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Old 17-04-13, 03:11 AM
Chris Chris is offline
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Tannoy Eclipse speakers - anyone know them ?

Ive got a pair of these in my cupboard - still in their boxes - I doubt they have more than 20 hours on them - I only ever used them with my Sugden A48II as a stop-gap while my Heybrook HB2s were having new tweeters fitted. I cant remember much about them - can anyone ?
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Old 17-04-13, 07:38 AM
hifienthusiast hifienthusiast is offline
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If I am correct, the Eclipse is the model below the Mercury. I had the Mercury I and Mercury II in 1986. The Mercury was very nice speakers, I paid 300 quid for a Cyrus One, Dual CS505 and the Mercury in 1986.
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Old 17-04-13, 07:48 AM
RickyC6 RickyC6 is offline
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Tannoy Eclipse speakers - anyone know them ?

I had a pair of Eclipses up till about 10 years ago.Thought they were a decent budget speaker until I replaced them with Royd A7s...I then realised I had been very, very wrong.
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Old 18-04-13, 03:14 AM
freefallrob freefallrob is offline
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They were my first proper hifi speakers, I have regretted selling them ever since.

Rose tinted glasses but I remember them having great open midrange, they were a bit soft at the bottom and top however, enjoyable!
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Old 22-04-13, 05:33 AM
Hoopsontoast Hoopsontoast is online now
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I had some Mercury S, the model above the Eclipse. Nice open mid-range if a little veiled on top but good fun. Quite light bass but cheap cabinets.
Much the same with the Jupiter S which I grew up with.
Epic colour scheme with the black as and Gold highlights! John Player Special speakers!
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Old 22-04-13, 05:50 AM
Tenson Tenson is offline
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I thought this was the Eclipse

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