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2016 Formula 1 Season

Discussion in 'off topic' started by cutting42, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

    Love the fact that Alonso is on 50's with Button on 150's

    Whilst I continue to root for Lewis, I would actually like to see Nico continue his driving and results of the last few races and get a few in front of Lewis and make a battle of it.

    Whilst I can't bring myself to support Ferrari, they are a more palatable team than in the past so they can get better but I just don't want them to beat Lewis. Trouble is if Vettel gets a sniff of it he will demand and probably get number 1 treatment and Merc will not do the same.
  2. Martin D

    Martin D Libertarian Division

    Enjoy guys, but I've lost the will to live with F1
  3. Willie Eckerslyke

    Willie Eckerslyke Occasional Optimist

    I've followed and watched F1 for about half a century (the first race I saw in person was an Oulton Park Gold Cup in the mid-60s). This year I have been bored with the predictability of F1, getting up from the sofa to pour a beer would NOT have happened back in the day. Yes it's closer, but the lack of testing stops changes in form from race to race, and the inability to follow closely severely inhibits overtaking.

    But I have totally enjoyed the WEC series this year. I've watched most of the season live on TV, and for spectacle, unpredictability and tension it leaves F1 for dead. A six-hour race where the first three are covered by ten seconds or so after four hours is NOT boring!
  4. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

    I don't really know for sure, there is a bit of me that prefers the McLaren and Merc approach of letting their drivers race despite the risk of the Ferrari approach.
  5. IanW

    IanW pfm Member

    Poor technical leadership at many teams, not having good enough tools and processes at most teams, not having the budget to do so and a spread out grid are why changes in form are not really seen from race to race.
  6. IanW

    IanW pfm Member

    Ferrari have used their relationship with Haas very well during 2015 to develop their car. It will also have been used to help them develop their 2016 car (all within the rules) and this should put them pretty close to Mercedes and will hopefully give us a championship battle next year.

    If Honda have developed a powerplant as good as Mercedes for 2016, then it is extremely unlikely that they will be competing with Mercedes in 2016. Their chassis has been well behind the Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull chassis since 2013 and performance gaps of that size are extremely difficult to recover from. If they were going to catch up then they would need a couple of years of working with a greater budget than the 3 teams listed and would need to introduce a new performance enhancer (e.g. double diffuser, brake steer, 6 wheels, clutch torque transfer device, blown diffuser) or development approaches that the other teams do not have (e.g. super advanced CFD code, new wind tunnel measurement system). There isn't any sign of that happening, especially as McLaren have lost income (when compared to previous years) from sponsors and the FIA that they could have spent on developing the car.
  7. Yank

    Yank Bulbous Also Tapered

    The bookies are out to lunch on that one.
  8. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

    So are you suggesting that McLaren will become one of the mid field teams for many years to come and possibly never get back to a position of competing for driver or team championships ever again given the top three teams are so far ahead?
  9. IanW

    IanW pfm Member

    McLaren exist to win and have over the past 30 years been relentless in the pursuit of that goal. They were the team that were most likely to recover the performance of a weaker car in the season or produce a very fast car next season. But 3 seasons like they have had is much more difficult to come back from.

    In addition to all the technical and development process reasons I have given as to why it will be extremely difficult for McLaren to win in the near to mid term, I know good engineers leaving McLaren as they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is another bad indicator.

    1st and 2nd is likely to be sown up for some time due to budgets being spent and technical capability. Red Bull are likely to produce a very good chassis again, so if the powerplant improves a bit, then 3rd or better becomes possible (they have a very big budget to spend to get back to winning). After that it is wide open. So top 4 is possible but still likely to be a long way from competing with the top 3.
  10. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

  11. Dan43

    Dan43 pfm Member

    Yes F1 back on ITV
  12. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

    Not good, suppose all we will be left with at the BBC is athletics which is going through a bad patch at this time.

    Hope ITV take the presenting team, the last lot at ITV were crap. But then again Suzi Perry is going to be on Top Gear is she not?

    So no golf and no F1 on BBC, better to take off some of those highly paid presenters on late night shows rather than sport.
  13. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

  14. awl

    awl pfm Member

    Channel 4 may do things differently...
  15. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    I expect the beeb will be relieved to drop F1, I doubt more than 7 people watch it because it is so terribly boring, I tried watching the highlights recently to one, that was even boring.
  16. windhoek

    windhoek The Phoolosopher

    F1 2016? I'm out!

    I don't have a TV license so used to watch F1 via BBC iplayer, but no way am I watching F1 via catch-up TV with adverts - life's too short as it is!
  17. merlin

    merlin Avatar changed - Town names deemed offensive.

    I wonder if they will have the option to bet "on line" whilst watching on terrestrial TV?

    Insider gossip from the Top Tipster and odds updated throughout the race?

    May alleviate some of the tedium for those so inclined.

    Bizarrely I have a feeling that 2016 will be a genuinely exciting season. It seems the BBC sport will soon be little more than a joke in the professional arena. So sad. I blame Jimmy Hill.
  18. TPA

    TPA Trade: Tiger Paw

    The BBC said they have a £150m hole (licence fees) but earlier in the year it was estimated that the loss of Top Gear was roughly £50m so not a good time for them.

    I'm happy enough recording on Sky and fast forwarding if it's not looking interesting.
  19. windhoek

    windhoek The Phoolosopher

    No adverts!? Oh, I might be back in lol :)
  20. palindrome

    palindrome pfm Member

    I do exactly the same thing. I also record BTCC.

    Even though there are three races per meeting (plus a number from different formulas), I tend not to fast forward through those. Hmm. . .
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