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£5,000 biscuit challenge!! at The Audiobarn this Easter Weekend

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by The Audiobarn, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. The Audiobarn

    The Audiobarn Registered user

    Hi Folks

    We are open over the Easter period including Friday, Saturday and Easter Monday. Unfortunately I will need a break so Sunday is by appointment only but please feel free to get in touch for a visit.

    Have you ever wondered what a £5,000 Moving Coil Cartridge sounds like? Well here is you chance, and all its going to cost you is some biscuits!

    Forgetting what it sounds like for a minute, here is what it looks like and how it is packaged....



    We have the amazing Roksan Xerses now on demo, with the Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge which carries that whopping price tag!

    Here is a pic of the cartridge on the Roksan Artemiz 2 Arm, it's a stunner....


    Just for fun, anyone who lives within the Essex/Hertfordshire borders or fancies a day out, is very welcome to bring along their favourite LP to see what a cartridge of this price sounds like. We’ll provide the coffee or tea, all you need is your LP’s and a packet of biscuits!

    We look forward to meeting some new faces, and hearing some interesting new music!!

    All the best.


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