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[FS] Audiovector Mi3 Avantgarde (Maple)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by strocky, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    2nd owner, Purchased in May 2013 privately from Hifiwigwam
    Took me 2 years to find on the SHM

    VGC, a small area of perished foam on one grill, a couple of marks (not indentations) on the back and one small veneer blemish on the top of one speaker

    All as per attached photos in Dropbox Link below

    Original Boxes

    Happy to demo

    Looking for £1200 delivered or £1150 collected
  2. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    Retailed for £4700 back in the day
    Promotional brochure indicating specs added to Dropbox Link above
  3. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

  4. hali

    hali Active Member

    Hi where are you based?
  5. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    Replied via PM
  6. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    Weekend bump
  7. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

  8. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    Bump for the weekend
  9. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

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