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[classical] nominations please - key recordings from individual artists

Discussion in 'music' started by Coda II, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Coda II

    Coda II getting there slowly

    I increasingly find that I buy music by artist rather than work. This usually takes the form of hearing something I like then looking up recordings made by that person. Sometimes this is easy - heard Alice Coote at the weekend; Amazon only list five CDs. On the other hand, have been meaning to get something by Dawn Upshaw for ages - but where to start?
    Historically there are iconic recordings with which particular performers are associated - Schwarzkopf/Four Last Songs - Du Pre/Elgar and so on, perhaps that means some of the rest of their output is overlooked but these are good starting points.
    Also, with singers at least, what I first hear is often an opera but what I want to listen to is a recital; record companies seem wise to this so I'm probably not the only one, but with some singers this approach is dissappointing - Bryn Terfel for example - haven't heard a song disc that comes anywhere close to his Wotan. Possibly unfair I know.
    So - your nominations please: recordings in which performers show themselves at their best, that are a show case for what that person is about.
  2. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Cor, there's a lot to be going at here. Here's a few off the top of my head:

    Solti, Mahler Symphonies, Wagners Ring
    Heifitz Bruch's Scottish Fantasy, Korngold's violin concerto
    Casals Bach Cello Suites
    Starker ditto
    Oistrach Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto/ Khachaturian's Violin Concerto
    Klemperer Mahlers Resurection Symphony
    Mravinsky Tchaikovsky symphonies
    Gardeners Bach Cantatas
    Callas Tosca
    I'll think of some more in a minute
  3. duncan

    duncan ...

    Or Scarpia. Awesome performance at the ROH at the moment if you can get to it. Angela Georgiou is not too shabby either and I wouldn't usually count myself as a fan.

    I can't think of a Bryn recital that does than man justice either. An almost guilty pleasure is Cecilia and Bryn. They both sound like they are having a high old time, although occasionally the recording puts them in two different sounding rooms.
  4. Coda II

    Coda II getting there slowly

    Will have to make do with R3 for Tosca (Opera on 3 this Saturday). Walküre was our last visit to ROH before the arrival of the first born - we did have a moment after we booked when we wondered if climbing to the top of the upper amphi whilst seven months pregnant to sit through several hours of Wagner was entirely sensible - only a moment though.
    I seem to remember the Callas Tosca is at home somewhere so I guess I should dig that out as well.

    Couple of examples of opera singer's recital discs that don't disappoint:
    Thomas Hampson - Schubert Lieder
    Karita Mattila - Grieg and Sibelius Songs

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