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Old 16-09-17, 06:14 AM
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I dont know how attached you are to your hifi gear, cds and LPs - the thought that they might end up like that gear, when they have given so much pleasure and entertainment doesnt make me feel good. So for the older people here what are your plans to not allow that to happen?
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Old 16-09-17, 06:56 AM
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Have instructed my solicitor that I should be cremated on a pyre of my equipment/records, and cleaning fluid to be used as an accelerant.
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Old 16-09-17, 07:06 AM
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At some point, I will cull and start reducing everything to essentials. I do not know yet what the "essentials" should comprise but I guess a big chunk of my music collection will need to go together with the gear not regularly used, and moving into a much smaller space.
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Old 16-09-17, 07:26 AM
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Brilliant site I spent a good hour on, 28dayslater too, thanks
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Old 16-09-17, 07:57 AM
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OT, but more pause for thought here:
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Old 16-09-17, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by pmac View Post
So, who owns it then?
Know the address? I didn't see it as I quickly skimmed through, if it is there, just go to the Land Registry website yourself, it won't take long, and is free. When I last used it I am pretty sure that browsing back through previous owners (to the date, that I can't remember, when records were uploaded), was simplicity itself. Downloading documents costs money though.
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