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Originally Posted by Snufkin View Post
Several posters have commented on striving to get their digital and analogue sound to a similar level and it makes sense.
For years now I've used good CD mastering as the benchmark and aligned the deck to it and it has worked very well as my system now has no source bias. Coming from a Linn/Naim flat-earth background it took me a long time to figure out that CD sounded so dreadful through my then system due to it being setup to compensate for a very warm and weighty sounding analogue front end. That gave an absurdly thin, forward and bass-light EQ to the nominally flat CD, so I initially dismissed it as a flawed format (as did so many with similar systems in the '80s). I've learnt from my errors and am a latter-day digital convert! As it really is possible to EQ MM carts via loading and capacitance it is possible to switch between my TD-124 and a similar sounding mastering of the same album on the Rega/DPA digital system and barely tell them apart, which is exactly what I want. I need the system to play the music I have rather than force format choices. The old-school Linn/Naim rig was a total failure in this respect.
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Originally Posted by Tony L View Post
I need the system to play the music I have rather than force format choices.
Hear, hear!

Never been interested in tiresome cyclical format arguments. The magic's in the music & the mastering. I want the best (I can afford) from all formats.
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