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Another entry for Dong Hyek Lim, and a first appearance for Ji Young Lim. Ms Lim is a young at only twenty-two years of age, but she already has one big competition win under her belt: the 2015 Queen Elizabeth Competition. Before Steve Harvey flubbed announcing the winner of the 2016 Miss Universe, something similar appears to have happened when the person announcing the winner's name at the QE did not state it clearly enough and violinist Lee Ji Yoon thought her name had been called. This little factoid makes me want to sample Lee Ji Yoon's playing. Another factoid, and one more relevant to the proceedings here, is that Lim pays a 1708 Strad.

This disc includes three Mozart Violin Sonatas (K301, K304, and K378) Beethoven's first Violin Sonata. As expected, both players play very well. Lim's playing in the Mozart is clean and unfussy, and quite attractive. DH Lim's playing is much the same. There's a nice degree of energy, especially in K378, but the playing is somewhat safe. No big gestures, no grand flourishes. The Beethoven sounds even more energetic, but it remains decidedly classical in style, and somewhat small in scale. DH Lim's playing is quite ear-catching at times, and as far as safe and proper approaches go, this is very well done.

Overall, a good disc, but I was left wanting more.

Sound is very clear and clean, but also a bit bright.

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