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2015-2016 Premiership Thread.

Discussion in 'off topic' started by jimi, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. jimi

    jimi pfm Member

    Chelsea for the title.
  2. gassor

    gassor There may be more posts after this.

    What title, 'most right wing fans in the country'?
  3. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    What most hated team along with manu

  4. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    Most hated, classless and the most likely to win the Prem unfortunately
  5. pil

    pil pfm Member

  6. Rodrat

    Rodrat pfm Member

    This is the best time of year for me, almost no football :)
  7. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    Yep and The Champions League.

  8. Dave J

    Dave J Übermember

    It'll be between Utd and Chelski. Arse and Shitteh to fight it out for 3rd.
  9. gassor

    gassor There may be more posts after this.

    Bit too soon to say before signings are made, but would like the Arses to win the PL and stick it up boring Chelsea.
  10. pil

    pil pfm Member

    Utd may win it the following year,but can;t see them doing it next season unless they make a few top signings.

    Wonder if the ox chamberlain - cech deal will happen?
  11. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

    Newcastle to lose first six games.
  12. jimi

    jimi pfm Member

    Dream on me owd china cup!
  13. Rack Kit

    Rack Kit pfm Member

    No, just the PL title. Jose needs another 2 or 3 transfer windows before he can start competing in the CL.
  14. gassor

    gassor There may be more posts after this.

    The whole CL thing has become a bit of a farce. There are maybe 8-10 top level managers in Europe and around 30 players, and they play merry go round in the close season with clubs chasing certain high profile managers or players. Eg Benitez being shunted out of Liverpool and now in charge at Real Madrid or the £40 bid for Sterling.

    There is only a limited amount of talent available and as more money goes into the game, the top flight managers and players get more and more ridiculous amounts of money.

    Hardly an original thought, but football has become a cynical game of who spends wins.
  15. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    It might happen after this window. Mind you, it looks like Mourinho is going to get Falcao on loan. He will be paid £130,000 a week, which is half of what Utd gave him.

    Falcao scored only four goals during 29 games for the Mancs last year, which is bit disturbing. I hope he doesn't turn into Torres Mark II and that Mourinho's magic works on him.

    Utd forked out £20 million to Monaco for the four goals that Falcao scored. That's an even worse deal than Chelsea's with Torres. Mind you, northerners are thick.

    Falcao used to be paired up with Diego Costa at Atletico Madrid when they were at their height. The combination could work again.

  16. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    The Rangers? :D
  17. gassor

    gassor There may be more posts after this.

    "The most sucessful football team in the world" Don't know what makes you think of them :D
  18. Rack Kit

    Rack Kit pfm Member

    Surprised at Jose going for Falcao TBH. Don't Chelsea have any kids coming through. Not a club known for developing their own apart from JT & that was decades ago.
  19. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    They have loads of talented youngsters, but tend to loan them out. The Academy Team, who are the under 18s, won the UEFA Youth League and The FA Youth Cup this year.

    The Reserves Team, the under 21s, were the Barclay Under 21 Premier League Champions last year.

    A lot of well known players have graduated from the junior team. Jimmy Greaves, Peter Osgood, Ray Wilkins and Terry Venables are among them.

    This article in The Mirror explains what has been happening.

    "There's been an inordinate amount of talent at the Blues Academy in recent years, but that stockpiling can often stall development owning to lack of first-team exposure (Exhibit A: Josh McEachran), but FFP and homegrown rules should in theory put a stop to this.

    "Jose Mourinho has recently claimed that rangy midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek will likely be part of his first-team plans next season."

    Ruben has already played for the first-team, it will be great if he lasts the transition.

  20. Rack Kit

    Rack Kit pfm Member

    It's hard for the very top teams to bring through talent when the pressure is always on to deliver now. Fans love the idea of homegrown players but ask them if they'd trade being patient & not being at the top while the club beds in 5 or 6 kids or winning another title & you know what the answer will be. Both!
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