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£40,000 income limit for council houses

Discussion in 'off topic' started by ian r, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. ian r

    ian r 401's Nakman

  2. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Seems reasonable, what with the current massive over supply of affordable houses for purchase. :rolleyes:
  3. darrylfunk

    darrylfunk Banned

    yeah, there's a new build detached house next door to me with no garden and a small garage and no garden that's been rented out twice but not been sold that is up for £265,000 should be loads of people in nice 3 bed room council houses who want to move into a tiny 3 bedroom house that's not very good....maybe a buy to let bargain.....:cool:
  4. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    In other countries they don't have council houses nor housing benefit and people get on with it.
    It's a big burden for this country.
    Problem is that for many years people got used to have the state to support for all their costs.
  5. darrylfunk

    darrylfunk Banned

    would it be mean to point out to you why we needed a welfare state?

    so are you proposing scrapping the welfare state, what do you think will happen?
  6. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    Oh, that's all right then. No housing benefit equals MILLIONS, YES, MILLIONS homeless. Would you be happy with that Conan? Would you be prepared to live with the consequences?
  7. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    I am not saying to scrapp the welfare.
    Problem is that too many people take advantage of the good will of the welfare system in this country.
    just go to any job centre and see it for yourself. Half the people there obviously do not want to work.
    thousands come from abroad and milk the system.
    OK things since the credit crunch have become worst, but people have been milking this country for generations...
  8. darrylfunk

    darrylfunk Banned

    oh jeez....your not from essex are you?
  9. doctorf

    doctorf left footed right winger

    Oh dear.
  10. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    So you guys believe that a family earning £40000 a year needs housing benefit, otherwise they would be homeless?
  11. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    No. are you?
  12. doctorf

    doctorf left footed right winger

    Some of us may agree that the benefits system needs an overhaul but you really cannot come in here and talk unsubstantiated drivel.
    If you can justify some of the crap regarding how you identify which people in the dole queue make up the 50% that don't want to work then perhaps you will gain a modicum of credibility.
  13. Tenson

    Tenson Trade: AudioSmile

    I don't know about the other changes they might make, but certianly couples with an income of £40,000 a year don't need help affording their home.
  14. simeon

    simeon No fixed engagements

    Well said Simon.
  15. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    just my opinion.
    Maybe I was exagerating but a lot do not want to work.
    I was unemployed 2 years ago and when I went to the job centre I saw people there badly presented, others drunk, refusing job offers, causing problems (there were 3 security guards at all times).
    Well, it was in the West midlands...
  16. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader From the Dark Side

  17. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    So you really believe families with an income of £40000 would be homeless?
  18. eelmaster

    eelmaster pfm Member

    Sorry, but I cannot see how it can possibly be the business of the state to assume any form of responsibility to provide housing for a family on more than £40,000 pa.
  19. bor

    bor queue jumper

    40K is enough for people to take care of themselves. There are plenty more deserving cases who should get those houses.

    Having said that, how many people would this soundbite actually affect ?
  20. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader From the Dark Side

    I think this is an attempt to stop giving people a Council house for life as it is at the moment. There are many tenants whose wealth/income has over the years increased and are now 'house-blocking' the more needy. Those who already earn >£40K won't be able to join the waiting list and with the new 5 year contract those whose income increased over the threshold will have plenty of time to seek alternative accommodation. The devil as ever is in the details so for example will the threshold be index linked or will it be like IHT and drag many more into the net.



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