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Jul 25, 2019
Oct 6, 2008
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Jul 25, 2019
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    Musical Favorites and Preferences: Free, Genesis, T.Rex, Roxy Music, ELP, Brand X, Gong, Floyd, King Crimson, FZ, The Who, The Beatles, Bowie (1969-80), Jethro Tull, Kate Bush, The Tubes, Yes, Max Webster, Duncan Browne, Johnny Warman, S.A.H.B.,

    Marantz TT151S, Clearaudio Maestro, Pro-Ject Speedbox SE, Meridian GO6 cd, ATC SCM19, W4S ICEPower ASP1000 amp, Oppo DV980H dvd, Panasonic blu-ray, Squeezebox Touch.


    "Earth - go figure".
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