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Nakamichi BX-300E cassette deck for sale.

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by John_73, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    Naiamichi BX-300E for sale.

    I bought this with the intention of getting back into cassettes again, but in practise it’s not getting any use. The unit sounds fantastic, as you’d expect from a Nak. Heads in great condition. According to the previous owner the deck was serviced by B&W in 2008. Not sure what was done, but it all works as it should and the rubber belt looks fresh. In addition all main PSU caps esp. were replaced recently with high temp & quality Panasonic types by myself.
    Unit is in good condition (please see pics below), 7/10 overall but definitely not 100% mint. A few nicks here and there, particularly on the left side of the cover.
    Selling for £140 - No other offers please.
    Regular seller on PFM, and have positive feedback here.
    Would prefer if buyer collects, but can courier at cost via www.interparcel.com.
    Pictures posted here:


    Please PM me if genuinely interested.


    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017 at 1:56 PM
  2. northpole

    northpole pfm Member

    I think the trick with Nakamichi cassette decks is to regularly feed a cassette through them. They do not like to sit idle, as I have found to my cost and inconvenience!

    Good luck with the sale.

  3. ovlov854

    ovlov854 Active Member

    PM Sent
  4. ovlov854

    ovlov854 Active Member

    Did you get my PM?:confused:
  5. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

    Last Activity: 25-10-17 09:09 PM
  6. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    Sorry been offline due to health issues.
    PMing you now.
  7. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

  8. max626x

    max626x pfm Member

    Where would collection be from?
  9. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

  10. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

  11. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

  12. Rob998

    Rob998 Scimmia Nordoccidentale

    Please stop bumping;).

    I'm trying to save up for a tube amp, but I've always wanted a Nak..., and the BX-300E is a good 'un.

    Please someone buy it before I inevitably give in to temptation.

    John_73 likes this.
  13. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    Yes please somebody buy this immediately, to save Rob998s tube amp fund from depletion! ;)
    Rob998 likes this.
  14. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

  15. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    Reduced to £140 (collected). Courier at cost.

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