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Avondale/Hacker PCBs, Bench PSU, NJ motherboard, Kendiel caps and lots more.

Discussion in 'd.i.y. classifieds' started by Mus, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. davidho

    davidho Member

    From Davidho ,Canada .
    I 'd like to have :
    2 Avondale NCC 200 PCBs Ver 1.4 £10/pair
    Email me for total cost ,please.
    10 Avondale NCC 200 PCBs Ver 1.3 £12 the lot

    4 NCC200 large heat sinks anodised £10/pair

    4 NCC200 large heat sinks bare/undrilled £6/pair

    NCC 200 small heat sinks 13 pairs £14 the lot

    10 HackerCap PCBs regular £6/pair

    SOLD Twisted pair regulator

    Avondale TPX regulator PCBs (pair). £6

    Avondale APX2 modules (pair) £15

    1 Avondale PSU transformer (new). £25 each

    2 Avondale PSU transformer used. £17.50[/QUOTE]

  2. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 35yrs a Naim owner

    My parts arrived safely and well packed!

    All looks even better than expected!

    Thanks Mus

    Real pleasure to deal with you...

  3. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger


    Many thanks for the neat little pack that arrived today in perfect order.
    Will you let me pay for it now, per my PM? ;)

    Kind regards,
  4. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    My caps arrived safe and sound, many thanks.

  5. Mus

    Mus pfm Member

    Thanks for the updates, gentlemen.


  6. esprit

    esprit pfm Member

    transformer arrive
  7. Stevie-Bee

    Stevie-Bee New Member

    All parts arrived, thanks Mus.
  8. john.luckins

    john.luckins pfm Member

    The Bench Supply and Generic Rectifier Boards arrived well here. Great stuff Mus. Many thanks.

  9. wylton

    wylton pfm Member

    Parcel received safely, many thanks; it's probably worth you updating the list Mus, in case anything is left!
  10. Jon Dennis

    Jon Dennis Bo Nydal

    Hi, if there are any HackerCap PCBs left, I would like a pair please.
  11. Lokidtc99

    Lokidtc99 What does this button do...?

    I'll take the remaining 8 HackerCap PCBs please (if my tally of your stock is correct!)
  12. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

    Hi Mus,

    Heavy box arrived today, all ship shape! Thanks!

    Better half not amused but I'm sure she'll be fine if I can find a nice enclosure to put this in.


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