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Arcam ‘Cinema of Excellence’ Open Day - November 25th!

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by HiFi Lounge, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. HiFi Lounge

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    Experience The Ultimate Home Cinema!

    Hi All,

    So with the winter evenings now firmly here what better way is there to look forward to those cosy nights at home than a Cinema open day, the BBQ’s are now safely packed away and it is time to catch up on the latest blockbusters and pull out some old favourites so why not join us for our Arcam ‘Cinema Of Excellence’ Open Day on November 25th to see what really can be achieved at home when it comes to experiencing that big picture.

    As far as we are concerned when it comes to Home Cinema then no one does it batter than Arcam for processing and amplification, especially since they introduced Dirac room correction a couple of years ago, this is a real game changer and personally at home I couldn’t live without it in my system.


    So in preparation for the open day we are having the upstairs demo room given a bit of a make over to give it a bit more of a cinema feel with darker walls to help with projection and a few movie related pictures dotted around so this will be a nice re-launch for the room.

    We are not going to be mucking about here and will be showcasing the ‘Ultimate Home Cinema’ so we will be running the Arcam AV860 Processor with 1 x P49 + 1 x P349 + 1 x P429 for amplification with a full PMC Speaker setup and REL S5 sub, this will be run in a full 5.4.1 Atmos configuration with Dirac so hang on to your seats as this is going to sound good :)


    4K Projection With New Sony Laser Projector


    Having great sound without a great picture is a waste and I think it is fair to say that 4K or UHD is now firmly established as the ultimate for picture viewing and obviously you can’t beat the big picture experience and no one is doing this better than Sony at the moment and we are thrilled to have Sony’s new Laser Projector the ‘Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K HDR SXRD Home Cinema Projector’ running for this event, personally I really can’t wait to see this as apparently it is quite stunning, needless to say this will be hooked up to our demo OPPO UHD-205 4K player.


    We will also have another Sony projection system setup in one of our new showrooms hooked up to an Arcam SR250 so there will be plenty to keep everyone busy.

    We will have representatives on hand from both Arcam and Sony to help run the day and answer any questions with also light refreshment will be available throughout the day, please also feel free to bring along any material you’d like to experience whether movie or music based.


    Please Register.

    If you love your home cinema this is defiantly not an event to miss, if you feel you’d like to come along it would be great to see you but could you please let me know on my below e-mail so we can have an idea on numbers that would be great, thanks -


    Many thanks and hope to see you on the 25th November for some Home Cinema fun.



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