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[FS] Anthem MCA 325 , Marantz AV7704 , Onkyo MC5501

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by PhilCTTE, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Priced individually:
    Marantz AV7704 - £1200 as new purchased 28th Aug last year retailer sold as ex demo. Spotless in pristine condition.
    Anthem MCA 325 - £2000 as new purchased 23rd Aug last year retailer sold as ex demo.
    Onkyo MC5501 - £1000 purchased retailer few years old sold as new.

    Currently selling as a bundle for £4000 while set still available .. be quick

    All with original packaging .

    All perform perfectly as new.

    Really impressed with the Anthem to power the front three speakers. Real depth with ultra clear dynamics with no sign of sibiliance or loss of control with what ever you throw at it. Lovely solid build. Anthem® | MCA Series | MCA 325 | Overview

    The Onkyo has never put a foot wrong. Proper analogue powerhouse and looks very cool and contemporary. Onkyo | PA-MC5501

    All superb bits of kit . Reason for selling is that I am going a different route and need the funds.

    Will add photos later.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  2. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Huge saving on the Marantz pre pro ! With no major changes from the latest AV7705 just released. I can’t see any used AV7704 processors on the market. Don’t miss out.
  3. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Onkyo Amp is fully balanced THX Ultra 2 , WRAT technology with discrete output stage circuitry. £2000 pound new ... cheapest current second hand price is £1350 ! grab a bargain at £1000.

    Anthem MCA325 is the latest model fully balanced - £2600 new. Nothing available second hand save £600 ! as only 6 months old (was only a display model not on full time demo) Spotless !.

    Marantz AV7704 - fully balanced - £1600 new. Nothing second hand available same spec as this years model ( display model not on full time demo ) Pristine as new !

    Complete 11 channel atmos processor and amplification with top of the range (imho) front LCR ..selling as a complete set for £4000 for a limited period. Be quick before one of the items sell.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  4. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Reduced Av7704 to £1050 for quick sale
  5. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

  6. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

  7. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Prices reduced ...

    Marantz AV7704 - £1000 as new purchased 28/8/18

    Anthem MCA 325 - £1900 as new purchased 23/8/18

    Onkyo MC5501 - £950 as new purchased a few years ago.

    All above in pristine condition. All bought direct from retailer as 1st owner
  8. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

  9. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

  10. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

  11. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Can really recommend the Anthem , a fantastic amp for the money

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