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Amazon - what they know about you.

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Rack Kit, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Rack Kit

    Rack Kit pfm Member

  2. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    Look forward to watching this. I have just been discussing with my partner this morning the social issues that have developed over the years between buyer and seller because of amazon's way of operating. We get a disproportionate amount of people on amazon saying they have not got their parcel. We know what is going on and why. Amazon never side with us in a dispute and customers know that. amazon has developed a culture of suspicion and mistrust between us and the customer. They also put a barrier between us, giving customers a feeling that they are buying from amazon, not us. Therefore, people are even more likely to try and cheat, thinking they are cheating amazon, not a tiny little retailer.

    It's a feeling we don't experience on ebay and on our own store. Consequently, amazon buyers are paying up to 20% more for our products than they are at rsrmoto-europe.com. Of course we sell less stuff there, but it's not worth it unless the margins are much higher.

    Their influence and reach is rotten to the core. And so their buyers end up paying more for our stuff.

    Eventually, the only products available there will be ones where retailers get 60% gross margin. Any less and amazon just sucks the profit out of you. Elsewhere and with the right product we can get by on as low as a 25% margin.
  3. dweezil

    dweezil pfm Member

    Always worth a little extra effort to avoid Amazon.
  4. Marchbanks

    Marchbanks Hat and Beard member

    So presumably at some point you say ‘you know what, they are not good for me and not good for society so I’m not going to use them any more.’ - or do I not understand the priorities of the commercial world?
  5. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    Yes indeed....we are thinking about switching off amazon.fr today because more cheating goes on there than amazon.de, amazon.es, amazon.co.uk and amazon.it.

    We are actually talking about it right now, as we got another complaint about non-delivery this morning.

    But we need buyers to realise this...and pfm, being left-wing etc has some amazon addicts
  6. Rack Kit

    Rack Kit pfm Member

    The section of the programme that shows the move into Amazon Market place will interest you. It's was very clever move but it's come at a cost for some. Amazon's reach is now huge. And increasing.

    Big Bezos is watching you...
  7. Marchbanks

    Marchbanks Hat and Beard member

    That’s good - at best it might have an effect if (a lot of) others follow suit and at least it will save you from any feelings of hypocrisy about living in the heart of the beast.

    That nice Mr Bezos is building himself a huge place just a few miles from Marchbanks Towers - presumably some sort of holiday home where he can take advantage of the PRW’s balmy climes. Oddly he hasn’t yet added his name to the waiting list for an audience with me, but as soon as he makes it I’ll pass on your concerns.
  8. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    Mixed feelings there....we are there to make money, not get too moral. We take some twisted pleasure and laugh a bit at amazon buyers when they pay way over the odds for some sense of convenience they think they get over other channels. But of course some customers are taking pleasure in getting our products for free. Amazon have created this culture.

    My thoughts are that we need to get off it altogether....gently by raising prices as we develop other channels and then price ourselves out of the amazon market. And when we are off it, I may well buy myself a 2 grand amazon-fulfilled Macbook and sign with a squiggle when the courier drops it off...it'll be a parting gift.
  9. Marchbanks

    Marchbanks Hat and Beard member

    Probably the way Jeff sees it as well.
  10. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Laughing at Amazon buyers and getting twisted pleasure from their activities eh?

    I’m rather glad that some are kicking back at you then.
  11. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    I never said I was innocent, I said amazon have created this culture.
  12. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    And they are not kicking back. We went into the Amazon agreement with the same attitude as we did with eBay and our store. Only after we started getting ripped off did we get cynical with the channel.
  13. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    we buy a lot from Amazon, we check many outlets and very very rarely does it come out cheaper or more convenient. It happened this week, 100m of 8mm sisal rope was way cheaper from a non Amazon online retailer.

    I dont care much for many of the retailers on Amazon Marketplace, many are crooks and others peddle tat and fakes.
  14. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Absolutely. You need to go right now IMHO. I can’t comprehend why you would stay on a platform you clearly don’t like or respect and then spend every waking hour whinging about it rather than actually doing your own thing independently! That shows far less business integrity IMHO than anything you are accusing Amazon of! If you don’t like something you should never associate your business with it!

    FWIW I play what I view as an intelligent game with these huge companies. I’m happy to let them pay me for any advertising my site generates for them, and the more that is the better. I happily use Amazon as a customer and do buy a lot from there as so much I want just isn’t available elsewhere, but that’s where it ends, and in fairness I feel I get good service. I don’t sell anything there, I don’t sell on eBay either as again that is stacked against sellers. I want total control over what I sell and how I sell it. Basically as a tiny independent record shop I’ve found a way of getting these companies to compensate me for driving businesses such as mine off the high st (not that I’d want to be on the high st, screw that!). I get to serve my specialist collector/audiophile niche market in my own way, they indirectly compensate me for pricing me right out of the new-stock market. Everyone is happy!
    MichaelC, Wilson and gintonic like this.
  15. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

    I have used Amazon for several years now , all I can say is WOW its great , Order today deliverd Tomorrow , How good is that , No going out ,No sitting in traffic , No being targeted for parking charges or fines if you stay 2 mins over time
    Well done Amazon
    hifilover1979 and hifinutt like this.
  16. Rack Kit

    Rack Kit pfm Member

    If you watch the programme, you'll find that selling goods is just a tiny part of what Amazon do. Think data. Lots of data.
  17. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

    OK will give it a go later , but as a buyer im more than happy
  18. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    This next day, and now same-day, delivery promise has served to clog up London's streets with fume-spewing white vans. There are no private cars on London's streets now, just Uber Priuses driving around in circles waiting for a fare, and white delivery vans. Traffic speeds in the city are lower than they were in the Victorian era and any time since.
  19. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    Rash, knee-jerk reaction stuff. We don't do that...we are trying to get the right balance...I don't think we can achieve it but I am not sure yet. I have a partner now, who started off full of optimism for it. He was a heavy amazon buyer. Unfortunately, he is now going a bit sour with it!

    The example today is we send a part for a 2020 MT-10 to a customer in Marseilles 2 weeks ago. La Poste delivered it one day later than they should have and the customer got to keep it and get his money back.

    Last week another customer from Marseiiles bought a different part for a 2020 MT10 and has said the part has not arrived. The La Poste tracking data shows a successful delivery.

    We called amazon and their suggestion was that we pay him back and consider FBA in future-

    To give this context we sell about 15 x MT10 parts all year. We may even call the police.
  20. thedanfan

    thedanfan pfm Member

    With all the Alexa stuff in this programme my smart speaker was talking back at the telly like a good un.
    -alan- likes this.

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