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Old 25-06-09, 11:46 PM
sideshowbob sideshowbob is offline
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Swells, RIP

Won't get quite the coverage of the other bloke who died yesterday.
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Old 25-06-09, 11:55 PM
RickyC6 RickyC6 is online now
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Aye he was a good 'un.
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Old 26-06-09, 06:06 AM
paulfromcamden paulfromcamden is offline
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Lots of tributes here:
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Old 26-06-09, 06:28 AM
joel joel is offline
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Farrah Fawcett RIP. A terrible loss. I'll miss her. MashaAllah.
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Old 26-06-09, 06:43 AM
Engels Engels is offline
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I remember Susan/Steven/Seething Wells when the NME was compulsory weekly reading for me. Had lost track of him, but the articles linked to above brought back familiar memories of his writing style.

"The doctor and his assistant are nervous--really nervous.

"Growths consistent with cancer," I'm told.

How do I feel?

We've just bought a house, signed the contract. X-rays reveal massive amounts of fluid around my lungs caused by dripping cancerous lymph nodes, probably. Cue ER and the drugged-up draining. Then a surgeon and half a dozen baby surgeons prod me and ask me questions, and we get a date for the surgeon to slash my neck open and take out a lymph node.

We're let out of our contract by the couple selling the house--the first of many acts of utterly unselfish kindness I will experience, all of which stun and amaze me. (We really are an okay species.)"
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Old 26-06-09, 03:15 PM
Marmite Marmite is offline
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His writing always gave me a good kick up the arse and a reality check when I tended to get carried away with the latest fad/trend/fashion in music. I need people like him around, still.
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Old 26-06-09, 03:48 PM
jackbarron jackbarron is offline
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I used to work with Swells on NME.

He was as loud, stroppy and funny as his writing.

He accompanied me when i did a couple of interviews and argued about politics a lot.

He always thought he was right and I was wrong.

I stayed around his London flat a couple of times. We smoked spliffs and told bad jokes.

Beneath all the bluster, he was a true gent.

Check out the writing he did for the Philadelphia Weekly about being treated for cancer.

It is moving, painful and very funny to read. It is some of his best writing.

Try the Cell Out and The English Patient stories found here:

A bunch of fellow-journalists are getting together in London on Tuesday to have a drink to his memory.

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Old 29-06-09, 01:28 AM
RickyC6 RickyC6 is online now
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Some Seething Wells here on the excellent KIll Your Pet Puppy site.
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