and earthing

The way forward:

DIY prefix with the modified K boards
powered by another ALW SuperRegged HiCap
DIY Armaggedon clone for RockIII
Origin Live modded 250 or mod the 300

SuperReg the Denon Tuner

Get brother to perform the SuperReg internal CD 3.5 mod (http://www.acoustica.org.uk/)

SuperReg the Nakamichi (?) it's got to be worth it.

New speakers!!!!! No idea here, probably PMC OB1s, Shahinian Obelisks, Arcs, IPL STL3 Ribbons, Impulse horns(?) or something else (I'm in a real tizz about this)!

Study system:

Apple dual processor G4
Nait 2
MS10i speakers NACA4

16-07-03, 06:57 AM
This is my first post to the New PFM - here's hoping it works :)

System as of Today is:

Basik LP12/Akito/K18II
Sony Receiver as Phono pre (cough, cough) and tuner (decent, actually)
Sony ES series CD player that is outdone by the...
Panasonic DVD player (RV-31 I believe - but this thing has serious problems loading some disks so the Sony stays for now)
Nait 5
FlatCap 2
Naim Allaes on DIY spike/marble supports (springy floor and all that)
DIY Glass/Ball-Nutter supports on top of a 55" projection tele

- GregB

16-07-03, 07:27 AM
Meridian 507 CD player
Gyrodec SE turntable/RB300 arm/Ortofon MC20 Supreme cartridge
EAR834P Signature phono stage
Quad FM4 tuner (re-capped, excellent sound now)
Tact SDAi2150 integrated amp
ATC SCM12 speakers on Atacama R724 stands (heavy!)

A few vintage Leak, Quad, Pye valve amps, BBC LS3/5a speakers, Jim Rogers JR149 speakers.



16-07-03, 07:39 AM

Let's try again shall we?

2003 spec LP12/Ekos2/TKBL/Linn RB Troika/Lingo/ Mk2Delphini & NCPS/ Trichord bullet plugged ic/ CD5/ Cobra2/ Lavardin IS Ref/5 tier Fraim/ A5/ SBLs

Next upgrade - new speakers/ speaker cable/ CD player/ stand - then I shall be Naimless


16-07-03, 07:42 AM
Main System
Naim CDX + Stands Unique carbon isolators.
Naim 82 + 2 x Hi-Cap.
Naim 250 + Stands Unique carbon isolators.
Yamaha KX-580 cassette.
Linn Kans + Kan II stands.
Naim interconnects & speaker cable.
Home brew mains extension.
Home brew & yello mains.
Optimum rack.
Marantz RC9200 remote control.
(Also Digitech genesis-1 guitar preamp.)

Bedroom wardrobe
Naim CD 3.5
Naim 62s
Naim 140

Linn LP12/Ittok/K18

Dark Lord
16-07-03, 07:56 AM
Linn LP12, Naim Aro, Dynavector XX-2, Naim Prefix K, Naim Armageddon. Linn has cirkus, and specially made by Linn fluted black plinth and black perspex lid, looks rather cool on a silver Mana.

Naim CDS2/XPS2 (S-XPS Burndy)

Naim NAT-01/PST & Ron Smith Galaxie 17

Naim 52 / SuperCap (upgraded to S/Cap 2 spec)

Naim 250-2 (current model)

Naim SBL in Beech

Pioneer PDR-05

Stax Basic 202 Electrostatic headphones and energiser.


Grahams 5 way Hydra

Two dedicated spurs (one for teh Hydra, the otehr for the CDR & Headphones)

Mana 4 tier support (in silver) for LP12, Armageddon, 01 Power Supply and Pioneer CDR

Hutter Racktime for electronics. Modified top shelf of Hutter to be 'politically correct' therefore under the CDS2 I have a sheet of clear Mana glass, Fraim ball bearings and cups, and the Hutter shelf. This ensures that the top shelf of the Hutter provides the best self-levelling contact for the CD player, since the Naim has metal feet and individual Hutter shelves cannot be levelled.

All of you are nerdy bastards and I hate Stallion, McPeake, JAToon, and anyone else who disagrees with me.

16-07-03, 08:37 AM
SD system:


On the wish list..
SBL's (beech, maple or cherry please)
Maybe another hicap


16-07-03, 08:40 AM
Originally posted by Dark Lord
Linn LP12, Naim Aro, Dynavector XX-2, Naim Prefix K, Naim Armageddon. Linn etc. ....
All of you are nerdy bastards and I hate Stallion, McPeake, JAToon, and anyone else who disagrees with me.

Hi Dev.

gerni g.
16-07-03, 09:11 AM

despite the fact that my trouble&strife gave me very limited hifi space, there are the following black boxes:

cap-modded linn ikemi
musica nova pandora tuner w/ galaxie 17
monterey140 w/dish and modded musical fidelity x-10d & psu
modded linn 5103
faroudja comb filter w/ custom build psu
extron lancia linedoubler
2x linn klouts
active katans
quadraspire q5 upgraded to ref
mana soundframe for klouts
baby qs ref for x-10d & psu
micro baby qs ref for faroudja psu
modded barco g800 crt pj
custom build goo screen
dedicated spur w/ custom build distribution block


Tony L
16-07-03, 09:12 AM
All of you are nerdy bastards…

Hi Dev!

I'm just trying to reconcile the above with…

Modified top shelf of Hutter to be 'politically correct' therefore under the CDS2 I have a sheet of clear Mana glass, Fraim ball bearings and cups, and the Hutter shelf. This ensures that the top shelf of the Hutter provides the best self-levelling contact for the CD player, since the Naim has metal feet and individual Hutter shelves cannot be levelled.

…which is probably the nerdiest paragraph on the whole internet.


Dark Lord
16-07-03, 09:41 AM
Originally posted by Tony L
Hi Dev!

I'm just trying to reconcile the above with…

…which is probably the nerdiest paragraph on the whole internet.


I'm quite proud of my construction, I can now enter any stand debate without prejudice and slag the lot off. Anyway the Hutter's construction and quality is a bit shite if you ask me since there is no way to critically adjust the individial shelves. I have a cutomer made smaller size and it's not a problem if the overall height is kept low but over six or so shelves correct level (we are talking 1mm or so very minor stuff, but critical to the CDS2) is hard to maintain.

So I had two options, either shim the CDS2 which solved it or create a individual self levelling platform which removes the "Hutter Effect" from the CDS2 which I don't really like (ps. its pretty good for the amps but not ideal for the CDS2, so I created the beast described above, and it's better than Phase whatever. I also tried phase three Hutter (as I have extra bits) but it's shite.

16-07-03, 10:16 AM
LP 12/Ittok/Goldring 1042 (would prefer dynavector 10x4 mkII)
CD 3.5 (previously owned CDS, sold to support other family priorities)
72/hicap (I think the new 112 is probably better, more transparent, but am satisfied for now)
Dynaco ST 70 with ugraded power supply board (previously have owned naim 140, plus two 250's of various vintages) (will probably return to 250 some time in next 12 months)
Apogee Centaurus Minor speakers
Oh, and a Nakamichi tape deck which I still use.
Oh, and also a "Classic" cd burner from Circuit City (their previous budget, bottom-of-the-line model) Would get one of the "better" (read heavier, better A to D converter) if had it to do over again.

Oh, and about forty linear feet of vinyl. I think that only translates to about 3000 records, really, which isn't very many.

Upgrades tend to get deferred because of the rather large volume of new music that flows into my listening room. Who's got the time to shop for hi-fi when there is listening to do?...

16-07-03, 10:16 AM

LP12/Valhalla/Ittok LVII/DV10x4
Marantz ST48 Tuner
Monitor-Audio R352 speakers
QED Silver Anniversary speaker cable
Stands-Unique equipment support and Target speaker stands.
Standard Ring-Main with Maplin DIY Hydra

David S
16th July 2003

16-07-03, 10:39 AM
Source - Avondale Alpha 5 (though still at Chesterfield!)

Amp - Bow Wazoo XL

Speakers - Williamshart Seraph 2's

All of this is connected by Audience AU24 interconnect and speaker cable and fed via LAT AC-2 power cables. The cd player will sit on a Seismic sink and will run through a PASI (Great Northern Sound Company) isolation transformer.
Further plans involve attempting to build a super 'Integrated' based around the Graduation 1 pre and the 260Z power. Not sure how far I'll get with that though!

16-07-03, 11:37 AM
My stuff.


Linn LP12, ittok, ClearAudio VictoryH.
Naim-Audio CDi
Naim-Audio Nac52
Naim-Audio 52 Powersupply
Naim-Audio Nap250
Naim-Audio SBLs in Cherry
Cables naim and chord.


Clearaudio. Nice sound.

16-07-03, 02:06 PM

"My how they go some"

You rubbing my nose in it again?;)



martin clark
16-07-03, 02:21 PM

Would I do a thing like that ? ;)

No - a month later and I'm smitten, still not getting enough sleep and they are a great match for this largish room. You know where they are if you want to come up and play.


Paul Gravett
16-07-03, 02:31 PM
Here's what I use to listen to music:

Linn Sondek LP12/EkosII/Akiva
Naim Prefix
(Resting on a Mana Soundshelf)
Lingo II Phono stage
Naim 52 pre-amp/Supercap PS
2xNaim 135 power amps
Avondale Arcam Alpha 5 CD player
Philips CD recorder
Rega Radio tuner
Aiwa cassette deck
(All seated on two Mana 5-tier racks)
Naim SBL speakers (black)
(standing on a pair of Mana Soundbases)
I also use two Grahams Hydras

And it all sounds smashing!

16-07-03, 02:40 PM


Nac 52/SC/Naxo/HiCap/180's x 2


SBL's (Cherry)


Quadraspire under pre/snaxo

Ash Design under PSU's and Power amps

Mana wall shelf for LP12
Mana under SBL's (sodding floor :mad: )

16-07-03, 02:48 PM
Well, here I go. these things are switched in and out of the system(s):

Source: Naim CD3 (late series)
Acoustic Research ES-1/RB300/DL103 or OC9
Well Tempered Record Player
Rotel RCD855 CDP modified to be zero
oversampling/no active filter/with xformers for output
HH Scott LT-110 tube tuner (1960's and still going strong)

Preamps: Naim NAC102/PSC/Flatcap2
Naim NAC42

Amps: Naim NAP110
Pass Aleph3

Integrated Amps: Cary CAD300sei (300Bs)
Rega Mira
HH Scott 222 (EL84s)
Naim NAIT1
Creek 4040

Speakers: Spendor LS3/5A on Linn Kan2 stands
Spica TC-50 on Chicago Hercules or Sound Anchor stnd
Spica Angelus on Sound Anchor stands
Rega Kyte on Linn Kan2 stands
Snell Type K
Snell Type JII
Quad ESL-57 on custom-made welded stands

Cables: Naim A5/or custom-made cables a la DNM but pure silver
Blk SNAICs, etc.

There are favorite combinations in this mishmash of a system, e.g.: 110/LS3/5A, Aleph3/TC-50, Nait1 or Cary sei/Angelus, Scott 222/Kyte, Mira/Snell K, 110 or Nait1/ESL-57...hopefully I could post pictures soon...

16-07-03, 03:39 PM
my system ; roksan xerxes(original) manticore musician ortofon mc 10 supreme/EAR 834p phono stage/quad II monoamps/snell type jII with jsp cables.

for the future; artmize/mc30 supreme.

Steve S
17-07-03, 01:50 AM
My system:

Marantz CD 63 mkII KI Sig with trichord clock 4 and clock psu upgrade (great mod and easy to do on this CDP).
Rega Planar 2 / Linn K5.
Nad 4225 Tuna.

Pre Amp:
Naim NAC 32.5
PSU - 2 Avondale APX modules, 600va coil.

Power Amp:
'Vintage' Naim NAP 160

Ruark Templar II


17-07-03, 02:07 AM
My system:

Roksan Xerxes (Original)
Naim Nait 1 / NACA4
Heybrook HB1 / HBS1

Other bits...
A Technics CD player (can't remember which)
Yamaha KX580 Cassette Deck
and a spare NAD3020A just in case

17-07-03, 03:00 AM
We all like to tell everyone what we've got;............

system currently:

Linn LP12/Ekos/Arkiv/Lingo
Nakamichi DR1

In The Middle:
Nac82 / Supercap
NAP135 x 2

On The End:
B&W N803's
Chord Rumour Biwired

Soundstyle Metal & Glass things

Wish List:
Nac52 (when funds allow)
HNE granite plinths for 803's
Chord Anthem for CDSII
Stands: Hutter (ideally), Isoblue (probably), Mana (not domestically acceptable), Fraim (too ugly !)

Dark Lord
17-07-03, 03:27 AM
Originally posted by adamk
We all like to tell everyone what we've got;............

Stands: Hutter (ideally), Isoblue (probably), Mana (not domestically acceptable), Fraim (too ugly !)

Well, if you go the the classifieds I know of some Hutter that might fit the bill for you perfectly!

17-07-03, 07:12 AM

my main setup is:

Pluto 10A turntable with Schroeder Nr.1 tonearm and Ortofon MC7500 cartridge, have a look here: http://www.tnt-audio.com/jpeg/schroeder4.jpg.
Near standing by is an afro LP12 demodified to PreCircus with valhalla, Zeta and Ortofon Rohmann.
Also standing near by the Pluto is a grey Garrard 301, which has been tried some days before, waiting to replace the LP12.
I am still undecided on the Phonosophie P3. I have to make an alternate subchassis board to test it with a tonearm other than Naim ARO.
All the tables standing near the Pluto are in the queue to replace the TD124 in my secondary setup.
Preamp is DIY transistor. Poweramp is DIY transistor, low wattage.
Speakers are DIY horns, 97dB/8 Ohms, with Altec drivers. 150Liter with open rear board.
20square metre room, all the walls with shelfs filled with records and DIY stuff (dedicated room for hifi).
Yes, I am listening high levels in this room.

my secondary setup is:
Thorens TD124/1 with SME3012/2 and Shindo SPU cartridge.
CAL Delta CD into heavily modified Musical Fidelity Digilog.
Naim Nat101+Snaps, 32-5+Snaps2, 140/1 into DIY Kan clones.
Some metres of Jazz records.
40square metre open living room.
I am listening low to medium levels in this room.

Hartmut from Munich

17-07-03, 07:18 AM
Naim CD3 cd spinner
Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck with Rega RB600 arm & Sumiko Blue Point cart
Denon 260L tuner
Sony SACD player

on phase 5 mana

Bryston 5BP pre
Bryston 4B-ST power

on phase 5 mana

PMC FB1s on phase 2 mana

Interconnects - Mana Stealth

going to get a new cart, get the cd avondale modded, and get a couple more phases on mana

17-07-03, 10:28 AM
hi my current setup is.

Linn Lp12 with cirkus akito1 grado black preamps one DIY tube amp and a Linn LK1. Poweramp is an DIY Mosfet amp speakers are biwired Linn Index II.
tape is an old Akai deck CD is an Technichs SL-PG 500A
for the car I have an Nakamichi TD500

wish list:
better arm better cartridge a lingo linn power amps or other good power amps and a pair of ninka or isobariks. and a Nakamichi tape deck at home.

17-07-03, 10:50 AM
Garrard 301 Table, custom-made plinth with slate top-plate. SME V arm and Benz Ruby 2 cart.
Thorens 124 I in custom base, SME 345 arm, and Linn Karma.
Musical Surroundings Phonomena Phono Stage and Battery Power Supply.
Naim NAT 01 Tuner
Linn Karik II, Latest Numerik for CD playback.

Avondale Graduation 1 Preamp
Welborne Labs Laurel II 300B SET amps, 8 wpc.

Naim SL 2
Proac 1 SC

Kimber Hero and Avondale interconnects. NACA 5 Speaker Cables.

VPI Turntable Stand, Soundstyle Equipment Rack. VPI 16 Record Cleaner. Cary amp stands. Magnum Dynalab FM antenna.

Wish list:
Avondale Audio APX 4 power supply for the Grad 1. Avondale 260Z amp, or possibly some used Naim 135's, as I think the SL 2's could use a little more power.

17-07-03, 10:59 AM
audiogoose :
how does the 300B sound Prat wise would be good to hear too. Im thinking of building me a pair of 300B or 2A3 SET.

regards mikael

Richard Nichola
17-07-03, 11:05 AM
LP12 Lingo Ekos Expert Stylus retipped Trokia
sitting on an Audiotech table.

PFM OScap (the original one!)

sits on an Ash Design rack

my own design speakers sit on Linn Kan 2 stands.

All this in a dedicated listening room.

In the lounge I've got a Linn Classik (no tuner, audio version) and Linn Tukans (primarily used for sound from TV and DVD - radio comes from Freeview!)

17-07-03, 01:14 PM
The 300B's have very good PRAT. The sound is very natural, somewhat rounded, and very "continuous" for lack of a better word. Soundstaging and imaging are strengths, also.
I thinks SS and tube amps do different things exceedingly well.
Rock music, for example, doesn't have the drive with SET's that it has with a good solid state amp, e.g. Naim.


john & Jake
17-07-03, 01:18 PM
a very simple system by the standards of flat Pink Fishers.

Arcam Alpha 5 + CD player ( in 1st stages of modding)

Microphone cable interconnects

Andrew Weekes breathed on Linsley Hood class A pre-amp

Exposure IV with DIY supply

Exposure speaker cable

Restored Isobariks with all new drivers.

Very capable and getting better.


17-07-03, 11:40 PM
This is the equipment providing me the emotion:

Linn LP12 turntable, cirkussed, with Ekos tonearm and Expert Stylus rebuilt Klyde (soon to be replaced by Linn rebuilt Troika)
Linto Phono stage
Linn Ikemi CD player
Heybrook (Tim de Paravicini designed) C2 preamp
Linn Klout power amp
Linn Kans MK2 on thir dedicated stands

Gathering dust:
Heybrook P2 power amp
Linn Kabers


18-07-03, 02:13 AM
as is traditional....

main music system
Naim CD 5 + Naim Hi-Cap.
Nam nait 5 (power amp section unused) + Naim Flatcap 1
Naim NAP 250
all cables and interconnects naim
except for a home made cd to nait i/c which i'm trying out.

other bits also connected up but switched off most of the time.
Limit progressive scan dvd / dvd-a
Yamaha DSP-E800 processor / 3 channel amp for a/v duties
Arcam alpha 10 drt dab radio
Nakamichi rx 202e funky autoreverse cassette deck.
ntl cable box.
B&W CDM CNT center speaker
Mission 78ds dipole surrounds.
various cables and i/c's from chord, jvc and tandy.

some cable dressing done before i got bored.
no dedicated mains.

next on the to buy list:
lots more music.

18-07-03, 02:37 AM
Mostly Linn stuff in an AV system:

Linn LP12 maple plinth/Cirkus/Trampolin/LingoI, Linn EkosI arm with T-kable, Ortofon Kontrapunkt B cartridge
Linn Linto stepup
Marantz DV9500 universal CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-A player, 720p/1080i picture
Apples iPod Mini4g 20GB, Nano 4GB
Slimdevices Transporter network player, wireless
Slimdevices Squeezebox network players x 3, gens 1, 2 and 3, wireless
Topfield TF5510PVR twin-tuner PVR for satellite

Linn Kinos AV processor
Four amps comprising:
Linn 2250 stereo amp with active card driving L/R lower bass active
Linn AV5125 5ch amps times two for active L/R tweeters, super-tweeters, mid and upper bass and one rear ch
Linn Chakra C6100 amp for active centre speaker and one passive rear speaker

Linn Akurate 242 penta-amped active stereo speakers
Linn Akurate 225 penta-amped active centre
Linn Katan passive rear speakers on stands
Velodyne DD15 active subwoofer with digitsl room eq
Hitachi PJ-TX200 LCD projector
Adeo Greyvision motorized screen, 2.35m wide, 16:9

minidisc, radio, VCR, PS2, USB-to-radio transmitter
linn silver i/cs (some homemade with Eichmann bullets)
Nordost Solar Wind and Blue Heaven pentawired speaker cables for 242s
Zanash IO Silver IC for Transporter
Zanash silver cables pentawired for centre speaker
Bettercables HDMI and Supra s-video cables
Quadraspire racks in maple for sources and amps
Logitech Harmony 885 universal remote
Disco Antistat discwasher, fluid mixed at home, state-licensed technical propanol buyer
Sound-diffusing foam at first reflection points, home-built bass traps as diagnosed by DD-15 display

Second system Linn Classik + Linn 2250 + passive Linn Akurate 212s + Sizmik 10.25

Spare kit
Linn LP12/Nirvana/Valhalla from 1979
Linn Ittok arm
Hafler DH101 preamp with LesW powersupply and caps from early 80s
Two Linn 2250 power amps from 2002
1 pair Linn Isobariks from late 80s (before Kustone)
1 Aktiv crossover for briks
1 Aktiv crossover for briks with Dirak power supply and Bingo board
1 pair Linn 5110 speakers
Ortofon MCA76 headamp with quadraphonic button, late 70s

18-07-03, 02:48 AM
My simple system:

Dynaudio Audience 40

Some wooden rack
Atacama SE24 speaker stand

Simon Dawson
18-07-03, 04:00 AM
TE microgrove+
pfm OScap (4 rail)

In the bedroom:
Marantz CD63
Denon TU260L
Arcam alpha 6
Royd Minstrels


18-07-03, 04:00 AM
Main system:
Naim CD5/Flatcap
Rega Planar 3 (P3 motor upgrade), Funk Firm Achroplat, RB300, tungsten weight, FlutterBuster PSU, Denon DL160 cart)
Cambridge Audio 640c phono stage
Technics ST-GT1000 DAB/FM/MW tuner
Sony JB940 MD
Nakamichi DR2 cassette
Pioneer PDR-609
Naim NAC72
Naim Hicap
Naim NAP180
Rega Elas
Naim, Chord, no-name interconnects, NVA Soundpipe
Avondale Audio Black Link speaker cables
Black Rhodium 4 way power strip
Target racks
Rega EAR/Beyerdynamic DT531 headphone
Milty Zerostat anti-static gun
Knosti Disco Antistat record cleaner
Nakamichi tape head demagnetizer

18-07-03, 04:03 AM
And my bedroom system

Sony DVD (cheapo, dunno the
Philips 804 NICAM VHS
Pioneer CLD-1450 PAL/NTSC Laserdisc
Philips DCC730 Digital Compact Cassette
Denon AVR-1905 AV receiver
Playstation 1
Namco joystick (groovy as hell controller that plugs straight into the telly!)
Dynaudio Audience 52/Sound Organisation Z522
Paradigm CC170 centre
Rega Kyte rears
Gale/Cambridge interconnects, NACA5, Gale cheapo 79 strand-style stuff

Soundlab DLP3r decks/Ortofon Concordes/Gemini CDJ02 CD decks/Denon DN-X100 mixer

Sennheiser HD580 headphones

Milty Permaclean vinyl cleaner

Want both Technics 1210s and the ability to mix properly! 1210s still neccessary so I can play music upstairs with better quality than I do now.

18-07-03, 05:20 AM
Here's my current system.
(though it might change within a few weeks/months)

Diapason 'Micra mkIII'

On Quadraspire equipment support.

Here some piccies;



Alco :)

18-07-03, 08:23 AM
I also have this ancient Thorens/SME3009/AudioNote mm on loan from a friend.
( modified though with some WBT connections at the back, and some silver Van den Hul internal arm wiring)

Still, ..an ugly piece of kit, but it sounds pretty amazing, and can seriously compete with the CDX.
(on some records I prefer the old Thorens)

o, btw... I also still have my beloved Nait-2.


Alco :)

18-07-03, 08:26 AM

VPI HW19 mk. IV on Target wall shelf
Ortofon Super OM 30 (gotta go)
MM Stageline/hicap (unserviced)
CDS/CDSPS (black burndy)
102/Napsc/1985 hicap (recapped 2002)
250 (olive)
Spendor S100 on Sound Anchors on Mana Soundstages
Sony CDRW10 (something like that)
Nakamichi DR2

3000 or so lps, the better part on Ikea Expedit
1500 cds

Living Room:

1984 LP12/Val/Ittok/Grado MCZ on old Target Wall shelf
CD5/snaps2 (FS soon, to be replaced by modded Rotel 955)
112/hicap (1988 unserviced)
42-5/hicap (1985 unserviced) as phono stage via tape out
250 (1988, recapped, FS)
1980 Isobariks (CES demo pair) on dedicated stands
HK TD292


1984 PMS Briks
110, 110
(all to be tried together when I get a chance)
1984 LP12/Akito
72 (1995, awaiting shootout and possible sale)
32 (bolt together)
42 (one channel cuts in and out)
Heybrook HB1 (need refoam)
Rega Ela mk I
2 Mana Reference tables, 1 Power Supply Table, 1 Wall Shelf
(will give one more try before selling)
Q4 Reference (just arrived)
prefix S (for when I get an MC again)
knackered Monster Sigma Genesis 2000
AT OC9 w/no cantilever
Koetsu Black Goldline with broken cantilever
AT ML150 with no stylus
Sumiko BPS w/bent cantilever
Sumiko BP (orig) tired
Linn K9 w/bent cantilver


Sony Discman
Nad 7020 receiver
Rega Planar 3/Armageddon/Exact (Armageddon to be liberated for LP12, Rega to be sold, once I get 60hz motor for Lp12)
Heybrook Point Five
Understanding partner

Actively looking for:
60 hz LP12 motor
MC cartridge

Want in future
Cirkus'ed LP12
Some other record deck--Nottingham
To get rid of excess crap
All the records in the world

Dark Lord
18-07-03, 09:40 AM
Eric, Bloody hell. You have a lot of stuff man. Respect

The Dark One

dan m
18-07-03, 09:52 AM
Current setup:

LP12 / Cirkus / valhalla / rb250 / elys
62 (olive) w/ 322 brds (recapped 02)
Black snaic
FC (99)
Grey snaic
140 (chrome recapped 02)
Tukans on Sound Org stands
Target VR 4 shelf rack

Not in use:
Nak tape deck (BX100)
Massive old sansui tuner TU-7500

waiting on a CD3.5 to replace suspect digital source ( ancient yamaha cd player feeding an Audio Alchemy DDE1.1)
At which point I'll look for a chrome HC and stick the FC on the 3.5.

a separate rack for the LP12 would be nice too.


Yikes! That's quite a list of kit. And quite a list of knackered carts :( Let me know if you decide to dump the 72.



18-07-03, 11:30 AM
System 1 (Home Office)
Teac VRDS T1 (transport) (Trichord Clock 3, Never connect & Heavily modded by Coherent-Systems)
Wadia 15 (DAC, pre) (Heavily modded by Coherent-Systems)
Densen Beat B 100 (amp)(upgraded black silk volume control)
Linn Kaber (speakers) (passive, early models but now with Ku-Stones, SPK0015/1 and 3R9 tweeter/HF upgrades)
Sony TCK-630ES (cass)
Panasonic DVD-S75 (dvd) does MP3/WMA duties through the Wadia)
Philips CDR-760 (cdr)
OA speaker cable (single run with jumpers of same)
OA Digi interconnect
Analogue Interconnects include OA, (Cambridge Audio and QED for the unimportant stuff).
MF X-CANS (Mk1) (headphone amp)
QED Qnect 4S (interconnects to X-CANS)
Audio Technica ATH-610 (headphones)
Lynwood Mains Conditioning block on CD transport/DAC
Custom power cables on important stuff
Townshed Siesmic sink and Still Points (marvellous things) under Teac CD transport (and DAC by virtue of being blu-tacked on top)

System 2 (Office)
Rotel RCD-965BX (cdp)
Rotel RB-960BX (cass)
Rotel RTC-850L (tuner pre)
Rotel RB-870BX (power)
Tannoy 607 (speakers)
Atacama SE-24 (speaker stands filled with cat litter)
Sonic Link Violet with Bullet Plugs (interconnect between pre and power)
QED Qnect 2 (between CD and pre)
Cambridge Audio Tape Solution (between cass and pre)
Ortophon SPK200 (bi-wire speaker cable)
Sennheiser HD490 (headphones)

System 2 (little use)
Townshend Avalon / Rega RB250 (broken!!) / Nagaoka MP11 Gold SB (TT)
Marantz CD-67SE (cdp)
Marantz PM-66SE (amp)
Castle Durham (speakers) (c.1990)
Denon DR-M10 (cass)
Gale XL-315 (speaker cable)
Cable Talk Monitor 3 (Interconnect)
various Cambridge Audio and Cable Talk interconnects (it's miles away I can't go and look!)

System 4 (AV)
21" Goodmans (tele)
NAD L73 (DVD Receiver) (does cd duties)
LG DVC8700 (DVD/video) (used for the occasional video)
Panasonic DMR-ES10 (dvd recorder)
Acoustic Energy AE109 (speakers)
Chord Rumour 4 (biwired speaker cable)
IXOS Scart - composite cable to TV
Various rubbish scart cables

Tannoy E11 Limited Edition (speakers) (These are the upside down ones)
NAD T 550 dvd (dvd)
Marantz DV-4100 OSE (dvd)
Philips CDR 870 (cdr)
Philips DCC 600 (dcc)
AR T-04 (tuner)
Arcam Delta 80 (tuner)
Philips CD373 (cdp)
Cable Talk 3 (speaker cable)
Cable Talk 4.1 (speaker cable)
Gale XL-315 (speaker cable)
Denon TU-260L Mk2 (tuner)
Gale XL-315 biwire

plus some more I can't remember...........

18-07-03, 12:53 PM
I've been looking in on PFM for a few months now, so I thought with the new one coming on line I should join in, so here's what I have now:-
LP12/Ekos - recently "downgraded" from Lingo/Arkiv to Valhalla/Troika
72/Hi-Cap/250 (all extensively Avondale'd)
Using Kan II's at the moment but I've got Isobariks waiting for me to make space for them!
Just got an alpha 5 off ebay and it's at Avondale now.
I've enjoyed looking in, and I'm looking forward to taking part in future,

18-07-03, 02:46 PM

Mana Ref/LP12Lingo/Ekos/ArkivB/Tripod/LP12Lingo/Ittok/Arkiv/Quadraspire Ref/Karik III/Numerik SPS/Karik I/MF X-DAC/Marantz CD63/Classik/FM4/ZX-7/Marantz CDR630/V1050/TU260II/X-O7/6030


Quadraspire Ref/The Groove/52/72/42/SC/HiCap/135s/250/110/Servo270




OTD - Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy (Trip to the Moon mix)

Tuan Nguyen
21-07-03, 02:25 AM
Source: CDX2
Pre-amp: 102/Supercap
Amp: 250
Speakers:B&W805 on Reference Target stands RR3.
Support: Mana

21-07-03, 03:38 AM
Big Flat System (Main Room)

3 x LK280/Spark
Kabers (Active - with Ninka tweeters and keltik mid drivers)
(1 x LK280 driving
Kan IIs - in other room)
Sony 980B Minidisk
Denon Cassette Deck
MF xCans2 Headphone Amp + Sennheisers (can't remember model)

Small round System (Study)

Quad Cd66
Quad FM4
Quad 34 Pre
Quad 306 Power
Mission 700 Speakers

Even smaller system

Arcam Alpha+ Amp
Arcam Alpha+ Tuner
Celestion 1s

(Updated Feb 04 - to refect recent upgrades)

21-07-03, 03:08 PM
Transport #1: PC (Videologic Sonicfury)
Transport #2: Pioneer DV-350
DAC: Cambridge Audio DAC3
Amp: Rotel RA-01
Speakers: Mission M51
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
Radio/TV: Sky digibox

sean newman
21-07-03, 04:19 PM
My system,

Sharp end:
LP12, Lingo, Ekos, Troika, CDS 3.

Mid Ships:
52, s/cap, s/cap, snaxo, six pack.

Blunt end:

AV set up:
15 year old portable with on remote, in another room. On about once a week.

Hats off to Arthur Bye who has more equiptment than anybody I've ever heard of.


Slop Monster
21-07-03, 04:21 PM
And now for some-thing completely Different.....


CDP............................................... .............Wadia 850 Omiga Audio Modified
Amplification..................................... ..................Belcanto Evo200.4 Modified
Speakers.......................................... ........MeadowLark Shearwaters Hot Rods
Speaker Wires............................................. ...Omiga Audio 'Outlander' Bi-Wire
Interconnects..................................... .......................Omiga Audio 'Gladiator'

Power Leads............................................. ............ Omiga Audio 'Deliverence'
Power Conditioners...................................... .......Omiga Audio 'Power-Miester'
Cable treatments by............. .................................................. .Omiga Audio

System Rack.............................................. ..............Apollo Mezzo Saprano
Speaker decoupling........................................ .LARC Audio Marble ISO Plinths
Isolation .................................................. ..........Townshend Siemic Sinks 2
Isolation (speakers)........................................ ..Omiga Audio solid Brass cups

TV................................................ ...........................Toshiba 32ZP18
AV Reciever.......................................... ...................... Arcam AVR200
TV................................................ ..................Telewest Pace Digi Box
Speakers.......................................... ......Monitor Gold Reference Center
Speakers Rear.........................................Monit or Gold Reference GRFX's
DVD Player............................................ ....................Arcam FMJ DV27
Speaker Cables............................................ .....Omiga Audio 'Outlander'
Speaker Cables Rear...................................Rears Nordost Flatline Gold II
Component Digital Cable....................................Omiga Audio 'Dimension'
Digital I/C................................................. ...........Omiga Audio 'Defiant'
Analogue I/C................................................. ....Omiga Audio 'Gladiator'
Isolation......................................... ................Townshend Siemic Sinks.
Power leads on A/V system................................Omiga Audio 'Deliverence'
Internal Damping........................................... ...........Cromilin & Dynamat

That's it Folks, WM's Music Maker Organic of coarse :)

People that have help me achieve my sound

Cable Toasting By Omiga Audio (www.omigaaudio.co.uk)

Trichord Reasearch
Larc Audio Isolation (www.larc-audio.com)

Quality Surround Speakers (www.monitoraudio.co.uk)

Some of the Best amplification you can obtain (www.belcantodesign.com)

Siemic Sinks and Quality Cables (http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/townshend.audio)

Seriously good cables (www.omigaaudio.co.uk)

Wonderfuly Natural and Dynamic Speakers (www.meadowlarkaudio.com)

One of the most musical Digital front ends Available (http://www.wadia.com)

An odd combination of American and English. That really works :)

Ron The Mon
21-07-03, 05:35 PM
SOURCES (in order of most used):

Sansui R-411 FM tuner w/Magnum Dynalab ST-2 antenna mounted outside on antenna tower.

LP-12 (Circus/Trampolin/bolt-mod/Zener-Valhalla), RB-300/Klyde. Naim phono boards are located inside turntable and powered by HiCap.

DishNetwork satelite box

internet/computer audio. I use remote keyboard or laptop as loud CPUs drive me crazy!

Toshiba 50" projector TV (internal speakers removed).

Toshiba DVD


Rega78 w/Goldring 1040 mono cart. Naim MM board mounted underneath powered off SNAPS.

Victor 78 player (from 1904). Fully restored and in mint condition except for crank. Is not connected to main sistem as it was invented before electrically powered hi-fi!

Wollensak 4770 cassette deck

Akai GX4000 open reel

Maggotbox VHS deck


Naim NAC-42/SNAPS/2*NAP-140s w/active modules inside 140s.


Linn Kan1.5s, active, w/neodymium tweeters.

*All sources on dedicated stands only one level high (unlike above Round-Earth pictured system). Amps each have dedicated one tier high stand per component. Kans on dedicated Kan wall shelves.

**dedicated 20-amp spur which all components are on with exception of Valhalla, satelite box, DVD-player, and PlayStation, whose component's power-supplies/filters ruin the sound of the other bits (and are on their own 20-amp spur on the opposite phase). Both hi-fi spurs have separate circuit-breaker box and ground, which feeds off the main power line.

***All above components (with exception of Klyde) are modified. Some highly modified. Anyone know of a mod to improve the Klyde!?!

****I own NO CDs which is why no CD player is listed. Not a typo.

Ron The Mon

Click "www" directly below to see some photos of my sistem. I plan on adding more photos soon, so check back occasionally.

Slop Monster
22-07-03, 12:44 AM
Ron, you may be surprised by how 'Un round' it is ;) more 'Real-earth' Tone

Mick Seymour
22-07-03, 01:25 AM

You could always get the Klyde rebuilt by a third party. It may not improve it but it will have been 'modified'.


Iain Docherty
22-07-03, 03:01 AM
Sources: LP12/Cirkus/Tramp/LingoI/EkosI/Klyde on Audiotech table, Ikemi

Amps: Linto/Kairn Pro/2*LK140

Speakers: Keilidh Aktiv

Beginnings of modest AV additions: Loewe Xelos TV, PS2, Nokia Freeview box, Tukans for rear speakers.

Can anybody recommend a decent AV receiver easy to find used?

Iain Docherty
22-07-03, 03:06 AM
oops, double post

22-07-03, 06:16 AM

a) LP12/Ekos/Linn Karma - Epona PS for LP12 and Prefix

b) Naim NAT01

c) Yamaha DVd Player


Naim 552 and Mana Stealth


Linn Isobarik

all on Mana

Dark Lord
22-07-03, 07:02 AM
Originally posted by Hermann

a) LP12/Ekos/Linn Karma - Epona PS for LP12 and Prefix

b) Naim NAT01

c) currently Naim CDI (will replaced soon)


Naim 52 and Mana Stealth


Linn Isobarik

all on Mana

Hi Hermann,

I thought you all decided that Tony L is anti-Mana agent of the Kremlin and none of you would post here! So much for your principles huh!

You know what, after seeing pictures of your system, I thought you could get more Mana soundstages for your sofa, so it could give you the chance to put even more stages under your speakers, you might have an issue with the ceiling being more of a room boundary than your floor, but Mana defies everything right!

Have a nice day, my teutonic friend.


22-07-03, 07:38 AM

one of our great politician in Germany said: "I do not care about what I said yesterday because nobody can prevent that I'm more clever today." (hope the translation is correct)

I do not see any reason not to post here because all you mentioned is history.

It's an adult behavior to give open minded people another chance and sometimes more than one. In the old sauce agitate uses nobody.

So keep quiet about that old stuff and learn your lesson. ;)

Dark Lord
22-07-03, 08:21 AM
Originally posted by Hermann

one of our great politician in Germany said: "I do not care about what I said yesterday because nobody can prevent that I'm more clever today." (hope the translation is correct)

I do not see any reason not to post here because all you mentioned is history.


Great politicians and Germany are a contradiction. Isn't German (and Italian) politics is a great example of nobody ever making a decision.

Mohandas K Gandhi once said 'it is good to see ourselves as others see us. Try as we may, we are never able to know ourselves fully as we are, especially the evil side of us.
This we can do only if we are not angry with our critics but we take in good heart whatever they might have to say.'

But you are German so all of that might be a bit lost on you ;)



Markus S
22-07-03, 08:33 AM
Dev, are you serious or in wind-up mode?

22-07-03, 09:13 AM
As ever I dont answer postings like that because he's trying to start it again.

This is a point for me 'cos I am clever.

Dark Lord
22-07-03, 09:15 AM
Originally posted by Markus Sauer
Dev, are you serious or in wind-up mode?


I am deadly serious about the Gandhi quote. :)



ps. hope you or all our fellow Germans aren't offended about my comments. My best friends are Germans, albeit the lefty Munich Architect types.

Dark Lord
22-07-03, 09:18 AM
Originally posted by Hermann
As ever I dont answer postings like that because he's trying to start it again.

This is a point for me 'cos I am clever.


The real point is that you don't like any comments that doesn't agree with your view of the world, but if you think I am moderating my style to make you feel better think again. ;)


Markus S
22-07-03, 09:39 AM

I am deadly serious about the Gandhi quote. :)

So glad you can be serious about something. Of course, then you have to spoil it all by getting it totally wrong ...

ps. hope you or all our fellow Germans aren't offended about my comments. My best friends are Germans, albeit the lefty Munich Architect types.

Of course I'm deeply, deeply offended. Otherwise, I'd have to admit I have a sense of humour, and that's just not done with us Germans.

Bob McC
22-07-03, 11:30 AM
Number 1

LP12 Aro Lyra Lydian B Prefix Armageddon Hicap
32.5 Hicap
NAT 101 Snaps
2 X 250

Number 2

Sony CDP
Nytech CTA252XD
Rega Kytes


22-07-03, 11:47 AM
come on Bob don't go spoiling this thread By bringing up Hi-fi.

22-07-03, 02:46 PM
My system:-

LP12 (Cirkus)/ Ekos-II/ Dynavector TeKaitora/ Armageddon/ Stageline (K)/ HiCap. Pre-lilac interconnect.

CDS2/ XPS. Lilac interconnect.

52/ 52PS/ SuperCap/ burndy/ SNAXO3-6/ 6x chrome bumper 135s.

Naim DBLs, black, 1994?

All black SNAICs & Burndys. 6x8m NAC A5.

LP12 on custom steel table. Armageddon & HiCap on AF Starbase. CDS2 / 52 / SNAXO on 4-tier Fraim. XPS, 52PS & SuperCap on Starbase. 135s on AF Base. Single mains spur - 10sq.mm cable with rhodium-plated 15A MK plug & socket and hydra.

135s serviced & matched as six-pack approx 1991. 52, 52PS, 135s & Armageddon serviced mid-1999. 52PS re-capped August 2001. SNAXO serviced & converted for DBLs January 2002. New tweeters on DBLs mid-2002.

System changes:- Sept '00:- CDS2/CDPS replaced CDX. October '01:- StarBase & Base replaced welded steel racks. December '01:- DBL's/SNAXO3-6 replaced Isobariks/NAXO3-6. June '02:- Black burndy replaced grey on 52. December '02:- Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum 24 bit sound card installed in PC (192 KHz stereo & 96 KHz six-channel replay / 96 KHz stereo recording). February '03:- XPS replaced CDPS (CDS1 power supply). SuperCap/SNAIC replaced HiCap on SNAXO. TeKaitora replaced AT ART1 cart. April '03:- Black Burndy replaced SNAIC-5 between SuperCap & SNAXO. July '03:- Fraim replaced Starbase under CDS2 / 52 / SNAXO. Prefix (still) waiting to be serviced and replace Stageline.

2nd system:-
Arcam Alpha CD and Black Box 3, NAIT-2, Kan-1's on KAN-2 stands.

22-07-03, 05:08 PM
Congrats on the new Fraim (and welcome to the new PFM)!



Colin L
22-07-03, 11:03 PM
Always wanted a bigger room as I bought my 802's knowing that they were too big for my room in Scotland, but I was planning ahead.

Recently moved to Kuala Lumpur and got an apartment with a huge living room - c. 50ft x 40ft with vaulted ceiling. Result - too big damnit. It needs a lot of dampening down ( I suppose curtains would help!!)

System is

CDS2 / XPS2 / SXPS i/c
LP12 / Valahalla / Ittok / Lyra Clavis dc / prefix / Hi-cap
52 / Scap
135's and B&W N802, plus Fraim

Colin Lorenson

Tuan Nguyen
23-07-03, 01:20 AM
Originally posted by Colin L
Always wanted a bigger room as I bought my 802's knowing that they were too big for my room in Scotland, but I was planning ahead.

Recently moved to Kuala Lumpur and got an apartment with a huge living room - c. 50ft x 40ft with vaulted ceiling. Result - too big damnit. It needs a lot of dampening down ( I suppose curtains would help!!)

System is

CDS2 / XPS2 / SXPS i/c
LP12 / Valahalla / Ittok / Lyra Clavis dc / prefix / Hi-cap
52 / Scap
135's and B&W N802, plus Fraim

Colin Lorenson
Very nice: the room and the equipment. How is the sound and are the 135s good enough for the 802 speakers?

Colin L
23-07-03, 01:37 AM

The system now sounds better than it ever has despite the room problems. As I said curtains and a bit more furniture will help (my wife is coming out shortly to lend the place the woman's touch) so things will get better.

As you have hinted the 135's are probably the weakest link and I am looking at options to upgrade. The 135's drive the 802's well but sometimes sound a bit breathless. I think a more powerful amp might control the bass better as well.

Fortunately KL is blessed with lots of dealer options and I plan to try lots of different amps even (shock horror) non-Naim amps.

Candidates are NAP300, Bryston 14B, Plinius 250, ASL Hurricane (tubes for gods sake - just for a giggle though - I couldn't handle the pissing about with them), and even believe it or not the Halcro d68. The latter are mega-expensive but the dealer seems desperate to get them out on trial and says he can "do a deal" on them. Have to be one hell of a deal to make that work.

I'd like to stick with Naim but even the NAP300 is really quite expensive compared to some of the other cheaper, more powerful options. Still power isn't everything as we know.

I'm looking forward to the demo's (work allowing). They should be much fun

Colin Lorenson

Jonathan Ribee
23-07-03, 03:21 AM
Some of this stuff will, no doubt, get me "de-bagged and raddished" on the flat earth...

LP12 (pre-cirkus) Valhalla Aro Karma (phase7)

CD3.5 HiCap (phase4 inc other sources/amps)
Sony POS tuner / MD ST-2
42.5 with at least 2 modifications inc 6-way power supply
MF XA-200 monoblock x4

Celestion A3 (phase3)

Chord and Mana Stealth cables
Nerdy power cables

Hi-fi set up disc, Antonio Forcione Collection and Brothers in arms.

OK - I lied about the last bit!

Dark Lord
23-07-03, 04:05 AM
Originally posted by Colin L
Always wanted a bigger room as I bought my 802's knowing that they were too big for my room in Scotland, but I was planning ahead.

Greetings Colin,

Long time no hear, now I know why, you are in KL! Hope you are well!



Colin L
23-07-03, 05:31 PM

Like the tag line btw. I see you've been creating ructions, but in a nice way:D

KL is a fine city - it's warm, civilised, reasonably priced, and the CD's are cheap (though the selection is somewhat limited), plus lots of hi-fi shops to annoy. What more could a body ask for.

Oh! Work is good to.

Losing a few pounds as well due to complete lack of ability with chopsticks. Nearly had my eye out a couple of times:)

If you are out this way etc..


Tuan Nguyen
23-07-03, 05:43 PM
Colin L

Past issue of HiFi+ review mentioned that even the NAP300 has problem with the N802 speakers at high volume. It seems that the 802 need real power from Mark Levinson, Classe or Bryston mono blocks to drive them. In Canada, they show the N802 with those amplifiers and they sound amazing. If you have a chance please try those amps they are good match for your wonderful speakers.

Colin L
23-07-03, 10:28 PM

I used to live in Canada ( I was a VI deadbeat), have heard Bryston many times and their 14B may be the best, and most affordable option for me. Audutioning will reveal all.

Since getting the 802's into a big room I now realise that previously they were only hinting at what they could do. The bass is much deeper, better quality, with the only criticism being at high volume. I believe this is power amp related.

The groove factor is much greater and the soundstage (oops - sorry for using the s-word on pfm) is huge, filling the space between the speakers and beyond. The notion that Naim can't do the soundstage thing is completely wrong. Their speakers don't do it well in a conventional sense, but their electronics certainly can with the right speaker. I've heard CDS2/552/500/N800's many times and that was better again, though even the 500 was running out of steam when cranked up!!

I will post when I audition.

Colin Lorenson

25-07-03, 12:08 PM
Here's mine, a bit different from the norm:-

DPA Enlightenment Transport (on Seismic Sink)
DPA SX128 24 bit DAC (on Seismic Sink)
DPA Enlightenment pre
DPA Enlightenment power amps x2 (biamped)
ProAc Response 1SC speakers
REL Stadium sub
Trichord Pulsewire Digital IC with Bullet plugs
Townshend Isolda DCT/DPA black slink ICs
Kimber 8TC/4TC
RA Reference Powerkords (x5)
RA superpurifier

Cheers, Neil

27-07-03, 12:43 PM

Linn LP12/Armageddon/Aro/Lyra Helikon
Resolution Audio Opus 21 cd


DNM 3B Primus preamp
DNM PA3^S power amp


Audio Physic Virgo III
REL Stentor (on evaluation)

Cables, stands, etc

Nordost SPM interconnects
Isolda DCT between power and sub
Quadraspire Reference racks

Other stuff

Big comfy leather sofa
Loadsa records & loadsa cds
Marantz DR6000 cd recorder
4 x 32A MCBO dedicated spurs from dedicated Mem2000AD6

Future upgrades

New preamp
Maybe changing the cables
More sounds...


29-07-03, 05:35 PM

sources Naim CDS3+XPS2, Linn LP12/Cirkus/DingoI/EkosI/Naim Prefix-2/Lyra Argo-i, Creek T40 S3, Nak DR3.

amplification Naim NAC252/Supercap-2/NAP250-2.

speakers Naim SBL.

theotherstuff Mana stand and wallshelf, Naim White NACA5 speaker cable, Naim Black SNAICs. Naim pirelli power cables. Dedicated Spur.

surplus kit: Goldring Elite, Quad FM4, Linn Ittok LVII, Pioneer DVD636.

A work in progress. :cool:

Tuan Nguyen
29-07-03, 06:26 PM
Unit 4 of the Pickering NGS-A would be ready in the fall of this year and other units1,2,3 will be repaired and hopefully will be back online in the next 2-3 years. The BRUCE units would be ready in the same time as the fourth unit of the Pickering NGS-A station. I dont think we have them ready for this summer. What a mess I guess.... I notice that during the hot summer when all AC are ON, my Naim system sound pretty bad and when the relay of the AC activates you can see the light get dimmer (laugh). Shame on all engineers who work at the stations. WE have failed (cry).

29-07-03, 09:27 PM

As a fellow 32.5 owner, I am curious to know if you think the 32.5 limits the CDS3?


29-07-03, 10:11 PM
LP12/Lingo/Ittok/Troika, Quad FM4 or CD3

How does the Dingo sound Rico?

30-07-03, 12:22 AM
My system is:

Source: Naim CDS/CDPS, NAT02

Amps: Naim 12s, SNAPs, Hi-Cap, NAXO, 2*NAP160

Speakers: IBL

Wouldn't change a thing!


30-07-03, 05:02 AM
Here we go:

Naim CDS/CDSPS, Naim 102/140, Linn KanII/KanII Stands

30-07-03, 12:43 PM
Audiotech table/ LP12/ Lingo/ Cirkus/ Ekos (II, I think)/ Rega Super Elys

Sound Factory Tripod tables (stacked, unfortunately)

Rotel RCD965BX CD player

Denon DRM07 cassette deck

Naim 102/140

Linn Kan II stands / Linn Kans (Mk. 1)

Pictured: Linn Kan. (I have another one just like it).

30-07-03, 01:12 PM
mark levinson 37 transport
bel canto dac 1.1
avondale apx2
avondale grad 1 pre amp
avondale m1 mono blocks
rms 2 speakers with upgraded x over and granite plinths
siltech, and silver sounds cables, eupen mains for digital,
mana rack
dedicated mains junction box

cheers dave:)
ps thanks les:D

30-07-03, 07:25 PM
Simon asked: As a fellow 32.5 owner, I am curious to know if you think the 32.5 limits the CDS3?

Put simply, my CD sistem has improved markedly going from CDSII/82/SC/250 to CDSIII/32.5/SC/250-2. Sure, a better preamp would (will) definitely improve things, in the mean time I am delighted with the music in our lounge (and indeed, all around the house) as the CDS3 goes through its burn-in. Dare I say it, it's a little less painfull than the CDSII run-in - perhaps the 32.5 is helping out somewhat there. :)

Many folks find this source-first stuff "dogma". Just proved myself again by taking this route - and am dead happy.


PS - Smike, the Dingo sounds good, well worth a try if you're sufficiently proficeint with a soldering iron.

21-01-04, 03:09 AM
Current systems are;

Stereo;linn lp12 valhalla,rb300,audio-technica at-0c3,arcam delta 170 cd transport& black box,arcam delta 60 amp,arcam delta speakers,cales are a mix of old audioquest stuff.

a/v;pioneer 717 dvd,sony 925 dd/dts amp,mission 773i,75c and 77ds speakers,rel quake sub,cables are ixos scarts,qed flat speaker and qed digital/suban supra mains;the tv is a toshiba picture frame 32"(currently rented).

21-01-04, 04:13 AM
On Target Wall shelf (Glass):

Linn LP12/Cirkus/Lingo/Ittok LVIII/Dynavector 17D2

On SO Table:

Papworth PPA6 Dual Mono Valve Pre
EAR 834 MM/MC phono stage with mil-spec Mullards
Linn Lingo (couldn't squeeze any toobs into this)
TEAC P-30 transport/ Benchmark DAC 1. Nordost Moonglow i/c.
Denon TU260L Tuna
Aiwa ADF 810 Cassette Deck

On HNE Granite supports on pine record cabinet:

Papworth M100 valve monoblocs, with Svetlana EL34's and tweaky bypass caps.
Pretty pictures at: http://www.papworthaudio.demon.co.uk

Interconnects, assorted Chord, Linn, Pentacone. Desperately need sorting.


Rogers Studio 3 and Rogers AB3 auxiliary bass thingies. On HNE Granite plinths, with granite intermediate and top plates. Bi- wired with Pentacone speaker wire.

Mains: Dedicated spur for power amps. Dedicated ring main for everything else, made with 30 amp cable and MK unswitched sockets.

Bathroom system:

Yellow plastic fish-shaped battery radio, stuck to wall with suction caps. (I'm trying to source Sorbothane suction caps and audiophile AA batteries)


PS. It is evident that many of you either have no kids, or no life, or you suffer from OCD. I mean.. all those acres of totally dust-free laminate flooring... all those spotless, shiny systems! If there's a secret.. let me know and I'll tell the wife.

21-01-04, 05:11 AM
Copland CDP289/Transparent IC + Mains cable

Perreaux SVX phono stage
Perreaux Radiance R200i

AR LST (circa 1970 American studio monitor with ~9 drive units each and a bitch to drive). Naim NAC5.

Naim 42.5/HiCap/110-retired by the AR's which were to difficult to drive.
Linn Kans/stands
Bose 601 speakers

Armageddon in box waiting to be fitted.
Fancy some new IC and mains cables/blocks
Need decent support but all UK stuff so expensive here.


21-01-04, 06:06 AM
Linn LP12/Cirkus/Aro/Armageddon/Lyra Helikon 0.34mV
Resolution Audio Opus 21 two box cd player

Naim NAC52 with K boards & Supercap PSU (2002 model, Olive)
Naim NAP250 (1998 model, Olive)
Naim HiCap (2003 model, Olive) - maybe F/S soon.

Audio Physic Virgo mkIII in maple

Secondary stuff
Modified MF X-Cans v2 with Mullard EC88C valves, Elna Cerafines, custom PSU and 'vents'
Sennheiser HD600 headphones with Cardas lead
Marantz DR6000 with hardwired uprated mains cable

Other bits
Naim i/c and A5 cable, plus a couple of Flashback cables for CDR
4-way Memera 2000AD6 CU with 4 32A RCBO'd spurs
VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine

Planned changes
Hard-wire NAP250 to 10mm.sq. dedicated spur
Prefix K or S for LP12, may keep HC to power it or may power from 52.

...and that's it. Hifi finished, complete, done, no worries, and definitely no more copies of the hifi comics.


21-01-04, 06:35 AM
Garrard 301 Table, custom-made plinth with slate top-plate. SME V arm and Benz Ruby 2 cart.
Also have grease-bearing 301 awaiting plinth.
Musical Surroundings Phonomena Phono Stage and Battery Power Supply.
Naim NAT 01 Tuner (Dark Lord special).
Linn Karik II, Latest Numerik for CD playback.

Avondale Graduation 1 Preamp
Naim 135 power amps

Naim SL 2
Proac 1 SC

Kimber Hero and Avondale interconnects. NACA 5 Speaker Cables

VPI Turntable Stand, Sound Organization Equipment Rack. VPI 16 Record Cleaner. Magnum Dynalab FM antenna.

Wish list:
Avondale Audio APX 4 power supply for the Grad 1.
Naim CDS 3 (I said it was a wish list!!).

21-01-04, 07:09 AM
Naim Cd3.5
Naim 32.5 , being modified
Flatcap 2
Cary Rocket 88 valve amp
Spendor S3/5se
Home built sub
DIY cat5 speaker cables
DIY Belden interconnects
Inouye power conditioner
Older Sony Tuner
Lovan racks and speaker stands


21-01-04, 11:55 AM
Just realized I've not listed my gear, so here it goes:

CDS2/XPS (S-XPS burndy)
on Fraim (have to buy another level, as CDS2 is sitting on top of the 52 :o )

Thorens TD124 (1962) /DIY heavy plinth/Aro/Dyna DV20XH/DIY MM Stageline/Hicap
on Mana Wall Shelf

Lenco B55 (1973), modified/AR something Tonearm/Grado M1+ cart with 78C stylus (to play 78rpm :) )

Kef LS3/5A (Rosewood finish) on Atacama 20s stands

Dedicated mains spur and hard-wired hydra.

And most of all, lotsa music 1000 LPs/1000 CDs/800 45rpm/ 200 78rpm

I have just received the new S-XPS Burndy 2 weeks ago and it's a worthwhile upgrad IMHO.

Otherwise, I'm currently looking for new speakers, but no choice made yet. Some reorganization in my tiny room have improved the current LS3/5A performance, so I will take my time to make the good choice :)


21-01-04, 04:38 PM
I've not seen this thread before, so here goes,

The System:

Vinyl- LP12/Heybrook TPS/Mission 774sm/Ringmat
or Technics SL10 (when lazy)
Musical Fidelity X-LPS

Cart on the LP12 is currently a Dynavector 10x4mk2, but may soon be a Technics U205Cmk3 or Mission 773 or Ortofon MC20 super, as those are what I have knocking about!

CD- Mission dad5 CDP acting as transport/Midiman Flying Cow DAC/ADC

Tuner- A&R Cambridge T21

Recording- Pioneer PDR-05 CD recorder/Sony MDS-JA30ES, both fed digitally from the ADC side of the Flying Cow. Sharp MD portable for travel and recording gigs.

Pre- currently: Quad 34
soon to be: Nac 32.5 with 72 boards (thanks DarrenCotter!)
Power- Nap 160

Speakers- Linn Saras with sara stands

Headphones- Musical Fidelity X-CansV2 with NOS mullards plus X-PSU driving either Sennheiser HD580's, Sony MDR-7506's or Sennheiser HD25sp's.

Cables are nowt special, and it's mostly on shelves, due to bouncy floor!

As for the future, a Hicap/Snaps/Diycap etc. for the NAC32.5, maybe a DAT walkman for recording gigs, a new cart for the SL10, and then maybe A/V...anyone tried it with old Linn speakers and naim amps with a modern decoder?

22-01-04, 12:20 AM
Hello all. Here's my humble set-up:

Roksan Caspian integrated
Roksan Caspian power amp
Quad 306 power amp
Marantz CD17 KIS cdp
B&W 602 S3 speakers
Kimber 4Tc & 8TC
Van den Hul D102 MkIII
Van den Hul The First ultimate
Kimber PBJ

22-01-04, 12:42 AM
Originally posted by smee
I've not seen this thread before, so here goes,

The System:

Vinyl- LP12/Heybrook TPS/Mission 774sm/Ringmat
or Technics SL10 (when lazy)
Musical Fidelity X-LPS

Cart on the LP12 is currently a Dynavector 10x4mk2, but may soon be a Technics U205Cmk3 or Mission 773 or Ortofon MC20 super, as those are what I have knocking about!

CD- Mission dad5 CDP acting as transport/Midiman Flying Cow DAC/ADC

Tuner- A&R Cambridge T21

Recording- Pioneer PDR-05 CD recorder/Sony MDS-JA30ES, both fed digitally from the ADC side of the Flying Cow. Sharp MD portable for travel and recording gigs.

Pre- currently: Quad 34
soon to be: Nac 32.5 with 72 boards (thanks DarrenCotter!)
Power- Nap 160

Speakers- Linn Saras with sara stands

Headphones- Musical Fidelity X-CansV2 with NOS mullards plus X-PSU driving either Sennheiser HD580's, Sony MDR-7506's or Sennheiser HD25sp's.

Cables are nowt special, and it's mostly on shelves, due to bouncy floor!

As for the future, a Hicap/Snaps/Diycap etc. for the NAC32.5, maybe a DAT walkman for recording gigs, a new cart for the SL10, and then maybe A/V...anyone tried it with old Linn speakers and naim amps with a modern decoder? " Soon to be 32.5 with 72 boards(thanks darrencotter)" The guy didn't even have the decency to reply to my P.M or emails regarding the sale of this item....The word ignorance springs to mind. Sorry for going off topic.

22-01-04, 01:44 AM
Oh dear - I think I'm too junior to rock the boat, but I never quite understood the reason for producing these gargantuan lists of stuff without explanations of why we chose what we chose, what characteristics the stuff has IOHO, whether we're happy with it, that sort of thing.

I guess if I stay on line long enough, I'll develop a sharper ability to infer what a system might sound like and, Miss Marple-like, will find the truth from amongst the gossip. Meanwhile I may try printing off this thread and asking my local Richer Sounds* for a demo of everything.

At the moment I can only use such lists for affirmation purposes (...you have Naim? I have Naim too! Everything's gonna be all right, isn't it?...) which sometimes makes me feel a tad queasy.

* only joking

22-01-04, 02:01 AM
Originally posted by Bubblechild
Oh dear - I think I'm too junior to rock the boat, but I never quite understood the reason for producing these gargantuan lists of stuff without explanations of why we chose what we chose, what characteristics the stuff has IOHO, whether we're happy with it, that sort of thing.

To give others an easy way of seeing what you own and therefore why you might say what you say in a post. Also means you don't need to constantly list what you have. Anyway those are the reasons I use a list like this.



22-01-04, 02:25 AM
The stuff that dreams are made of..... or was it nightmares?



22-01-04, 05:01 AM
Originally posted by Bubblechild
Oh dear - I think I'm too junior to rock the boat, but I never quite understood the reason for producing these gargantuan lists of stuff without explanations of why we chose what we chose, what characteristics the stuff has IOHO, whether we're happy with it, that sort of thing.

I thought it was obvious... We like showing off! ;)

22-01-04, 06:02 AM
Oh okay. That I can relate to. Reminds me of happy schooldays, and I've made a good living in the vice trade ever since.

Well, for the record, and until after my next few clients, I'm using:

CDX (it's got soul),
72/Hi/140 (feels comfy and matches cashflow),
Epos ES22 (control, detail and warmth, too!)

+ 1210s & Ortofon Nightclub Concorde Es for vari-tempo reasons.

23-01-04, 11:33 AM
On the floor, boxed, waiting to be sold: Kans, 102, 140, Rotel RCD965BX.

Alone on its Audiotech table, Lingoless and eyeing me with deep suspicion: Linn LP12/Ekos.

Cuckoo in the nest: my new Marantz CD 5400 (chosen for its heaphone socket and What Hi-Fi flavour-of-the-month resale value) and Sennheiser HD320 headphones [HD280 Pro on the way]. Yes - this will be my system for at least a year!

03-02-04, 10:06 PM
My humble pile of stuff:

Rega Planet 2000 cd player
Marantz 6170 T-table

Newtonia Solis integrated amp

Shahinian Obelisks (or Rega Ela Mk Is, as mood dictates)

Boulder interconnects
Tara Labs speaker wire

in the closet:
Robertson Forty-Ten amplifier
Nakamichi BX100 cassette deck
Calrad tube tuner

Looking forward - might try a Plinius integrated amp.


10-02-04, 04:58 PM
Hi everybody,

my current configuration is:

Turnable Thorens TD166MkII/original tonearm/Benz Micro MC Gold
Pre phono Trigon Vanguard 1
batery power suply for pre phono Trigon Volcano
cd player Densen Beat B-400 "XS"
integrated amplifier Densen DM-10
speakers Dynaudio Contour 1.3MKII
Cables Clearaudio Trident
Cable for speakers OCOS
Power cords Clearaudio Diamond
speakers stand Dynaudio Ultima stand
Rack Artesanía Reference

I want upgrade my thorens for a Rega Planar 25/RB600 and found a good headamp for my AKG240 Monitor (600ohm) headphone.



N Sansom
11-02-04, 10:54 AM
Linn Mimik MkII CPD
Linn Kairn Pro MkIII Pre Amp
Linn LK140 (facelifted) Power Amp x 2 (Aktiv boards fitted)
Linn Keilidh Aktivs with ceramic bases and modified with 3-bar Ninka tweeters
Linn K400 bi-wire cable x 10m
Linn Silver Interconnects x 3
Russ Andrews Classic PowerKord x 4
Trichord Research Powerblock 500 x 2
Soundstyle Tripod Stand in custom Piano Black

Mike Sae
11-02-04, 11:15 AM
My current music abstraction contrivance

Quadraspire Reference
Rega Planar3/ AR P77
Creek CD53
Cyrus IC
Creek 5350se
DNM Reson
Epos M12/ST12
Eichmann power cord.

11-02-04, 11:31 AM
My Kit:

PT Anniversary/Original Kuzma Stogi/Kiseki Agate Ruby.
Dynavector P75 arriving soon for the above.
Avondale AAA5 CD player.
Grad 1 pre(317 TPR Snaps P/S,but soon to be an APX4)
Naim Nap110 or Nap140.
ATC SCM7's on Target Reference stands.


11-02-04, 11:55 AM
Originally posted by Mike Sae
My current music abstraction contrivance

Quadraspire Reference
Rega Planar3/ AR P77
Creek CD53
Cyrus IC
Creek 5350se
DNM Reson
Epos M12/ST12
Eichmann power cord.

And how's that workin out for ya??

Mike Sae
11-02-04, 12:23 PM
My only complaint being that the CD53 is fussy. Not in terms of scratches, disc thickness or copy protection, it just doesn't recognize certain CDs. No idea why.

Excellent in all other respects.

Malky Moo
11-02-04, 12:52 PM
:D MY SYSTEM........Michell Orbe .....SME V Ortofon Kontrapunkt b Naim Nac 82 , 2x Hicaps, Napsc , Naim Nap 250 JM Lab Micro Utopia Speakers, Rega Jupiter C.D. player, Revox B77 MK II Open Reel tape deck the 2 track high speed job.
I am mainly analog this is because of years of record collecting and I dont intend to get rid of them , anyway IMO its best to keep analog recordings analog. I use the Revox to back up my more precious vinyl and to make up my own compilations. Just sold the 2 Hicaps and the Nap 250 . Getting Avondale AXP4 and monoblocks, keeping the Nac 82. Im 51 yrs old now and its took me since 1986 to get to this level. Prior to that in the seventies I had the usual Jap kit Pioneer etc. Then I started to get serious.

18-02-04, 02:58 AM
Couple of changes to my system(on pge 11)cart is now sumiko bps and the speakers are now cura ca 5's to be placed on apollo wall brackets;next on the agenda is a service for the lp12 and some decent spkr cables(chord perhaps?).Oh yeah and a (borrowed)micromega microdac has replaced the now dead black box temporarilly;the micromega and cura's have given a bit of needed zip to the set up and once cables support etc are in place things should be much better;can't comment on the sumiko as i haven't got round to fitting it yet.

24-02-04, 07:38 AM
Well Tempered Classic V (on a slate slab)
Dynavector XX2
Dynavector P75 Phono Stage
Microphone Cable with Bullet plugs

Naim CDX (on acrylic platform)

Naim 82/Supercap/250 (Olive)

Quadraspire cabinet (heavily modified)

Shahinian Arcs c. 1995 (passive bass radiator)

The only up-grade I'm considering is to listen at home to
Shahinian's Obelisks and possibly listen to the new Dynavector amps one day.



04-03-04, 07:12 AM
Originally posted by bazza
Couple of changes to my system(on pge 11)cart is now sumiko bps and the speakers are now cura ca 5's to be placed on apollo wall brackets;next on the agenda is a service for the lp12 and some decent spkr cables(chord perhaps?).Oh yeah and a (borrowed)micromega microdac has replaced the now dead black box temporarilly;the micromega and cura's have given a bit of needed zip to the set up and once cables support etc are in place things should be much better;can't comment on the sumiko as i haven't got round to fitting it yet.

Ok,the cura's are now secure on the apollo's and wired up with chord rumour,the sumiko is now in the rb300 and a ringmat on the lp-12.I had a good session the other day and taking into account the linn needing a service(it's getting on for 8yrs:o )it sounded pretty sweet,i ended up digging out stuff i hadn't listened to for ages(the bible,nancy griffith,rickie lee jones),the rockier stuff(pixies,zz top etc)ripped along nicely and my simply vinyl pressing of the first portishead album sounded superb(relatively speaking of course);so i'm a happy bunny at the mo,just got to decide what to do about the delta 60,keep it and mod it(black gates,new pot etc)or get summat else.

04-03-04, 11:08 PM
Not getting as much time to listen as I'd like.

Why's that mate?

S'pose I'd better cough up on ye old system front too....


Rega P9/Exact (it arrived!)

All on two modified* black tripods and supported by a fast growing collection of glorious vinyl!


Loewe Xelos
Philips 963SA
AV2 (it arrived too!)
Royd AV77
Royd Minstrel x4 (maybe 6 soon!)

Enjoy. Jay

* I figure if I don't tell anyone exactly how I've modified it but say that it "sounds like Fraim on P" that'll give me more cred :D

04-03-04, 11:47 PM
Rega Minstrels eh??

Nice! Rare as a hens wotsit also. Well done J!!

My rig..

Meridian 507 cd
Plinius M16 pre
Plinius SA100 power
Proac Response 2.5

Sounds large in a very large way. I fear for my windows..


05-03-04, 12:00 AM
Originally posted by redeye
Rega Minstrels eh??

Nice! Rare as a hens wotsit also. Well done J!!

My rig..

Meridian 507 cd
Plinius M16 pre
Plinius SA100 power
Proac Response 2.5

Sounds large in a very large way. I fear for my windows..


Were you playing Radiohead the other night...I think I may have heard it :D


PS...ah yeah Rega/Royd. Same diff!

05-03-04, 09:43 AM
Hi, just joined after some months lurking (not sure my system or I were flat enough!) so might as well reveal all from the outset;

Avondale Arcam Alpha cdp on Clearlight Audio RDC3 Cones with Kimber Timbre attenuated interconnect to;
Musical Fidelity A3 integrated amp with Kimber 4TC speaker cable to;
Castle Avon speakers

Fed from Russ Andrews supersocket, silencer mains block and yello power cables and sitting on a Quadraspire Q4 rack.

For AV hooked up to;

Panasonic TX32PK1 flat wide TV
Akai VS-A77EK vcr (the first ever with built in dolby surround!)
Manhattan DVD player
Nokia Media Master digibox
Harmon Kardon AVR-300 surround receiver, QED cables to
Castle Keep centre speaker
Mission 77D rear effects speakers
Infinity alpha sub

And for the home office/study;

Arcam alpha+ cdp wich chord chrysalis inteconnects and Musical Fidelity X10D "thingy" to Musical Fidelity B1 intergrated amplifier (when it comes back from the menders!) QED cables to Royd A7 bookshelf speakers

Would be interested to compare to a really flat system sometime - I'll bring the beer!



05-03-04, 12:00 PM
Welcome antinchip

Akai VS-A77EK vcr (the first ever with built in dolby surround!)

Hey! I think I used to have one of those! Had a two channel amp in it to power the rears....

05-03-04, 12:47 PM
Thanks Jay,

yep, all of 8 watts per channel - glorious mono signal as well! It was the bees knees at the time (1988ish), cost me about £700!



06-03-04, 10:34 AM
Hey Redeye, you seem have done a major flip-flop there. What's the guts?

06-03-04, 04:58 PM
Below are my current Lounge and Bedroom systems.

System 1


CD Player: Naim CDI
DVD Player: Pioneer DV-575A


Pre Amp: Exposure XVII
Power Amp: Exposure XVIII
Headphone Amp: Rega Ear
Processor: Yamaha DSP-E800


Main Speakers: Epos ES-14 (Including Dedicated Stands)
Centre Speaker: Epos ELS-3C
Rear Speakers: Epos ELS-3


Headphones: Grado SR-125


Television: Panasonic TX-32PS12 (32” – 16:9)


CD Player to Pre Amp: Chord Silver Siren (DIN-RCA)
DVD Player to Pre Amp: Chord Chrysalis (SACD & DVD-A)
DVD Player to Processor: Chord Codac1 Silver Plus
Pre Amp to Headphone Amp: Chord Chrysalis
Processor to Pre Amp: Cable Talk Broadcast
Pre Amp to Power Amp: Cable Talk Reference (XLR)
Power Amp to Speakers: Cable Talk Talk III (4mm Banana Plugs)
Processor to Rear Speakers: QED Micro (4mm Banana Plugs)
Processor to Centre Speaker: QED Micro (4mm Banana Plugs)

Equipment Stand: Alphason (10 Years Old – soon to be replaced)

System 2


CD Player: Sony D-E401 (Walkman)
Tuner: Teac TR-400
DVD Player: Scan SC-2000


Integrated: Audiolab 8000A


Speakers: Tannoy Mercury M2


Television: JVC AV21F1EX (21” – 4:3)


CD Player to Integrated: Tech+Link (3mm-RCA)
Tuner to Integrated: IXOS 104 Custom Connect
DVD Player to Integrated: IXOS 104 Custom Connect
Integrated to Speakers: Naim NA5 (4mm Banana Plugs)


Mini Disc Walkman: Sony MZ-R91
Cassette Deck: Technics RS-BX404
Video Recorder: Panasonic NV-SD240
Games Console: Sony Playstation 2
Mini Disc Deck: Sony MDS-JE510
Speaker Cable: QED Bronze Special Edition (4mm Banana Plugs)
Speaker Cable: Cable Talk Talk III (4mm Banana Plugs)
Interconnect: Tech+Link (3mm-RCA)
Interconnect: Chord Calypso



06-03-04, 08:52 PM
Originally posted by antinchip
Thanks Jay,

yep, all of 8 watts per channel - glorious mono signal as well! It was the bees knees at the time (1988ish), cost me about £700!



8 watts. Pumping!

That can't have been the model I had actually because I bought it about '93 I think? The flat was ecstatic at the time :p

It's done you very well if it's still going strong.


07-03-04, 03:06 AM
Meridian 507 cd
Plinius M16 pre
Plinius SA100 power
Proac Response 2.5


you gone and found the lord as well? Or is this a wind-up. Flogged off yer LP12?

There'll be more than one gentleman in Wellington scratching his head...


20-03-04, 11:24 PM
Rega Planar3 / Dyna10x4 edit got a new p5
Exposure 2010 cd /w Audio Note red interconnect edit gonna go soon
Exposure XV
Exposure speaker cables
Neat Mystiques
All electronics on some wooden shelves. edit got Hutters

I've been a very happy spinner for a year now. CD playback (same cost) is so much below my vinyl setup than seldom use this medium anymore other than for software availability reasons. And, even then, I have to force myself into it :( edit giving up cd for the time being

Next change: get a proper hifi rack. edit done.
Real target: the holy p9 :D edit well really happy with my p5 for the moment

21-03-04, 05:39 AM
Goldmund Studietto/Moerch UP4/Ortofon Jubilee or Garrard 301/FR64S/SPU Meister Silver --> EAR MC3 Stepup Transformer + EAR 834P MM PhonoPre (all sitting on a wallmounted console)

CDS2 via Chord Solid II

-->Goldmund Mimesis2 as Pre/Goldmund SRA as Power via custom build coax-cable into SBLs...

sounds great

21-03-04, 07:54 AM
Naim cd 3.5
2 x Chrome bumper Hi-caps, re-capped with Kendiel capacitors (Cheers Les!)
62 pre-amp (modified) Click here for internal pictures (http://uk.msnusers.com/MattsHIFI)
250 power amp, Re-capped with Kendiels
Mk2 Linn Kans on Kan stands
Sound organisation rack
Home made Hydra
New Style Naim cables

22-03-04, 12:24 PM
Phono 1 - LP12/Armageddon/Ekos2/Prefix K/ Arkiv B
Phono 2 - LP12/Basik/LV111/Arkiv A, Prefix K/ Snaps

Nat 02






Next upgrade - lots of 180/200g vinyl!

22-03-04, 03:05 PM
Mine plays mostly vinyl, but occasionally CDs. Stereo only - can't see myself going multi-channel

Platine Verdier TT
Schroeder model 2 arm/Allaerts MC1B cartridge
Hadcock GH228/original Garrott Bros Decca London Gold

Verdier Control B valve pre-amp with dedicated valve PSU
Quad IIs rebuilt by GT Audio

Leak Troughline 3 tuner

Avantgarde Duo Horns - current model
QED Genesis speaker cable

Oh and my trusty old Meridian 206B CD player

Listening Room approx 35x16 ft

Wife's system
Denon M31 CD Receiver
LS3/5as and AB1s

23-03-04, 11:53 AM
Wow great system.... valves and horns.... yummy!

The GT Audio Quad 11's are an unusual choice; do you know what changes are made to them?


23-03-04, 12:24 PM

Thanks. My Quad IIs date back to my days selling hi fi with Ken Kessler. In fact I bought them off Ken back in the early 80s. I had them rebuilt in the early 90s by GT Audio. Graham Tricker hadn't yet started his Tron brand of high end tube amps and was getting a reputation for top quality valve rebuilds - Quads, Leak, Radford, Dynaco etc. He still does rebuilds.

I know that he replaced a lot of the old resistors and capacitors which were by then out of tolerance and knackered. However, you'll have to ask him what exactly he does. Nevertheless he did a great job.

The reason I've kept the Quads is partly sentimental. However, they still sound great. More importantly in my sytem, they're quiet. Hence my sensistive 102db/W Duos don't buzz or hum incessantly. Maybe one day I'll upgrade. I'll probably buy a new pre-amp and 300B amp from Tron though. They are unbelievably quiet - full volume on phono through Avantgarde horns and it's silent!!

23-03-04, 01:47 PM
Naim CDS2, BB, XPS on wood/ Spur wall shelves

Linn Sondek LP12 Valhalla , no base, Mana, Ittok, Troika, Kimber Silver Hybrid arm cable, Lingo,
Linn Linto
Linn Kairn
Kimber silver hybrid interconnects to
Naim 135 X 2
Linn Isobariks on Mana stands+ Soundstages + Tenderfeet

Naim NAT101 + SNAPS
Electronics on Sound Org. Z560

CDS2 was recent aquisition and sounds well good.

23-03-04, 01:55 PM
Main system:

SME 20A/Lyra Helikon cardas arm cable (soon to be upgraded)
Tom Evans The Groove 100 Ohm
ATC SCA2 Pre amp
ATC 20 active towers
Townshend stands and cables

For films and tv:

Tom Evans A300R 'Full Monty'
Acoustic Precision Eikos FR1's

16-04-04, 07:31 AM
Well, my system is still the same, but I sold my Quadraspire Q4 2 days ago.
(I thought, what's the use of having a 4-tier rack when I actually only use 2 components.)

I found this old AV-table that I bought many years ago, which was only doing duty in my computer-room, stuffing piles of HiFi-magazines.

So, I've gone back to basics now.
It doesn't get more 'keep it simple' than this...:D


Sonneteer Campion & Naim CDX (on 'masterbase' isolation blocks)


16-04-04, 08:53 AM
Modified LP 12, Aro, Troika

Avondale-modified Armageddon p/s


Leak Troughline

Philips very cheap DVD player

NAC 52


On a bit of Mana:


16-04-04, 09:26 AM
Impressive setup Blzebub, but eh.... you must be single for sure, with all that mana in tha house :o
(if there would be a poll-topic: "Who's got the lowest WAF-system" I guess you'd make a chance ;) )

Alco :cool:

16-04-04, 11:13 AM
Given the prices this stuff goes for on Ebay am I right in thinking this is your way of saving for a pension?

Mick Seymour
16-04-04, 11:43 AM

What's that esoteric piece of valve gear on the marble plinth?


16-04-04, 12:27 PM

It's nothing more exciting than a candle-holder, next to the hookah.

Where did this idea that girls/women don't like Mana come from? They do, in fact. My photo is crap, but check out fox's 'work in progress' thread on the Mana side. It actually looks great in the metal.

Mr Tibbs
16-04-04, 01:15 PM
Impressive steel stockholding ya got there Bub.

What's the all up weight on that wall shelf? - Looks a bit scary.

You must have nerves to match the racks;)

Mr Tibbs

16-04-04, 05:01 PM
Yes, but I'm cheating.... it's bolted through to the stone wall with four very long high-tensile steel bolt things into pre-drilled holes which were filled with some kind of resin-based superglue. Literally a permanent fixture (famous last words).

It's been up and stayed faithfully 'in-tune' for 14 months.

With the floor stacks, phase 5 and a half reaches the top of the skirting-board, so it doesn't look terribly imposing, except the speakers which do have a slight attitude about them.

Mr Tibbs
17-04-04, 12:33 AM
"It's been up and stayed faithfully 'in-tune' for 14 months."

Not trying to put the wind up you, just wouldn't like that lovely deck to hit the deck.:o

Mr Tibbs

PS Can you put up a pic of the speakers?

17-04-04, 02:51 AM
Take cover!


Mr Tibbs
17-04-04, 03:03 AM
Well... they certainly look impressive.

Thanks Bub

Mr Tibbs

17-04-04, 03:07 AM
Yeah, that's half the battle. In fact, these are faux speakers. Cunningly hidden inside is a pair of Kans.

Ed Rogerson
17-04-04, 03:20 AM
Kans hidden inside a pair of Cerwin Vegas - whatever next? :D

17-04-04, 09:26 AM
I think your plant is a bit stressed? And it is behind the speakers!!

Tuan Nguyen
18-04-04, 03:03 AM
NAP300/,CDX2/XCAP/NAC102/XPS2/Cantabile (Jean Marie Reynaud)


19-04-04, 06:08 AM
so far....

Paul L
29-04-04, 03:32 AM
My system as follows:

EAR 309 magnesium, silver wired throughout & silver phono
Lyra Dorian
EAR834P Deluxe & MC3 step-up
Custom valve pre (Audio Note UK design)
Custom monoblock SET's running 6B4G (non-production Audio Innovations First Audio)
Vandersteen 2CE Signature
LFD phono interconnect and speaker cables
Gutwire Basic power cables

Marantz CD63 MKII KIS
Yamaha CT-1010 classic tuner
Sennheiser HD600 with Cardas cable & MF X-Can V2

Ikea Corras tables

KAB-EV1 record cleaner - indispensible! ...(but probably going to be replaced by Clearaudio Smart Matrix)


Markus S
29-04-04, 03:41 AM
Nice system Paul. Good to someone using Cadence speakers. I only heard these at shows. They look gorgeous and should sound great in the right system.

Paul L
29-04-04, 04:47 AM
Thanks, I had only heard Anina's before which walked all over my Opera Superpavarotti's in terms of insight and resolution, take for granted that the scale of sound was incomparable. I could not afford them at the time though.

The Amaya's are bigger brothers weighing in at 37kg each, it was no fun carrying them! but as spiked floorstanders, they were at least manageable and you can move them around to tune them.

To sit in front of them you expect to be blown through the window and some yards beyond but very deceptive. Much smoother and more relaxing than any speaker I have previously owned or borrowed through the years but it is the sheer insight from top to bottom that continues to amaze. The first thing I learned playing Tchaikowsky Piano Concerto no.1 (Martha Argerich on DG Tulip) was that my poor old Rohmann had gone in the treble so I switched to Van Morrison Into the Mystic to be kind. Same conclusion. I checked the Rohmann and cleaned it with my Goldring Ultra-sonic to find the problem solved. I have always kept the stylus clean but this was an education.

I then thought I needed to turn the volume up only to find the dynamics come in when they are supposed to. Incredibly revealing of all that is upstream and they love the class A single-ended valves of the S6 which is thankfully powerful enough to drive them as they are 91db at 8ohms. And of course being Indian and little known £850 was 1/4 of their price new 4 years ago. The popular brands would be yielding a far higher percentage I am sure, irrespective of how they would compete.

I could go on. Yes, I'm really taken with them!

Tony L
29-04-04, 05:38 AM
Tonearm re-wiring
Add-on NAS upgrade platter

What makes you want to rewire the Spacearm? I believe it’s got a silver loom without any joints as is. The wiring looks scarily thin though.

Have you tried the platter upgrade? The audioasylum geeks seem to think it overpriced for what it delivers, preferring the much cheaper Boston ‘Mat 1’ or Living voice ‘Mystic Mat’, both of which are carbon graphite similar to the Nottingham upgrade platter, but are far less thick and much cheaper. I’ve not heard any of them so have no opinion whatsoever.

It looks like Nottingham are getting into PSUs too, there is one available that is meant to be a big upgrade. I'm in no rush to upgrade mine, but when I do I'll probably figure out how to make a DIY Geddon for it.


29-04-04, 06:15 AM
LP12 Ittok goldring 1042 on target wall stand
Numark TT-100 dj turntable w/stanton groovemaster II
Pioneer PL42 tt w/Shure M91 cartridge
Naim cd 3.5
Classic cd burner
Nakamichi cassette deck 2
Roland sp-202 digital sampler

naim 72/hicap


Apogee Centaurus Minor speakers
system 2
Denon 425 cd player (cheap)
Vintage Luxman 1055 receiver (about 24 years old)
KLH model six speakers. (30 yrs old? or more?)
this system originally had some problems with "intermittent" static and channel dropout which seems to have repaired itself by being left on all the time...

vpi 16.5 record cleaning machine

Lots of vinyl and fair number of cd's

Paul L
29-04-04, 06:55 AM
I am led to believe that the cable is cheap and cheerful and is a real weak spot including the connectors. Ears I trust and take guidance from tell me that a startling improvement can be had from the likes of a cardas re-wiring with quality connectors.

I too have heard mixed views on the upgrade platter. One side says it gives you 70% of what a hyperspace brings over the spacedeck, the other says it becomes dark.

I have also heard mixed views on the psu. Again, modifying Tom's existing motor to accept an IEC plug and then using a decent power cable is said to bring dividends.

Needless to say, I would/will listen to all of the aspirations I listed over time without changing blindly.


29-04-04, 01:43 PM

05-05-04, 02:03 AM
Audio Analogue Puccini SE
Rotel 1070
Audio Physic Spark II
Townshend isolda
Rega Planar 3 (Ortofon 53 Mrk II)

Andrew C!
05-05-04, 11:08 AM
Current system:
All Naim:

282 Pre - Hi-capped

Linn Axis/Akito/K9 - stageline

all on Fraim

Seperate spurs and 6mm2 mains interconnects. Naim cables throughout apart from speaker cables which are Kimber 4PR.

AV: Pioneer 646v (regions 1&2)
Yamaha DSPE492
B&W centre and surrounds. Large Toshiba TV.

andy c!

05-05-04, 11:16 AM

LP12/ARO/Armaggedon/Jan allerts/Microgrove plus

Tag Mclaren T28

Sugden A21

ROYD rr2s (when they arrive)

Isolda speaker cable and interconnects

Regards Steve

Mick Seymour
05-05-04, 12:11 PM
Originally posted by Andrew C!
AV: Pioneer 646v (regions 1&2)
Yamaha DSPE492
B&W centre and surrounds. Large Toshiba TV. Hi Andy

Another AV man. Great. You can't beat it when you're not playing music. Do you have the two wired together? If so, I guess the SBLs make a fantastic L/R pair.

Mick (practicing couch pottie)

Andrew C!
05-05-04, 01:34 PM
Hi Mick,
When anyone has a listen to my system, they are impressed with the stereo sound, but amazed at the surround for what little in effect it costs - until I point out the front left and rights are assisting!

The unity gain on the 282 is brill, now I've got the right cable from the processor. The prev cable induced some hum so I had to have the levels set wierd on the processor to cope with that. Now its set up properly and goes VERY loud when asked.

andy c!

05-05-04, 02:00 PM
Andy (!)

Nice to see you over here, and with your exclamation mark too. !

Once my house move has all rumbled through, I may well want to pick your brains on the old hifi/AV thing.

I may end up not too far away from you, which may or may not be a good thing.

My MFS's might be quite pleasant as r/l fronts ;)

Mick Seymour
05-05-04, 02:16 PM
Originally posted by Andrew C!
The unity gain on the 282 is brill It certainly saves all that p*ssing around. I had an early Kairn without the SSP setting when I 'home dem'd' it from the dealer. I was well chuffed when I actually bought one and found it had it.

As for VERY loud, the neighbours and I have a rapor (sp?) now. They make a point of telling me when they've got company and I forget :D . They did ask if I'd got a new telly once because they could hear it.


06-05-04, 09:35 AM
TT old Planar 3, Souther Linear arm w/ Accuphase Cart. Used very little by the friend that gave it to me.

Naim CDX2 almost brand new and oh so wonderful.
Naim 82 w/ 2 matched hicaps
Naim 150 amp
Spendor 2/3 speakers
Spendor 3/5s Patched in for the bedroom on the other side of the wall.

I'm thrilled with the upgrades I've made from my original 92/90.3 CD5 system.


Andrew C!
06-05-04, 01:53 PM
i reckon we'd have a good evening with a beer or 2 and some music!!!

PT me and we'll discuss ok!

andy c!

08-05-04, 08:40 AM
Linn Ikemi
Linn Kairn Pro (SMPS version)
Aktive LK85 x 2
Linn Katans

24-05-04, 02:59 PM
System 1

Karik 3/Numerik
3 * LK280
Isobariks PMS

System 2

Meridian 200/263
Meridian 101B+external CD module
Meridian 104
Meridian M2

System 3

Arcam Alpha 8 CD
Meridian 101
Meridian 104
Meridian 103D
Isobariks DMS

Home Cinema

Pioneer 868 DVD
Pioneer 504 screen
Meridian 561V
Meridian 518
Meridian 565 Z3
Meridian DSP5000C (centre)
Meridian M20 (front)
Meridian M3 (rear)
Meridian 1500 (sub)

code brown
24-05-04, 03:08 PM
I couldn't resist posting after suzywong, because of the sharp contrast in scale.

Current system:

Avondale Arcam Alpha 5+
STAX 4040 Signature II electrostatic earspeaker system.

(Interconnected with Mogami 2549+Eichamann Bullet Plugs)


24-05-04, 03:10 PM
Yeah, I was only showing off!

It's taken 25 years to amass that little lot..and nearly all of it is second hand...the house looks like a dealer's shop!

"Yes dear, I know two pairs of Briks is excessive......I promise I'll put them on ebay.......next week........."

25-05-04, 04:25 AM
I also have an anti-Suzi system........A21A and Audio Physic Sparks,with unassuming but very capable Rotel RCD-1070 (the other rooms have little radios in them:) )

25-05-04, 03:05 PM
B'out time I posted...

Linn LP12/valhalla/Ittock/AT-OC9
Audiocom'd Sony SCD770
Hitachi FT5500 tuner

DNM 3a

Quad ESL57

Classic style or bug-ugly....:confused:

Mick Seymour
25-05-04, 10:39 PM
Originally posted by aybee
Quad ESL57

Classic style or bug-ugly Definately classic style. I think they were designed to match the fire gaurd we all had in our homes, protecting the family from the coal fires.

What's an Audiocom'd Sony SCD770?


26-05-04, 11:06 AM
The DNM ain't pretty either...

Sony scd-xb770 bog-standard SACD player sent to Audiocom for clock, regs and Black Gates. I was pleased with the results, can't say how it compares to anything else though. Vinyl is still more fun but the Sony is the best silver disc spinner I've owned.

26-05-04, 03:13 PM
My system:

amp: Densen DM-10

phono amp: Rega EOS

TT: Rega Planar 3/RB300/Denon DL-110

cd: Naim CD5
Naim FC2

speaker: Wilson Benesch Orator

Speaker cable: Spectral MH-750

Interconnect: VDH D103MkII DIN->RCA

Solidsteel 3 frame support.

Tuan Nguyen
26-05-04, 03:15 PM
Originally posted by carvalho
My system:

Densen DM-10
Naim CD5+FC2
Wilson Benesch Orator
Speaker cable: Spectral MH-750
Interconnect: Spectral MIH-330
Solidsteel 3 frame support.

How do you like the Orator? Please tell me a bit more about Wilson Benesch sounding characteristic. Thanks.

26-05-04, 03:23 PM
I use the WB in a small room (20m2) because they are monitors in a floorstand speaker type.

They are sweet in the treble.
On the bass, they don't go very down but the amp give a little help on this with is punch.

They are very, very refined and natural. No coloration and very beautifull.

Tonal accuracy and delicated.

31-05-04, 06:41 AM
After some encouragement...

Neat Elites
Exposure 18 Monoblocks
Exposure 17 Preamp
Spacedeck/Alum. Spacearm/Dynavector XX-2 Low with Wave Mechanics Power Supply
Exposure CD Player
Sony ES-1 Tapedeck
Rega Radio 3 Tuner

Rega EAR Headphone amp
Grado SR60's
Shure E3C's

10GB iPod (3rd gen)

VPI 16.5

martin clark
17-06-04, 02:04 PM
Overdue update; well, you wait for a bus, then three come along at once:

Naim CD3.5 modified somewhat as described here .
Deltec DPA50s pre/poweramps
Deltec Black Slink interconnect/ 500S speaker cable
Impulse H2 speakers. They go even more.

Naiscent 2nd system:
Impulse H5

- And a pair of Stax earphones.

17-06-04, 02:13 PM
H5's in a second system - you will never get any sleep!!


martin clark
17-06-04, 02:28 PM
I don't anyway; might as well enjoy insomnia ;)
But - not so sure about my neighbours!

17-06-04, 03:11 PM
Moved on a bit too:

Roksan Xerxes/RB250 ,OL wire & weight, DV20XH

Arcam A5, modded

Densen DM 20/DP01, DM 30

Linn Sara's on S/O stands

Little system:

Philips CD (TDA1543)


A&R A60

Peerless/Vifa speakers

17-06-04, 05:56 PM
How did I ever miss telling all PFMers about my system? Here it is in full detail ...

Analogue Sources

Linn LP12 (pre-Cirkus), Armageddon, ARO, Prefix K, Lyra Clavis DC
Naim NAT02 sharing space with Amageddon on Mana PSU Table

Digital Source



Naim NAC52 / Supercap / 135 x 2


Usual Naim suspects including 7m of NACA5 per side

Support System

Mana Reference Wall Shelf for LP12
Mana Sound Table for CDS-II
Mana 5-Tier for with Reference Top for 52/Super/XPS/135s
Mana PSU Table for Geddon and NAT02


Ergo III - 65L 3-way time-aligned acoustic suspension design incorporating Hiquphon OW-1 tweeter, Seas CA15RLY mid and Scan-speak 25W8565-01 woofer. Second order Linkwitz-Riley acoustic crossovers at 350Hz and 3.5kHz. External crossover. Solid timber cladding over MDF carcass.


VPI 16.5 Vacuum RCM


Dedicated listening room 4.5m x 5.8m x 2.4m
Comfy leather sofas
Gas flame effect heater
Storage for 1,100 CDs and 1,500 LPs (getting there)

Future Plans

Ron Smith Galaxy G17 aerial or equivalent for NAT02
DIY Support system


17-06-04, 08:51 PM
Naim CD5i cd player
Naim NAC 72 pre amp ("olive")/HiCap ("chrome")
Naim NAP 140 power amp ("chrome")
Epos M12.2 speakers - on generic stands
Wiremold powerstrip
all Naim gear enthroned upon Sound Organisation stand

I get as much musical enjoyment from this rig as I get hearing the top-end (500 series?) Naim rig at Hawthorne (my local Naim dealer).

...music just flows from the speakers...I'm knocked out sgt. major...:cool:

18-06-04, 12:16 AM
analogue front end
Linn LP12/cirkus/lingo with Akito arm and Goldring Elite cart
Michell Mycro with Rega RB300 and Denon DL304 cart
Magnum Dynalab FT101a analogue tuner

Digital front end
Linn Mimk
Sony SACD/DVD player (no idea of the model no)

Linn Majik/Lk140/LK100
Trichord Dino+

Linn Keilidhs - tri-amped and Aktive from the above Linn amps.

Mostly Linn
Cardas Quadlink to Ft101a, DNM with bullet plugs from Dino+
Power cables from Russ Andrews except Nordost Shiva to Dino+

02-07-04, 04:57 AM
OK, here's my set up;

Wadia 301 CD player
Naim NAT01 tuner
Pathos Twin Towers integrated amplifier
Quad ESL63's
LAT cabling (except for the NAT01, which uses a Naim din to RCA interconnect)
Quad ESL63's
All on Mana (including the Quads)

-- Cheers, Tantris

02-07-04, 07:12 AM
thorens 124 with rb 300 and rb900 interconnect and pebbles counterweight, ortofon spu royal n, on rega wall mount, graham slee elevator exp + era gold mk 5
rega cursa 2000 + 2 exon monoblocks
rega jupiter + io with totem dig interconnect.
totem mani-2 on target stands
denon 260 with fanfare antenna
all totem sinew interconnects and totem biwire.

02-07-04, 08:50 AM



NAT01/NATPS - RS Gal14



ISABlue Stand

NAC52 very soon