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HiFi PA using Audio Nirvana drivers

For years I've been a Lowther addict but found the units unreliable when put through their paces for a PA application.

So I've started to use Audio Nirvana in speakers that I'm using for sound reinforcement. might be interesting, recorded live with a Tascam DR-40 digital recorder, a bass horn driven by an Audio Nirvana Neodymium 8 inch unit for the double bass, and A-N super 8s for the piano and sax horns.

These speakers I used for a wedding disco last year and it was the first time anyone had come away experiencing enough volume but not producing tinnitus afterwards.

Technics SU5 amps were used giving 50 watts peak per channel into the top horns, 120Hz up, and 50 watts per channel bass horns, below.

Best wishes

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