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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback (Part IV)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by gary yeowell, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. mickyricky

    mickyricky pfm Member

    Thanks to Sondekker for the excellent communication and packing regarding my recent vinyl order ..all the vinyl was as described and I'm well pleased with my purchases..
    I would certainly buy again from John...
  2. Sondekker

    Sondekker pfm Member

    Thanks Micky, it was a very nice and friendly transaction and I'm glad they all arrived safely. A pleasure to do business with you.

  3. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    I sold my ON RCM to jevy47 (Davey). Highly recommended buyer, we spoke on the phone and arranged a date for collection. Fuss free transaction and it was good to meet Davey; enjoy the RCM.
  4. robs

    robs pfm Member

    Many thanks to Getgaff (Gareth) who sold me an SBT - better condition than described IMHO, well packed and a pleasure to deal with!
  5. Flibbles

    Flibbles Member

    Big thanks to Gaius. Not only was he really easy to deal with as a seller, the hifi chat was really great and very insightful.
  6. Thomas K

    Thomas K pfm Member

    Sold a Naim UnitiQute to PerF: excellent communication, prompt payment, pleasure to deal with!
  7. PerF

    PerF Senior

    Likewise Thomas

    Many thanks
  8. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    i'd like to take the opportunity to thank Richard, aka "wiresandmore", who passed unto me a lovely Dynavector SUT that was exactly as described, in a transaction that could not have been easier. he's a credit to PFM and the hobby. please deal with Richard with confidence!

    all the best,
  9. AV8

    AV8 pfm Member

    Big thanks to John (Sondekker) for a nice pleasant sale, deal with him with confidence.
  10. Sondekker

    Sondekker pfm Member

    Thanks Paul. I've been selling a few items just recently having had a major system simplification and it is always great to learn that buyers have been happy with their purchases. Nice and friendly transaction.
  11. Barryoke

    Barryoke pfm Member

    Picked up my Gyrodec from 1000rpm today, and what a wonderful demonstration and hospitality. Buy from Phil with absolute confidence.
  12. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    I only just spotted this. Thanks for the kind words Ian and I am glad you like the speakers. I enjoyed owning the Super Elves and understand the mystique surrounding them now.
  13. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Witch-hat 4-pin DIN cable purchased from Gary Yeowell and promptly received in excellent condition, and with overkill packaging. Thank you, Gary.
  14. gary yeowell

    gary yeowell pfm Member

    Great to do business Martin Clark. Easy transaction, prompt payment. Many thanks.
  15. 1000RPM

    1000RPM pfm Member

  16. marvan

    marvan On the banks of the Tay


    A big thanks to Roy for a seamless smooth transaction
    Many thanks
  17. regafan

    regafan pfm Member

    Received a phono stage from Dicy quickly and well packed. Thanks very much.
  18. Mike S

    Mike S pfm Member

    Just received a mojo DAC from John May john_73 in great condition and brilliantly packaged. Good guy to deal with.
  19. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    Thanks Mike! Cheers for the quick payment too.
    Enjoy the Mojo.
  20. antonof

    antonof pfm Member

    Purchased a Naim Unitiqute from Richard (wiresandmore). Great friendly communications. Nice smooth transaction and would certainly buy from him again. Thanks very much.

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