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Revisiting the Zeta

Discussion in 'classic' started by TPA, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. TPA

    TPA Trade: Tiger Paw

    Some interesting comments here. I haven't tried it with the original counterweight because I had the option of using one of our own decoupled counterweights, and my experience when developing the original skale weight was very very clearly a negative when it came to direct coupling the weight to the arm. But... that was with Linn arms, and I really should keep a more open mind so might have a comparison later in the week.

    One of the areas that I really appreciate is how it deals with higher frequencies, cymbals and sibilance. They're not accentuated in the way that many other arms can be, but it's not dull in any way, and there's nothing missing in terms of detail. I'm thinking that some arms that are trying to achieve rigidity and detail recovery are shifting the resonances in to that area.
  2. user510

    user510 Member

    The plinth is solid Pennsylvania slate. Two 2-inch slabs stacked one over the other. No mushrooms. The idea, when using a heavy slate plinth is to get a close tight coupling between the TD124 chassis and the slate. In my experience so far, the slate, as pictured gives a much quieter running TD124 than any other pinth I've tried to date.

    I have tried a few different styled plinths. With fresh mushrooms and without.
    Link here to some of my trials with alternate plinth designs...

    I'll try a few others as well.
    I can say that for the TD124 there are some good reasons to use mushrooms in an open box design...but the snr really is lower in the slate according to my subjective experiences, etc.
  3. user510

    user510 Member

    When I first heard this arm, and it was on one of my TD124's, I was impressed with how the arm seemed to get out of the way of the energetic flow of the music, in general terms. Other words...good visceral delivery in all frequencies. I did note that the upper frequencies were cleanly defined and prominent. But not out of proportion to the other frequencies.

    Previously on that player I had been using a modified RB250 arm. And the Zeta seemed to be in a league or two higher. So I felt. And still do.

    I have yet to disassemble this tonearm since I can't say that there is any reason for me to. The Incognito wires are the same guage from clips to plug.

    I hear that the anti-skate mechanism is a bugger to correctly reassemble. At least I've read that around the web. (might have been on a thread at diy audio). So I'm lucky.

    I would likely use this tonearm with a higher quality MC cartridge some time in the future. But for now I'm stuck with the DL103R pictured. I could imagine using one of the lesser Koetsu's on that deck and arm. A romantic sounding cartridge used on a romantic sounding deck. Should be a good match. Or I wonder if it would.
  4. Old Valve Git

    Old Valve Git pfm Member

    Nice one 510 - always liked the Zeta.

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