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Big SLCE Resevoir Caps for charity

I have 3 pairs of SLCE Caps. They are old & used (I believe) but may be of use to someone wanting to do some DIY test designs without buying big caps at full price.

I assume they work and are safe but they are offered 'as is' with no implied warranty or guarantee etc.

Yours for a donation to the British Heart Foundation (how does 10 a pair sound?):

4x SLCE, CO38, 15,000u, 63-, 8,2A, 85⁰C, LL, 9503 (no bolts)
2x SLCE, CO38, 15,000u, 63-, 13,5A, 85⁰C, LL, 9903 (inc. bolts - these came from my 250)

Post free in the UK - that's my donation...

PM me.


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