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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback (Part II)

Discussion in 'reference' started by djnickuk, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. mikesurf

    mikesurf pfm Member

    Thanks Gaius - as smooth and fast as it can get!
  2. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    Just received Richard's (rghbristol) A&R T21 tuner.

    Packaging was even better than the amp I bought off him and he is an absolute gent to deal with.

    He is actually giving these items away, they are bloody fantastic and a complete bargain.

    The tuner is in practically brand new condition as was the amp, I'm delighted with them

    Thanks again Richard.

  3. Matt wheeler

    Matt wheeler Member

    bought cables from canmanbryan, pleasure to deal with,fast delivery
    Many thanks
  4. Rana

    Rana pfm Member

    Thanks to Dan K who bought my Bedini and to honestcharlie (aka Mike) who took it for him...Mike lives around the corner from me - what a coincidence!
  5. rhgbristol

    rhgbristol pfm Member

    Thankyou to Tony (twotone)
    A pleasure to deal with once agian.

    Deal with in full confidence
  6. Ozzzy189

    Ozzzy189 pfm Member

    Just wanted to say that I've sold here before, got positive feedback, but now I can't put a new ad up because I've not posted enough :-\
    What do I do apart from spam a load of irrelevant posts!?
  7. Ozzzy189

    Ozzzy189 pfm Member

    Got three linn lk amps and active cards to sell.
  8. Torry

    Torry Member

    Thanks Ken C: provided photo of wrapped item with adress, prompt delivery, item in very good shape!
  9. Ken C

    Ken C pfm Member

    Pleasure to deal with you Torry. Good communications, prompt payment.

    All the best

  10. novak

    novak pfm Member

    Another thanks to Ken C.. Bought a Hiline in perfect condition, arrived promptly.
  11. Ken C

    Ken C pfm Member

    ... and another very straight forward transaction Novak, good to deal with you, many thanks.

  12. dtd

    dtd pfm Member

    Sold an Audiolab 8200CD to Nirvana11 for a very decent price - and he's already moving it on for profit... last time I'm so generous!
  13. BrendanD

    BrendanD pfm Member

    many thanks to Ken C for a very good fast transaction on a Naim 555PS
  14. Ken C

    Ken C pfm Member

    equally grateful Brendan -- pleasure to deal with you -- smooth transaction and excellent communiation... and meeting up just worked like clockwork...

  15. sonix

    sonix pfm Member

    Just sold my Spendor A6 speakers to a friend of Mick's (mickyricky). Thanks to Mick for arranging this and coming over with him today to help collect making for a very smooth transaction. It was a pleasure to have you both at my house.
  16. mickyricky

    mickyricky pfm Member

    Thanks for the kind words, both Mark and I had enjoyed our day out ,thank you for the hospitality and the dac lesson..Mark has set the A6's up and currently listening to them ...they sound great!!
    Ps his wife noticed the difference lol..Micky
  17. sonix

    sonix pfm Member

    And the wife is impressed! Can't get better than that.
  18. doctorf

    doctorf left footed right winger

    Just a thanks to Richard for the Chord leads.
    Easy deal and perfect condition.
    Thanks, Simon
  19. Oakwood

    Oakwood pfm Member

    Pleasure doing business with you Simon (doctorf).

  20. whsturm

    whsturm New Member

    Thankyou to Paul (Brighty) for a perfect transaction. Excellent communication and perfect goods delivered superfast (despite the snow)!

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