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ABCaudio for all things Colin Wonfor & EWA

Discussion in 'trade discussion' started by ABCaudio, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. ABCaudio

    ABCaudio Trade: ABCaudio, representing EWA

    We are excited to represent Colin Wonfor and his current range of products.

    www.ABCaudio.biz is our site, home of the EWA cable system:
    • LS-25 loudspeaker cable
    • IC-25 Interconnects
    • MC-5 Mains power cable
    • LS-5 Loudspeaker cable
    Also, see Colin's current amplifiers based on an incredible heritage of classic amplifier design, and his trademark SECA technology:
    • The Claymore retro Integrated amplifier with headphone output and MM/MC
    • Q-20-P 'desktop' Pre amplifier & headphone amplifier with MM/MC
    • Q-20 'desktop' Power amplifier
    • M-50-P Classic Pre amplifier with dual SECA headphone output and exquisite MM/MC stage
    • M-50 Classic Power amplifier, 50W class A P/P doubling into 4 - drive a brick wall!
    (pro versions of M series to follow, featuring balance inputs and inbuilt DAC).

    Before you ask - LS-25 loudspeaker is out of stock at the moment - EWA need to find thousands to have more manufactured. We are expecting to see it towards May.

    Coming soon: M series pro, USB-25 cable, possibly LS-20 Loudspeaker cable.
  2. ABCaudio

    ABCaudio Trade: ABCaudio, representing EWA

  3. brian2957

    brian2957 pfm Member

    Good luck with this new venture Alan . I heard the LS25 speaker cable and M50 power amp when Colin brought them up to Scotland . I've since heard them both again recently as one of the troops near my has put them both into his system . I must say that this is an impressive combination which just played music into a pair of Colin Topps Edingdales .
  4. ABCaudio

    ABCaudio Trade: ABCaudio, representing EWA

    Thank you, Brian. I have them too, and love the M-50 to bits.
  5. ABCaudio

    ABCaudio Trade: ABCaudio, representing EWA

    The IC-25, part of the EWA cable system. Available at ABCaudio.

    There are three tiers of the EWA cable system: 5, 15 and current top of the range: 25. There are plans for a 50 but it may not happen due to manufacturing and material costs.

    As the top of the EWA range, the 25 series demonstrates very well how good these designs are. Like the LS-25 loudspeaker cable, the IC-25 has exemplary shielding characteristics due in part to bespoke, specially manufactured dialectrics and insulators. EWA use a unique copper based alloy for the main conductor. The cable has extremely wide bandwidth and a very fast impulse response, but is completely free from ringing. The IC-25 imposes no phase distortion.

    IC-25 features lovely silver locking Phono plugs as standard. From next week will have alternative plugs and Naim options available.

    Lead time is usually a little over 24hrs for construction, then shipped next day special delivery. EWA cables are hand built to order.

    We do have 2 x 75cm pairs ready made, in stock right now.


    IC-25 starts at £300 for a 75cm set, £360 for 1m. More options, lengths and information is available at ABCaudio.biz.
  6. ABCaudio

    ABCaudio Trade: ABCaudio, representing EWA

    A further point: there are plans for an alternative interconnect utilising a different conductor (but same sleeves), at a reduced cost. This should still perform very well indeed.

    Prototype USB cables are being developed also.

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