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A&R Cambridge

Discussion in 'classic' started by Edwar65, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Edwar65

    Edwar65 pfm Member

    Hi, am interested in early a&r c200 pre amp and A60 integrated amps. Would anyone have any experience/knowledge of these amps and their sound quality?
  2. Operajulian

    Operajulian Opera Julian

    I have a bit of a collection of A+R here in Toronto.
    Lots of A60. Listen to all versions.
    An SA60 set up to pair with an A60 active system powering Arcam Ones.
    An SA 200 with C200 though this sounds better with an A60 in pre amp mode.

    All in all can be great with wide range of similar vintage speakers. My current fave set up are with JR149 speakers.

    Happy to give more feedback and listening advice.

  3. Erskine Ears

    Erskine Ears pfm Member

    Hi julian, I have an a60 which I love, but looking at speaker upgrades that ideally could do with more power to drive them. I'd be interested to know how to use the a60 as a preamp so if you could take the time to tell me, I'd be very grateful.
  4. Operajulian

    Operajulian Opera Julian

    hi there
    there is a thread here on Pink Fish that could set you off in the right direction

    I was lucky as I have a few with the AP card - the original poster person on this thread made their own one
  5. Erskine Ears

    Erskine Ears pfm Member

    Thanks Julian. That's very interesting. Especially what Mistake is saying about using an A60 per speaker. Would that mean that he would be using them brdged to get more power? Or Would using them to bi amp each side give plenty more power anyway?
  6. Operajulian

    Operajulian Opera Julian

    Hi Erskine Ears ( does that mean you are near Glasgow ?)
    I see you have posted on the other strand and asked Mistrale about the set up.
    They have strayed into territory that I have not ventured.
    I do have a A60 AP paired with an SA60 with an Arcam One card inside. This acts as a bi-amp set up with one amp each serving treble and bass each side of the vintage Arcam One speakers.
    Interesting but not that spectacular.
    To be honest my favourite vintage set up at the moment is a restored Quad 33/303 into JR149 speakers. Like Tony of this parish - it's a classic sound that is quite enjoyable listening ( not perfect but listenable time and time again )

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