View Full Version : First impression of the AAA5+ - it's good, damn good:)

01-11-04, 04:08 AM
Finally, after a long-long wait I got delivery of the AAA5+ from Les (as well as some other goodies:D ). Even though I have bought it second hand, Les had the courtesy of verifying its condition. I must say that this is the type of service and courtesy that you don't find very often.

As for the player - last night, after being plugged in for a few days, I gave it a quick listen. First with my tube amplification (a round-earther of sort, but with much of the "flat" goodies) - the same system hosted the CDX/XPS up until a month ago (the XPS is going out for sale soon;) ), then with the modded set of 32.5/Hi/140.

The first thing you notice about the AA is the explosive dynamics, and the powerful, yet fully in control presentation, it just keeps you tapping and smiling, tapping and smiling. It doesn't seem to go out of control even when the going gets tough.

Comparing it with CDX/XPS, is like comparing a Works Mini to a 535i - the CDX (which is unacceptably lame without the XPS!) is always on the smooth side of things, easy on the ear and yet has reserves of power to go. It also has a better resolution, so ultimately it is better IMO. Does it stand-up to its price tag (even as SH)? err, I'm not sure. Besides, I prefer the M5 :cool:

01-11-04, 04:18 AM
The AAA5 keeps getting better as well. After a few months, mine is starting to sound like one of the best sources I've ever heard. Really good stuff.
There was a bargain one on Ebay for about 420 on Buy It Now. I nearly got it for a 2nd system.

01-11-04, 04:37 AM
Nice one Yair, let us know how it goes on.