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Discussion in 'charity' started by Aural, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. Aural

    Aural Chris the Full Range fan


    Black welded square tube double spiked stand with Glass shelves.

    A very well made stand with rubber isolated shelves and a separate spiked base, itself spiked to the ground.

    Available for small charity contribution, but collection only from Bristol (close to J 18 M5-Avonmouth turn)

    109 cms X57 cm X 42.

    Internal width 49, depth 34.

    Shelves are (bottom to top 20cm/17/17/17/16.8.

    Glass shelves are 44 cm X 37, rubber washer mounted for isolation at corners.

    Bottom shelf is metal, spiked to a separate, matching metal base.

    The base has adjustable spikes.

    Message me if interested. You’ll need a long car space to collect!

    Can send pic (if I can’t get one downloaded here!)

    I used this for a couple of years.running a Rock on top, with Pre/power/CD player and tuner neatly stored.

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