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Connecting the MDAC to the SBT

The best way to the the most out of the kit is to connect via USB – this way you have async connection between the SBT and MDAC.

First things first.

You need to download and install the Enhance Digital Out (EDO) app from SBT App. Here’s the link for the Actual forum from Logitech for the entire detailed EDO description –

Here are the basics for what you need do to set it up:
1.Simple USB 2.0 hub (unpowered is fine)
2.Make sure you have connected the hub into the SBT and the MDAC
3.Select the MDAC USB input
4.Ensure your SBT and LMS (Logitech Media Server) are running version 7.7 and above
5.Select on the SBT to show apps from 3rdt party providers (under app gallery) (deselect ‘recommended apps only’ option)
6.Choose the Enhanced Digital Output app from the app gallery
7.The SBT should reboot twice after you select the EDO
8.When it powers up again, it should show on the screen ‘Enhanced Digital Out – not supported by logitec’, when the SBT powers up
9.It then shows you a screen to choose the digital options out – the best sound is to choose only the MDAC via USB option (this disables the analogue out and any other digital option)
9.1. The USB option, however its limited to 24/96 – the LMS will automatically downsample any 24/192 recordings you may have to 24/96
9.2. Otherwise you can get 24/192 from the coaxial out of the SBT, but you loose the asynch from the USB –
9.3. I have tried both, and settled down with USB as my preferred option
10.It will then reboot the SBT once more
11.You’re done now…

I suggest either using squeezepad or iPeng to control your SBT …. on my set up I run the LMS on my Qnap (don't download from the APP store of Qnap, go into the forums for the latest version) Enjoy your music!



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