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What are you listening to right now # 44

Discussion in 'music' started by guey, May 2, 2014.

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  1. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs frequently wrong.

    Prince Buster - FAbulous' L.P.

    specifically Ten Commandments which is a jiggy tune with funny lyrics

    top tune
  2. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird

  3. AdamWysokinski

    AdamWysokinski Mmm... music...

    Air - Moon Safari
  4. john dolan

    john dolan pfm Member

    du pre Chopin cello sonata
  5. darrenyeats

    darrenyeats pfm Member

    Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams
    Miles Davis - Bitches Brew, second half (Colombia 1987 CD).
  6. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    David - Live

    As much as I like him and I do, I think this album is a bit pants...

    In particular the version of Aladdin Sane.

    Aladdin Sane is my favourite Bowie album.

    I think I'll put on the real deal.
  7. darrenyeats

    darrenyeats pfm Member

    Good call for late night/early morning!
  8. springer

    springer pfm Member

    Having a binge on The Leisure Society while I clear the shed. Love this band.
  9. darrenyeats

    darrenyeats pfm Member

    Arcade Fire - Funeral
    The Clash - London Calling (Sony 1990 reissue of Epic 1987 CD)
    Neil Young - Sleeps With Angels.
  10. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    SLF - Greatest Hits Live

  11. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Can you hear Talvin Singh?

    Albinoni: Concertos. Christopher Hogwood/AAM.
  12. soileduk

    soileduk pfm Member

    Bachianas Brasilieras No.2. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Enrique Bátiz.
  13. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    African Head Charge - Songs of Praise

  14. tones

    tones Tones deaf


    Nicely recorded, brilliantly performed.
  15. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    Social Classics Volume 2: Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown

  16. springer

    springer pfm Member

    Just in from work, a large glass of Pinot and [​IMG]
  17. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    A Love Supreme on vinyl.

    An amazing album.
  18. i.j.russell

    i.j.russell pfm Member

    Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson
  19. AnthonyP

    AnthonyP pfm Member

    Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It.
  20. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Schubert : Schwanengesang, Hermann Prey.
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