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Protective metal grille for Neumann KH310

Discussion in 'audio' started by igor_xxxx, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

    Don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, maybe the classifieds is more appropriate, but for now I am only seeking info.

    Few days ago, my midrange driver was almost destroyed from a curious child which visited us.Luckily I cought him on time before he was able to make any damage, but it got me thinking that I need to "child proof" my speakers... Especially with a small baby on the way in my house.

    Since I can't relocate them somewhere where they are out of reach, the only other solution is to buy some protective metal grill.

    Before I spend what I consider a ridiculous amount of money for a metal grille from Neumann, does any one have any idea for some other option besides the grille from Neumann? Getting rid of the children is not an option :)

    Or if this is the go-to option, at least info if it can be bought somewhere in EU cheaper then the ~320EUR from Thomann.The price from my local dealer is even higher, ~460EUR.

  2. DGP

    DGP pfm Member

    The US price for the grille from BHPhotoVideo is $220 - why is it so expensive in Europe one wonders?
  3. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

    I believe that price is per piece, if I am not mistaken.
  4. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

  5. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

  6. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    A friend of mine DIY'd a grille to cat-proof his speakers many, many years ago. It was inexpensive and consisted of a home-made wooden frame with a metal grille on the front. If you are of a practical bent you can make them removable, or simply attach them with rubber bands.
  7. gintonic

    gintonic Pussy Lover

  8. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

  9. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

    Thanks everybody.

    I contacted with some of the mentioned companies, also with a few manufacturers in my area, but unfortunately all the examples were not approved by the boss at home.

    So I managed to negotiate more or less an acceptable price with my local dealer and I will order the original grilles.I still think they are a rip off, but what to say :)
  10. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

    Just to update the thread, yesterday I received the GKH310 from my dealer, and I have to say I really like them and I am glad that I went with them.Even my wife commented that they are not “so ugly” any more.

    I already had some visitors with small children, and it was much more relaxed time for me... ok not that much, but atleast I didn’t worry about the speakers :)

    Few pics for anyone interested:




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