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Kim's Fifth. For this recording, A/B duties fell to Christoph Eschenbach and the Philadelphia Orchestra, who got first listen. I've long enjoyed this recording for the beautiful strings and the superb sound. Eschenbach's tempi are quite leisurely overall, but he knows how to make it sound very nice. No longueurs here, with masterful pacing and transitions and satisfyingly powerful climaxes, and the Andante cantabile is seductively gorgeous. Eschenbach's reading is very much of the romantic variety.

In contrast, Kim takes the work much faster. In the outer movements, he's faster than Mravinsky. As one might expect with such zippy tempi, the playing is more intense and more classically proportioned, like Mravinsky, though not quite at that level. He and his Suwon band crank right through the opening movement and generate some heat and a sense of tragedy without overdoing it. The Andante likewise conveys a tragic feel without overdoing it. It's emotional playing, but not full heart-on-sleeve playing, and the climax is nicely weight and urgent. The third movement is swift and at times bracing, as is the Finale, which scales up the drama in climaxes even more. It offers a most entertaining contrast with Eschenbach.

Sound for the recording is like the prior discs in the cycle.
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