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The EU 27 have decided on a Brexit negotiation stance here. The BBC's Bussels correspondent Damian Grammaticas said the decision took them 1 minute to agree.

Tusk said “We need solid guarantees for all citizens and their families who will be affected by Brexit, on both sides. This must be the number one priority for the EU and the UK.”

"The EU is expected to demand that Britain resolves the key divorce issues of citizens’ rights, the divorce bill and the Irish border before any talks on a future trade deal between the UK and the EU can begin," reports The Guardian.

In other words they want:

1) EU citizens rights in the UK sorted out from work to health and vice versa.

2) To get the UK to pay any outstanding debt.

3) To decide on the border between the Republic of Ireland and the North.

May says she will hold up on the first two. This is annoying because I want to know that my rights and health will be looked after in Europe should I decide to move there. It wouldn't surprise me if May jeopardises all of that.

An EU politician said on the BBC that the UK general election has nothing to do with Brexit, but is all about internal Conservative Party issues.


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Nah! We're Special,
they'll want to keep selling us their motors,
we can split them,
they're trying to punish us but we won't take it.
They'll give us what we want.
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