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Discussion in 'off topic' started by Wolfmancatsup, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    Favourite 50’s sci-fi!

    well ‘this island Earth’ ‘forbidden planet’ and ‘the day the earth stood still’ are my top three.

    michael Rennie is laid to rest not far away.
    Wolfmancatsup likes this.
  2. Philim

    Philim pfm Member

    You won't be laughing if you get ants in your pants.....they will have to eat something!
  3. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr Staying alert

    Lodgers near your todger?
  4. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Or maybe they've found an ANTidote to cannibalism.
    Enfield boy likes this.
  5. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    Got all three on DVD!

  6. Joe

    Joe pfm Member

    Before this thread gets lost I would like someone to clarify something that bothers me about the story.

    The ants have been, according to the 'scientists' studying them , cut off from any food source and have resorted to eating each other and the colony has grown. How ?

    Thats like discovering true perpetual motion .

    They also state that there is no queen and yet the colony has survived and grown . How ?

    That too is like discovering perpetual motion.

    Scientists ? I wonder.
  7. deebster

    deebster Half Man Half Biscuit

    Overunity ants?
  8. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr Staying alert

    The suggestion in the piece seems to be that more ants continued to get in via the same route the original colony used (falling down a vent, I think). Seems a bit speculative to me.
  9. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Hermaphrodite ants? Cannibalism incites species' self reliance by rapacious reproduction.
  10. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    There is only one solution for this horrible problem.

  11. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

    I would have thought the most apposite film for this thread would be Saul Bass's only venture into directing; "Phase IV", about a cosmic event which leads all the ants in the world to coalesce into a single super organism with a hive mind.
  12. Whaleblue

    Whaleblue Southbound

    The posters above suggest these things target ladies with large breasts, luckily for most of the pfm contingent.
  13. Tigerjones

    Tigerjones Bagpuss

    I don’t think many types of ant eat their own species - except larvae- and even less their own colony.
  14. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Also laddies with large breasts, maybe, and contingent upon how many nipplese belong to pfm.?
  15. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    did you read the OP?

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