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Originally Posted by Still View Post
Can I have a pair, please

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Does Quad still use 'The closest approach to the original sound' (classical presumably) in its advertising?

With radio and a 33/303/ESL system in 1973 it could get pretty close, OK perhaps not with dynamics, but excellent with microdynamics. Of course live radio performances were MUCH better than recorded ones. In the ESL booklet Peter Walker explained how to get proper perspective using the volume control. Where to sit in the audience at a classical concert to get a similar sound to the speaker.
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Originally Posted by herb View Post
Of course live radio performances were MUCH better than recorded ones.
Listening to the Proms via flac tends to confirm in my mind that this is *still* true as a generalisation! And TBH I tend to buy "BBC Music Magazine" every month for the cover discs. Prefer them to commercial recordings from the big companies.
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